Do you think GOT has been overrated


I did not meet God ...


Anonymous, female, 17


except in people who have told me he's there, I've been hearing these stories about him since I was a kid. But if I explicitly ask: "Does God exist?" I get the answer: "Nobody can tell you that, but that's what makes faith". The most valuable things in this world are invisible, everyone knows that, but I think that you can tell that they are there / that you can feel them. I would love to trust in God! I would love to live in the certainty that there is someone who can keep track of my chaos and guide me safely through it. I'm just scared of putting my hopes in the wrong one, after all it's pretty stupid to believe in something that doesn't exist?



Anonymous, male, 45

because it doesn't exist !!!!



Eva, 60

although i'm looking for him i pray sometimes and tell him to show yourself but he probably doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

I don't know exactly what to believe actually means, at least I very, very much hope that it exists




because he's too supernatural for that.



Thomas, 29

So far everything is theory and narration of supernatural things


Giese, male, 36
would mean that life has not met me - what kind of sense is that supposed to make?

Sorry to all post scouts, obviously we're all talking about different things.

I think it tends to be silly to try to make a contribution to mankind today by pointing out that god is not an old man with a white beard



Annika, 27

no never.



Anonymous, male, 24




Anonymous, female, 22

I can't even say because I prayed many times when I was near death and then a light came into my heart.



Bright, male, 48

because I haven't met Santa Claus or the seven dwarfs either.



Anonymous, male, 20th century

you can also take your life into your own hands.




When someone encounters God, the probability of a psychologically conditioned, subjective-romantic transfiguration of the hallucinated "encounter" is very high.

When someone sees a pink elephant, one expects more evidence from them than their mere assertion.



Josef Woermann, 57

The question is sovereign that there is God, but I cannot see Him. She is haughty.

You might ask, "What does the word God mean to you?"

I can neither say that God exists nor can I say that He does not exist. But...

If you describe God to me then I can tell you whether I have encountered this description.

What do the following two sentences do to you:

God created man in his own image and likeness.

Man created God in his own image and likeness.



Anonymous, male, 62

Just as you do not encounter any other literary invention outside of the literary field, neither do gods.



Udo Kykillus

As a child I was already inoculated with the Catholic doctrine of the faith with all its magic (miracles) and with increasing age it removed me from the belief in gods. Since then I have lived happily and carefree without the fear of sin and also not as an unscrupulous journeyman, which the church often assumes to unbelievers.



Bernd Nowotny, 68

because I've never met anyone like what I've been told about God.



Paul, 47

because there is no god.



Anonymous, male, 23

because it is me who is.




So far I have met many beautiful things in life, but also many things that were only deceptive appearances. The religions, including the Catholic religion, and also all of the ideas of God with which I have been confronted so far, I count among the second.

I have met many ideas of God, so many that one can notice that untruths are so lightly told about nothing as about ideas of God: but that's the way it is with faith, which has mutated into certainty of faith; this is how it is with play on words: if one is unconsciously almost clear that one has fallen into an untruth - then one now begins to fantasize about truths of faith, as if an untruth becomes "truer" by re-labeling it from truth to truth of faith .

And the munificentissimus deus, the Pope, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote in the status of infallibility, so that the Black Man, the Almighty, and also Peter and Paul become very angry if one dares to even doubt this nonsense.

Oh yeah! I have met many ideas of God! And also some legends about "Mothers of God" who were declared saints or even more.

The way to truth, on the other hand, is vastly open to an educated European, because there is only one reality. But you have to push some stones aside if you want to walk this path.

One of them is the legend of Christian values ​​that make it a question of morality to believe in an illusion. Or at least to believe in a kerygmatic nihilist of legend on a question of the meaning of life, who projects being onto something illusory in a non-existent hereafter.

I have met many ideas of God. And also a lot of beautiful things. Or should I rather say a lot of divine things? Then there is only one question left open, who evaluates what as divine.

But what is true is not what is judged to be divine, but the facts. Therefore Jesus (which actually ?: the historical, the syncretic, or that of the Gospel of John, or even the Catholic) is not a truth!



Olga, 25

How should he meet me too? Who comes up with the idea of ​​saying "God has met me"? You can't say "I encountered air" or "I encountered gravity".

My upbringing has given me no relation to church, religion or God and I am so infinitely happy about that! I got neither reins nor blinkers and was therefore able to look around me freely and impartially and explore the world to see that there is no such thing as God. So there is no need to look for it and you cannot meet it either, but neither can you lose it, get rid of it, live without it. It just doesn't work because it's there, just like gravity is there. Just because. The people who claim to live without it simply ignore it, those who have been disappointed in it have disappointed themselves in their expectations, whoever has lost it tried to hold onto what cannot be held onto.

I did not meet God and I will never meet him either, but I can let myself fall into God. Not in the sense that he will catch me, as some churches might like to see, it is more like a free fall. But what is a free fall but a flight that is guided by gravity? I don't know whether my text is understandable enough for people who are used to thinking in European rational thought patterns. If someone understands what I'm trying to say, I'm happy, if not, I'm sorry. :)

Incidentally, when I free fall, I also constantly hit boulders flying around, I occasionally smash my nose on some strange (thick) skull and I'm pretty sure that at some point something will break my neck too. But it doesn't change the fact that I'll keep falling, that I can't escape gravity.



Anonymous, female, 30

The term "God" as a concept of a higher personality seems improbable to me. In fact, I have never met a higher personality in any way. Which does not mean that I am not able to sense anything unusual. I certainly had encounters of this kind. But I would be careful to think of this as a "god". I think there are simply things that have so far eluded our scientific exploration, that we can sense but cannot classify.



Anonymous, female, 30

Just didn't meet him. Sometimes when I hear music by Johann Sebastian Bach, I think, oh, that's so beautiful, there could be something divine / heavenly, more than the purely earthly.



Anonymous, male, 41

... because I wouldn't even have noticed.



Fritz, 54

because it doesn't exist.



Anonymous, male

I am sure that God has already come to earth and lives as a human. He will soon reveal himself like Jesus through miracles ...




and I doubt if it even exists.




... because I'm not sure yet whether a god exists.




because I can't say what it's like to meet God.




because god is not a person who meets everyone on the street but is just a human idea. Only belief in god allows god to exist.



Oliver, 17th

no he isn't either, I don't think I'll ever meet him either.



Anonymous T

because he's like Chuck Norris ... you can't find him, he'll find you




... because I still live on earth. I believe that a normal person, without holy election etc, will not encounter God in life. Maybe you only meet God after death, maybe not at all ...



Daniela Zitzelsberger, 25

I can't say like that .. maybe he met me and I couldn't perceive it? but I never felt the presence of a higher existence like God.



Daniel, 25

because I cannot "meet" a fictional person.



Anonymous, female

"god" made me a staunch atheist ... how should I question that? ....



Michael Bernast, 51

someone who is most likely just a fiction could not meet anyone, and if so, then only as an idea of ​​something ... the question should be in fairness: "has god or something god-like ever encountered a living being who did so with unequivocal certainty could communicate? "



Micha, 35

... because all "experiences of God" can be explained naturalistically and are largely based on self-suggestion and the regressive refusal to accept one's own finitude.



Ralph Saathoff, 37

... because the Christian concept of "God" is just a human attempt to explain biological functions that could not be explained 2000 years ago.



Niklas D., 16

Well, I have to say personally that I have never met God. Certainly one can interpret some interference from a higher being into any phenomenon and believe that one has met God. But these "meetings" are not or cannot be justified with rational arguments, but only with emotional ones. What is more likely? Is it the intervention of a higher being or a simulation of my brain? Some people have also seen pink elephants or unicorns; thanks to such experiences, they are then declared crazy; while people with experiences of God suddenly have great and emotional depth. Why this difference? When it comes to miracles, I agree with the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza: all miracles are scientific phenomena that we cannot yet explain. Perhaps God himself (if he does exist) is himself a scientific phenomenon, which we have not yet been able to explain. However, with the best will in the world, such experiences must not be propagated as the strongest argument for belief in God, as my religion book has done. So every Elvis experience should be a strong argument for its existence.



Stefan K., 28

Neither in churches nor elsewhere did I have any experiences that I attributed to divine work. I found naturalistic explanations.



Anonymous, male

but the idea of ​​God has been forced upon me.



Anonymous, male, 32

... otherwise I would remember it. I don't know anyone he's met either.



Gunter Veet, 67

not even on Mount Moses ...



Ronaldiny, 51

Of course I didn't meet God, if that were the case I couldn't talk or write about it anymore. Because no one can see God and still live. God is Almighty and whoever sees his glory cannot survive this.Ps: 19: 1; Rev. 21:23



Heidrun, 58

yes, almost every day - in the media, discussions, pictures .....



Carsten, 42

not just me, probably not anyone! Personally, I don't know anyone who has so far been able to make me believe that God has met him.



Thomas Bietz, 47

.. when friends and relatives die. .. as natural disasters without mercy



Peter Backfokus, 52

in the few unusual experiences I've had in my life so far. Ultimately, everything could be traced back to the fact that my brain was in a rare state, which was induced by external influences or experiences, which no concept of a higher being needs to be understood. Stress, alcohol, drugs, instinct, being in love, illness can lead to a perception of the world as changed, as if some outside force, which normally cannot be experienced, is acting on me. But that power sits within me.



Jonathan Straub, 20

Well, I think so. A couple of times.



Michael Rauch, 65

I can't say for myself. But of course that depends on what I understand as "GOD"



Ludwig, 72

I was raised Catholic. but I never managed to have a real belief. doubts have actually always existed. so many decades passed, i went to church because it was customary in the parish, but praying properly, that was never the case. since i retired i have read a lot, including things critical of the church. and then my eyes finally opened. i am sure that there is no god, at least not the one who is talked into us by the church. i think of evolutionary humanism see michael schmidt-salomon. to be a good person you don't need a god or religion, much less a church.



Marco, 44

maybe I just didn't recognize him. I think with so many injustices there are in the world and the small and big problems everyone has, somebody should have met this ominous being.



Claudia Martelli, 44

..., not really. But I have previously experienced what it is like to believe that: it is wonderful to feel at home in a universal love.



Siegfried Vocasek, 70

... but people of all kinds, and I got to know their problems, lived through my own, and I know that after decades: It makes sense to trust in God, sense for me as well as for living together ...



Anonymous, male, 40

... in confirmation class I was always told that I just had to pray vigorously to the Lord Jesus and then he would answer me. He didn't do it. I would be happy if it were different, but that's the way it is.



Edgar Nönnig, 58




Alexander Krampe, 42

What shoud that?



Anonymous, female, 28

because it doesn't exist for me



Anonymous, male, 34

since the Bible says that God created man in his own image. The Catholic Church sold me since I was a child, people are naturally evil. The only one who wasn't evil was Jesus Christ. We are in the same except in sin. We Have No Chance Not to Sin Since we are all images of God with our predetermined sins, God is inevitably evil.



Ines Blum, 28

because he either doesn't exist or he is completely indifferent to me



Norbert Schnitzler, 50

and no one else either. You yourself write quite reasonably distanced: "Religion can arise in two ways: People believe they are directly experiencing the workings of a holy power (such as the disciples in Jesus Christ) and pass on their experience to others. Or people (such as Confucius) infer the operation of sacred power from their experience of the world, and other people agree. " So religion arises through people. Atheists and Catholics largely agree when, for example, the origin of the faith of the Mormons or Scientologists should be explained, even with Islam we probably only see human work together (even if it was a long time ago). The ancient world of the gods of the Greeks and Romans, the Egyptians and Mesopotamians can easily be explained rationally as a reaction to inexplicable phenomena, but for believers there is always the end if their own religion is to be explained in this way. It's like using photosynthesis to explain green leaves everywhere, just not in your own garden.



Volker, 40

because my brain does not generate an experience of god




yes, but not in all people and also not in all people in today's churches.




God has never met me, although I prayed and scared myself socially and so the only thing I saw was that I felt humbled.



Willi Hogel, 38

because he lives in heaven



Anonymous, male, 36

Because I've never been lucky in my fucking life, because everything was doomed from the start.







Ulrich, 48

... when I kept asking him to make sure that "he" (my "mother's friend") does NOT rape me today. For a whole year I asked him that there were probably more important things to do ...



John Paul, 39

Because God is in being and I in becoming. Jesus overcame becoming and thus came into being. Hardly anyone can do that.



Lars, 40

only in the stories. . . but also in the beautiful faces of some people



Anonymous, female, 20

When my brother and father passed away in an accident 1 year ago.



Andre Aengels, 28

because I don't believe in him and because I never really called him.



Christoph Kuropka, 29

because it doesn't exist. i don't need a god and i don't look for him because the idea of ​​a god seems pointless to me. the fact that it is precisely those who "find" it speaks once again that it is an idea constructed by one's own psyche that fills one or the other need that cannot otherwise be met by the individual.



Thomas Meier, 37

because it doesn't exist.



Renate, 40

I don't know where I should meet that



Anonymous, male, 33

... because it just doesn't exist.



Anonymous, male, 18th century

god where is he IF YOU NEED ********



Anonymous, male, 23

in days of doubt about my immortality, doubt about God (as a person).




Says one wave to the other: "I haven't seen any water today."



Ulrich Wöss, 60

as a person, like the cath. Church calls



Anonymous, male, 38

Which God are we talking about right now? I think there are as many ideas about God as there are people. Interestingly, you always have to get some idea of ​​what you mean by "God", although that is exactly what is strictly forbidden in different religions ... has any clever theologian ever noticed this dilemma?




If a Christian asks an atheist / agnostic with a naturalistic view of the world the question: "Did you meet God", the problem is that the Christian asks about a matter of the heart, but the atheist / agnostic answers with cold reason.

With the usual scientific-historical methods it is not possible to prove that Jesus was resurrected in the flesh. Most Christians believe that Jesus rose in the flesh without being able to justify this historically, but they make this belief a matter of the heart and also link this with a "doctrine of salvation". Although one cannot prove that Jesus was not resurrected in the flesh, these are sufficient indications that historical statements could be distorted here due to emotional influences and inner convictions. That's not how science works. With Munificentissimus Deus, Pope Pius XII finally shot the bird. Here, too, those who historically accept this dogma are treated with a positive value judgment and those who question it with a negative value judgment.

The science of history is obliged to objectivity and does not evaluate.

If I take the question, "Have you met God" as a mere metaphor. Then I also encounter "God" daily in his "creation".



Judith, 18

I don't know whether I met God or not. Sometimes I believe in something like fate and think that thanks to God it came to be. But can one ascribe the good to God, but not "blame" the bad on him? I have to say that I'm not a real atheist, just looking. I hope I can find some answers here.



Anonymous, male, 48

Not yet directly but indirectly through various events that can only be explained through God's work.



Andreas Selinger

I did not meet him. God means nothing to me. I'm an atheist. I never pray because it doesn't work. I don't know why I should do it. It's no use. I'm not praying and I'm fine anyway !!!



Tanja, 31

because I never looked for him. I received my spiritual strength through the trust and strength of people I love and who love me.



Anonymous, male, 50

and many other things in life also not (yet). How am I supposed to encounter something that people invented in their heads thousands of years ago in order to explain and endure the world?



Anonymous, female, 23

although I have been looking for him for a long time, I try to pray, work in the congregation, study theology, attend Holy Mass regularly, etc.



Alexander May, 17

Yes, I did not meet him. Is that you?



Anonymous, 19

... I only wished for a while that it was different.



Sergey Kartamyshev, 21

because it doesn't exist. There is no theistic God. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all sorts of other sects tell of a God who is full of contradictions and anger. Even if there were such a god, I take pride in not falling on my knees before him.



Anonymous, male, 35

because there is no God, not THE God, but only a conceptual concept of God, of the divine. In my opinion, God is a human mental construct, a moral, moral-creating concept of work. I work with this every day, but without having to worship God personified. I think worship is harmful. More important than the question of whether there is a God is to find out why people created a God and what they need it for. In contrast to Lehmann's derailing and insulting claims against atheists, there is also a morality without God, which does not have to contradict the guiding principles of Jesus, in no way degenerates into brutality, can even lean on moral paradigms recognized by religions, but can decisively develop them further without God , since it is not subject to any dogma or is hermetically sealed in faith. The children have to cut the cord and go their own way. In my opinion, this is the statement that the phrase about the Son of God should lie with. It is important to encourage and challenge the independently thinking, free people. Humanism has shown, for example, that religion is only a small and inadequate step on the way to the ennoblement and realization of man, and the bloody history of the church and other religions also shows that such religious and ideological ideas and communities improve morality certainly not leased for yourself. Without supposedly divine or ecclesiastical regulations, ethics and morals develop more freely and ultimately more understandable for people. Only those who come to values ​​on their own initiative and from their own ability to think and experience will be able to properly understand and live these values. Without contributing to thinking, the human being is just an empty vessel into which poisoned well water is poured by religious zealots. In this sense, I see the roots of Christianity more firmly rooted in Gnosis and the Gnostics than in the Council of Constantinople and the ecclesiastical-papal fantasies of omnipotence.

Correction: I wrongly wrote the quote: "Humanity without belief in God degenerates into brutality" to Mr. Lehmann. But of course it is correct, it comes from Mr. Meisner. I apologize, although my criticism of the quote remains of course.



René, 35

... because it doesn't exist.



S.R., male, 27

as well as? after all, it doesn't exist. And what for? I lead a self-determined life in which the path is the goal and travel on this path is the meaning and purpose.



Herbert Schneider, 65

I don't know god he is but I think male and tall and handsome he has a big beard and a very big head because he is very smart he knows everything he told me that my wife is cheating on me with my husband for that I thank him !! !!!



Ingo Jäckels, 29

... in temples made of stone and mortar, but I found him in my heart, in the hearts of the people and I have to say - everyone can talk to him. There is no need for an advocate ...



Anonymous, male, 18th century

... and that doesn't surprise me!



Tamara General, 19

when I needed him ... at least I thought ... today I know he was definitely there, but I didn't know what to call GOD and I slandered him ...



Lan Duong, 34

god met me but i'm going on



Anonymous, female, 13th century

I've never seen him before, but I still know he's there because I believe in him. My faith makes me strong.



Anonymous, female, 26

... but I met his angels. They wanted to remind me of my promise and help me keep it.



Amy, 16

neither can it encounter in the sense of, since it only exists in the heads of people and is also part of each of the ins. so an encounter is impossible, you can only feel it more or less, which in turn depends on the situation.



Manfred Oppdehipt, 44

since it doesn't exist.



Chaled Osman, 39




Anonymous, female, 42

... and if so, then he has camouflaged himself well.



Benjamin R., 26

My mother always went out of her way to raise me to be a good Christian. When I was nine, I was the pastor's favorite student and I really wanted to be a pastor myself because I found the Bible so exciting.

At ten I was getting bored and I started to think. God was an idea for me back then. An old man in heaven who has time to take care of each and every person intensely. That's how I learned it without ever questioning it. But suddenly I realized that I had never met God. At no prayer or service did I feel like I was doing anything spiritual. For me everything was and remained profane, even when I still believed in God. Even then, I knew that I would never regret many of the things that were supposed to be sin.



Anonymous, male, 22

I never got the concept on an emotional level. At some point I stopped going to church, but that was just an act of childlike emancipation from my mother.

As far as I can remember, I have always thought of religious texts as myths or at most as teaching texts.



Archiraphael 30

In my opinion, two groups make it all too easy for themselves here: on the one hand the strict believers like Pia Zeller (you disappoint me deeply if you are the one I believe), on the other hand those who arrogantly think they know a truth without ever bothering about it to have.

It took me many years to face the truth. I have made the decision for myself, according to my training, to believe in the laws of nature and not in any almighty God. But everyone has to make this decision for themselves. I would not dictate the faith to my wife or my children, although I intervene with my children not to mindlessly accept the "God loves all children" I learned in kindergarten. I am sure that in 100 years at the latest, God (in people's heads) will no longer exist in its present form. At the end of my article, a few thoughts from Heinrich Heine: The dying god


Our chests are filled with terrible compassion - it is the old Jehovah himself who is preparing to die.


We have known him so well, from his cradle in Egypt, when he was raised among divine calves, crocodiles, sacred onions, ibises and cats


We have seen him say goodbye to these playmates of his childhood and the obelisks and sphinxes of his native Nile valley and how he became a little god-king in Palestine with a poor shepherd folk and lived in his own temple palace


We saw him later how he came into contact with the Assyrian-Babylonian civilization and put off his all too human passions, no longer spewed sheer anger and vengeance, at least no longer thundered immediately because of every rubbish


We saw him emigrate to Rome, the capital, where he renounced all national prejudices and proclaimed the heavenly equality of all peoples and formed opposition to the old Jupiter with such beautiful phrases and intrigued until he came to rule and from the capitol down the city and the world, urbem et orbem, ruled


We saw how he became even more spiritual, how he whimpered gently, how he became a loving father, a general philanthropist, a world-happy man, a philanthropist


none of it could help him - do you hear the bell ringing? Kneel down - the sacraments are brought to a dying god.



God God, 34

it's clear if it doesn't exist



Ano Nym, male, 14th century

because it doesn't exist for me.



Ulli Becker, 41

... at least not in your churches, or outside of myself! God is the spirit with which I think! (I don't need a priest to tell me what God wants from me.)




In what form could he? Drunk?, Personally? as a ghost? He is supposed to be the infinitely loving, the kind - at least his creation is cruel. Better said what it does. Somehow you don't want to meet him. Since he did not introduce himself to me or gave it to me, I am absolutely of the opinion that I did not meet him. At least I can't remember it. And indulge in the supernatural - oh no. I can remember a lot of meetings, I would certainly remember one with God, because that would be a real sensation for me .......



Ava Avatar, Jan.

... and never will. I can't believe that there are still so many people who believe in God.

And the Bible.

However, the Bible is so filled with contradictions, fantasies and sick shit, like the story of creation, that I can rather read fairy tales. (More sensible)

For example, it is mentioned that God could speak or speak. It's childish and silly. The force of gravity cannot talk either.

We humans want to see a picture in everything, we mix a human picture out of the non-existent, which can speak and potentially fulfills our claims as God.

But THAT is exactly what is sick about it.

If everyone simply referred to God, or this power, as evolution, or rather of biodiversity and nature, then everything would be ok.

But it would be foolish to continue to pray, go to church and read the Bible, because this power, as it exists, is soooo unsatisfactory, physically and mentally, that I ... yeah, that I am in front of lots of people who are God as a man with a beard could laugh ...



Anonymous, female, 16

If God met people, He would prove to them that He exists. But then people would be inhibited in their ability to decide for themselves what is right or wrong. They would not worry about it anymore and would not know who they actually are. Because they would live according to "God's rules", because they have the confirmation that there is someone who checks whether they keep the 10 commandments, for example. Thus the freedom of the people would be restricted.



Anonymous, female, 18th century

... when I needed him.

I used to have the absolute certainty that there is a God who is there for me, on whom I can rely. I grew up believing that I would never be left alone.

But when I really looked for comfort in him, there was suddenly nothing left that could comfort me. Suddenly I felt no longer understood by God. I wanted a reaction from him, wanted him to help me with my problems or give me the strength to change something in my life.

But faith did not give me any more strength. Since then I have had little to do with religion. Whenever I attend a church service, the sermon seems empty, without content.

I hoped to "meet" God one day, to feel that He is there. But that never happened.

It was probably wrong expectations that I had, wrong ideas about a God. If I tried, I might still believe in a God, but the feeling of absolute security and security would be missing. And that was the most important thing for me.



Anonymous, male, 21

I meet myself while meditating



Udi 54

He lives in me. How can he not meet me there?





where was he ... when (just one of many examples) when 6 million Jews were murdered by hitler germany!

children ... women ... men .. in the most brutal way .... people who scream ... woooo was he ?? or it ??



Yuen M.

I meet God in every single moment. However, I do not encounter any entity, that is just a naive and rationally more comprehensible invention of humans.



Anonymous, female, 18th century

..., because from a Christian point of view I probably lack faith in God.



Anonymous, male, 17th century

because I haven't looked for him yet.



Anonymous, male, 18th century

And I will probably never meet you either. Whoever wants to "meet" God has to believe very strongly in him. I don't, and that's why I don't think I'll ever encounter him in any way.



Anonymous, male, 19th century

how is that supposed to happen? So I haven't met the guy on the street yet, so he hasn't run across my path yet, which would not be possible for him due to his form of existence (as a supernatural being without a body).



Jay Sus

Because we were never in the same place at the same time.



Anonymous, male, 18th century

but this is not to be equated with nonexistence.



Anonymous, male, 18th century

... or I didn't notice



B., female, 18

... because you can't see it and I've never felt it either. Maybe I've just never used it!



Janjen Kubert, 36

Neither do me ... but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist



Petra Mihaly, 27

a long time, and I thought He couldn't either. I didn't care. I could live very well without Him.

And then suddenly ...He was there. Like flicking a switch. I fell in love with him once and for all. And I knew: I would become a Catholic and be baptized.

What luck! I hadn't "needed" him. And he came anyway. How you don't "need" the person you fall in love with.

It's just suddenly there - and then suddenly everything is different.



Alex, 22

either I am blind or direct contact is prohibited



J., female, 18

I don't think he'll ever meet me either. At least not if I'm still alive ...




Neither did Obelix, nor full employment. What could the three have in common?



Joshua Baderborn, 33

at least not in church! There are only words but no spirit, neither the spirit of healing nor of prophecy!



Yvi Kurz, 56

Insofar as he lets me do it. good or bad. He behaves neutrally. We're fine. And yet I have a guilty conscience about it. Best wishes



Veronika Fritsche, 28

even if he did meet me - frankly, I don't care.



Sven Anderson, 32

... because he's not a person. If God is what exists, but we are unable to understand (like fish is water), then I am part of him.



Henri, 38

I did not meet God or anyone else. There is always talk of him appearing out of a bush or by voice or in some other way. "ENCOUNTER" in the form of "shaking hands" e.g. but it is not a human being.



Daniel, 19th

... in the Catholic Church.

When I enter such a building, there is a strange atmosphere of mourning for me. It can't possibly be God's presence.

I experience God when I pray to him, read the Bible or have fellowship with other real Christians, but certainly not in the Catholic Church.



Mirko, 23

... at least not the God you dictate to us!



Rene Goll, 78

until now



Silvia Haeske, 40

- where I don't want it either - it stayed discreetly outside



Jürgen Eckardt, 34

because it doesn't exist.



Ilona Oellers, 31

or I didn't notice him as "God".



Silver-Aquila, 16

because God is not a person.



Anonymous the church.



Anonymous, female, 34

To Donata Frank, 41:

"if one or the other interpretation doesn't suit me, I can leave at any time."

This statement is far too theoretical and too hypothetical for me. There is nothing good, unless you do it!

Personally, I prefer to be specific: "It doesn't suit me, so I'm going!"

I did that many years ago and left - without ever stepping in.

Often I have already been confirmed by the correctness of my decision at the time, among others by Ratzinger, when he tried two years ago in his Philippika to influence politics to prevent the (then new) partnership for homosexuals. And only recently again, when he exerted massive influence on the referendum there in Italy.

Call your posture whatever you like, I will call my posture * consistent *. The Ratzinger is consistent, and I am consistent too. We agree on that point. I take this religion seriously. A few years ago there was a slogan on buses and subways called: "Read the Bible". I do that too - and think about my part.

And so I wish the new Pope a long life in the best of health. So he can convince as many people as possible how important it is to be consistent - and to quit !!! The answer of Robert H., 31:

<<Oft wurde ich bereits von der Richtigkeit meiner damaligen Entscheidung bestaetigt, unter anderem von Ratzinger, als er vor zwei Jahren in seiner Philippika versucht hat, Einfluss auf die Politik zu nehmen um die (damals noch neue) Partnerschaft fuer Homosexuelle zu verhindern.>>

In this particular case I would not have thought that the morality of churches of all kinds would fail so miserably. Homosexuals have even been compared with pedophiles and with sodomists. I could not have believed that the church does not know the difference between a voluntary relationship between BOTH partners (with homos / heteros) and the robbery of sexual self-determination (with pedophiles / sodomists). In view of the high standards of moral competence that all churches have, the work done is weak and bland. If the believers are not able to make correct decisions even in this simple case, how are they going to solve more difficult problems?



Donata Frank, 41

@ karin, 15

nice to read what I've already written. Only that the person loses sight of reality when he believes in God I cannot accept it like that.

There are people who believe in God and are still very realistically aware. People not only blame God or Jesus for their wrongdoing, but also look for those among the people who for one reason or another cannot defend themselves as lightning rods and not too scarce.

If you can imitate it, please do it correctly. @ Anonymous female 34

I don't know the Bible by heart and haven't finished reading it, but I'm not afraid of religions and their interpretations.

if one or the other interpretation doesn't suit me, I can leave at any time.

What does that have to do with God?

every person has a conscience and acts accordingly and sin is for me that which I cannot answer with my conscience and cannot accept.

And again this has precious little to do with God.

"Women submit to men". there is no ranking or gender, in my opinion. I am a Christian and see the people in front of me, not the man and not the woman.

Partnership is harmony and no subordination. If the partner doesn't like it, he can leave.

Even if I now contradict the Rome Church. Neither men nor women are better people.

Hardly anyone lives true to the Bible these days. You can't quite translate it to that today.



Robert H., 31


<<Robert hat recht, wenn er mich kritisiert das, ich Gott als Sadisten bloß stellte, wenn ich IHN als Ursache für Schmerzen beschuldigt habe.>>

You always do that just by believing in him, because he automatically becomes a sadist if he allowed (together with his omnipotence) that the world could become the way it is.




Werner Klein, 56

I don't like that they take the idea of ​​God (a very contradicting God, if you read the Old and New Testaments) for granted. Why should I meet God? Just because I was born in Central Europe and my parents had me baptized with all the consequences (kindergarten, school, confirmation) do I have to deal with God? If I had been born in Australia as a native child, I would have no Christian conception of God at all. Would that be that bad? If you deal with the human-designed Christian idea of ​​God without prejudice, you have to swallow deeply. In any case, the mind must not be switched on. God is said to have created the world (for example in the Big Bang), is said to have created the laws of nature, to have created the substances of life (especially carbon) in mighty suns, in order to then construct the earth about 4.5 billion years ago, the evolution have controlled to finally create man in order to then drown everyone except Noah and his family, and then he regrets what he has done and sends his son to take on the sins (which actually?) so that we can go to heaven (where should it be?) come. And now we have to constantly praise and praise him because he's so great, at least that seems to like praise. No thanks. One can shape a human life without God. Christians can easily starve whole peoples (see in Africa) or kill them if they are not baptized (see America) or destroy the culture of peoples (see the missionaries in the South Seas) Not meeting God, you can't be sure what he will allow ...

A staunch atheist



Oswald, 64

Robert is right when he criticizes me that I exposed God as a sadist when I accused HIM as the cause of pain. I am sorry and I beg God's forgiveness. Meanwhile I know the ER

treats us with love. Your Oswald.



Karin, 15

otherwise I wouldn't have had to go through so much in my (still short) life.



Daniel, 17th

I have never met God personally, the way you confront me when I speak to you. But I felt it!

In a personal conversation in which we talked about our life, just like things like school, what hobbies she is currently having and things like that. And just like that, apparently for no reason, and not planned by me, it seemed to me as if someone else was saying that, I said something like: "God's love is limitless!"

I believe that the Holy Spirit (God) said this through me!

And in the further course of the conversation also steered the conversation.

Because myself, I would never have just said something like that! above all it was a person I didn't have much to do with! and it wasn't a coincidence either! I am convinced of that!

I am grateful that I was able to experience God's presence!

With best regards




Anonymous, female, 34

Indeed, I have not met the God of Christians. Bishop Huber recently said: Faith is to be addressed by God. Hasn't happened to me yet.

I can remember when I was little, I was afraid to go into the basement because I was convinced that a ghost lived there. My father then went down to the basement with me to look. And lo and behold - there was no ghost. I never understood why it is not the same with this God: You look - and lo and behold, there is no God. If this God is in heaven, no one has yet been able to give me the coordinates where I should point my telescope.



Robert H., 31

@ Pia Zeller

<<Warum gebt ihr Gott für das Schlechte die Schuld und nicht Satan? (...) Genauso wie er uns einzureden versucht, dass Gott nicht existiert und/oder er böse ist! Schon mal daran gedacht?>>

Yes, already thought about it. But then your strange 'Satan' would also have created a part of the world or opened up a kind of competition in the neighborhood. I don't mind that the world is often bad, cold and mean to its creatures, but that God MADE it so that it CAN be like that at all. Or does your Bible say that the devil helped? No? Then everything bad and mean in the world must also come from your God. So much for that .......

And I would rather say: There is no God, because he would be a mean, self-serving sadist with a tendency towards perversion and madness



Pia Zeller, 25

I do not understand why it is always discussed that God should be so evil and caused the wars and suffering. God is love! There is only good in it! And God carries you through suffering!

Why do you blame God for evil and not Satan? It is this liar and hypocrite who poisons people's souls and brings harm to them! Just like he tries to convince us that God does not exist and / or that he is evil! Have you ever thought of that?



Robert H., 31

<<Ich bin nicht schuld an seinem schmerzhaftem Tod. Ich wusste aber, dass er sterben wurde, warum auch immer. Darum habe ich mich ihm um so mehr zuerkennen gegeben. Nehme er mich, in seinen Schmerzen, an, so ist er gesegnet.>>

But then you declared your God to be a perverted sadist who simply watches when his oh-so-beloved creatures suffer and who is even more amused. That is, if I want to be like the Lord as a person, then I should just leave someone who is lying in the ditch after an accident and if someone complains about it I can still fob him off with: "Oh, you of little faith, if you believe in me, I believe in you too ".

Sky !! What kind of Christian 'values' are they - they are inhuman to the power of three.

But do you have to wonder? The Bible is full of such stories.




Oswald, 64

I was delighted to see how many, mostly young people, express their thoughts in - for or against - God. My sincere condolences to those who have been struck by painful experiences, in grief and in doubt about God. Perhaps you will be comforted by a few words that I once heard from God? After reading the book - Only Guest on Earth - about a Trappist monk who died of diabetes in terrible suffering, I said to God - God, if I had to suffer like this to become holy then I don't want to become a saint . I heard the answer promptly - not like that, my boy. I am not to blame for his painful death. But I knew he was going to die for whatever reason.

That is why I gave myself to him all the more. If he accepts me in his pain, he is blessed.

You wish that too

your Oswald



Horst M. Paffen, 56

"I did not meet God" in such a way that he reveals himself in his might just yet be experienced by a human being, which would certainly be impressive and lead from believing or not believing in him to knowing about him. But what about the freedom of man to decide for or against God, which is then shown above all in actions towards fellow human beings? Would someone still be so foolhardy and stupid to decide against God? Imagine that the tickets in a transparent lottery wheel are all open, i.e. legible. Would you then draw the lot with the rivet or with the main prize? ... Freedom is always associated with a certain degree of insecurity - not only when it comes to belief in God. The more security, the less freedom - both are not possible at the same time!



Anonymous, female, 15

because it doesn't exist !!!



Alexander Kessler, 26

how should he?



Michael M. P. Wittmann, 47

there is nothing. He is always present.



Donata Frank, 41

God is intuition.



Morelle, 15th

I prayed a lot as a kid, but my mother is still depressed and unhappy with her entire life wasting on depression. And I had to understand all of that little by little, as a child, which still weighs heavily on me. By the way, my mother is very religious.



Anonymous, female, 20

I meet him again and again.



Bettina Kaeber, 19

... when?



Anonymous, male, 64

because it doesn't exist.



Peter Peteucus, 17th

and he has never met anyone because it has never been proven, which is very unrealistic with billions of believers, an assertion that is never retired.



Kuno Kiefer, 55

I met God, supposedly as long as I believed in it, not afterwards.



Robert, 31

"I would like to know what you imagine how God should be, what you expect from him." Nothing at all. With that one would assume a god again. In the same way, one can assume the seven dwarfs or Mrs. Holle and cling to them when things go bad. But is that why there is Ms. Holle?


"God gave people free will and you have just decided to go to war."


That's not even the point. The problem only comes IN COMPARISON of reality (e.g. wars) and what the Bible preaches about God's love. Someone who loves one will keep ALL SORRY away from them and if they are still omnipotent, they could do it especially well. Therefore there is no God - or he is a perverted, selfish idiot who is far from any love. And even Christians would have to prove it.




Ulrike, 25

Even though I'm a Christian myself, I hopped onto this site anyway because I really wanted to know what atheists think. I find your approach pretty sobering. I would like to know what you imagine how God should be, what you expect from him. There are always things like "World War II, what was God thinking about it?" Why God? God gave people free will and you just made up your mind to go to war. God has given people a mind of their own and expects us to use it too. That some abuse it and others suffer from it, innocently, is part of life like heartache, death and illness, because we are only imperfect.


But it is not God's will that we suffer either. But how do you imagine it: That he always intervenes: Should he then abolish death and illness? Where should he stop there?


Then to the point: "I only believe what I see": I don't, because I know what I see, I don't need to believe it. The word believe means to trust, hope in something. Namely that I come out strengthened from my experiences, collect wisdom and can pass it on. In a situation one cannot yet have the experience of afterwards, so I cannot yet feel God in a difficult situation, but only in retrospect of an experience that makes me strong for new experiences. The confrontation with death, for example, forces me to think about the limited life span and to use it sensibly.



Klaus Morbach, 49

The thing with God is still not finished for me, difficult difficult.

Funny, whenever I try to understand God, the 60 million deaths from World War II come to my mind. World War II is just one of many things, but I had to read a lot about it to better understand God. The escape from East Prussia in the winter of 1945 made a particular impression on me, people who had nothing to do with the war. What these people experienced can hardly be put into words. Among the believers, suffering is described too superficially, but those who deal intensively with it inevitably have to ask the question, what was God thinking?

We cannot always speak of trust and mercy when the horror can no longer be understood.



Angela-Maria, 38

... I can't say that.At mass we always say "Lord, I am not worthy of you going under my roof, but only speak one word and my soul will be healthy" ... he has never spoken to me, I have been mentally ill for a long time and I am slowly losing hope that it will make my soul healthy.



Sandrine Gehriger, 14th

No. But I think I could explain all strokes of fate or signs of happiness with God. I don't want to. A couple of things like this are my merit, others I leave to chance.



Christian B., 16

I often thought that too, but now I am convinced that God exists. Whoever God loves, he lets them feel the depths of life. And those who have experienced suffering also appreciate enjoyment more. A life with Jesus is definitely a better one, because it also gave me more self-knowledge. The ingenious evolution cannot have happened by chance. It's part of a plan!



Anonymous, male, 34

As well as? There are no gods.



Ursula Mohr

God doesn't care about me.



Anonymous, male, 18th century

There is something very abstract about the word God. All personalizations as they may occur in religions of whatever kind are not a helpful construct either. 'God' is something that is so different from my surroundings that an encounter would be very strange.

Crosses, crucifixes, chains with religious symbols and the like come across me every day, but God? With the best will in the world, not.



Anonymous, male, 15

Since I have never met God, I am afraid that life will not exist after death. I'm afraid that I won't see the people I love again. But I will always believe in god. The thought eats me away from day to day, but I don't give up. My faith is harder than stone. Brighter than the light and bigger than the whole universe. Although i have never seen god i love him like my mother.



Sara Engelt, 19

I do believe that there has to be something. How is the universe supposed to have come about? But I don't just believe in one.



Stefan Battenfeld, 31

if that means 'the' God. The word 'God' does, however. For example, it consists of four letters. See article under 'God does not exist for me ...'




Why do all people talk about Jesus when they talk about GOD?



Anonymous, male, 42

when I thought I could find it in the Bible. One shouldn't overestimate this old book.



Wolfgang Bastian, 64

There are a thousand gods! Which God is really meant? Everyone understands something different by God, even the scholars!



Dennis S., 28

... as well, it only exists in the imagination ...



Anonymous, female, 66

god met me in my cancer disease.



Armin, 25

... he actually never revealed himself to me. and since so many people claim that they have this revelation, whereby these claims often strongly contradict each other, I remain in cautious restraint and wait quietly for God to reveal himself ... if he wants to!



  1. E., female

To be honest, I find it just ridiculous when people claim that they do not believe in God because science speaks against him, because there is no proof of his existence. That alone contains 10,000 contradictions. I could now look for my Bible from the shelf and quote things like "Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe". But more than "pious biblical sayings" these people would have to listen to the - completely correct - statement that there is no proof AGAINST the existence of God !!!!

Incidentally, science in no way contradicts the existence of God - it still supports the probability of this. How is something as great as space supposed to come about? How is life supposed to arise out of nothing? But probably only through God! Don't we meet him everywhere where we encounter the incomprehensibility, where we reach the limits of our thinking?



Anonymous, female, 34

Founders of religion like Jesus or Buddha appeared at chaotic times when people were dissatisfied with who ruled them and how they had to live. Jesus and Buddha surprised with revolutionary and novel approaches and found followers. After two or three centuries they were thought to be God and worshiped, although they would probably have been quite appalled by it themselves. Don't we have another time that calls for a turnaround? Who will be our guide this time? (Leader!!!)



Magnus Kerkloh, 26

but he has met other people whose testimonies of various kinds are so credible and convincing to me that I believe in God - despite all the doubts that naturally arise again and again ... That particularly impressed me in this context Book by André Frossard "God exists. I met him". I would also like to "experience" God personally, but unfortunately this has not yet happened. Well, but maybe he'll grant me this grace ...



Anonymous, female, 32

in any case no biblical god nor any other personified higher power.



Stefan Lehmann, 22nd

That's not true.



Christian Dittmann, 49

No, I just didn't always get it right. I met him often.



Anonymous, male, 58

Never face to face and sometimes I almost despair of believing in him! But not believing in him is like the state of a flower without soil. The cause of withering is not the absolute, but the absolute uprooting. I have come to this conviction in my search for God for many years.



Anonymous, female, 35

unfortunately I have not yet met him personally, at least knowingly. I'm actually looking for him to reveal himself to me once.



Anonymous, female, 17

my thoughts are well summarized in one song: I can't take it anymore,

that such a lovable person as you has little idea of ​​the belief

who gives love and salvation at that.

that's why I want to tell you something

do not torment you

don't steal your time

I just want you to know what I want:


I wish that you know that God loves you and is always with you.

whatever your name is: he is the one who never forgets you.

I wish that you know you are precious just as you are.

I wish that you know it and never forget it!


how do you know that god loves you when no one tells you?

how are you supposed to know that god knows himself if no one tells you that either?


that's why I want to tell you something

do not torment you

don't steal your time.

I just want you to know what I want:


I wish that you know that God loves you and is always with you.

whatever your name is: he is the one who never forgets you.

I wish that you know you are precious just as you are.

I wish that you know it and never forget it!


hey, i'm so grateful that god loves me so much! i can't imagine someone sacrificing their life to save mine - jesus did it, for you too! and he rose from the dead !! He gives me the only stop in my life that I can rely on for all time! I wish you this experience too! if you are disappointed in the church, then that's understandable. the church is not what god imagines his congregation to be! BUT the church is not god! I am sure that god is not enthusiastic about what is going on in the "institution of the church". god is different, but how do you know how god is if you don't get involved with him? no one can judge something if he has never had experience with it. try it. pray that god will show himself to you - he will not disappoint you, you even wrote it down in the bible in black and white!

all the best!



Arben Gojani, 35

dear god is among us every day every minute every step we make i am kosovo albanian and muslim i have been living in germany since 1992 on october 2nd, 2004 my brother 27 years old lost electricity at 10,000 volts but i keep believing in god something it always happens that is god's will after the death of my brother i didn't want to live anymore but i live the day is written when our life is ended how we can only try to live and make the best of it he will reward us



Anonymous, male

I met GOD! Expect HIM everywhere, HE longs to come together with you! HE gave HIS life on the cross for you and would have done it for each and every one of you. HE wants to be everything to you. There is nothing that HE does not want to be to you. Look for HIM in his word and HE will meet you. Tell HIM that HE is more important to you than anything else in your life and that you accept HIM as your personal Savior, and HE will do everything else! HE will be your strength, show you how HE is.

Not we live ourselves, not we ourselves have the power to live from HIS commandments, but HE acts through us, HE gives us HIS power when we tell HIM that HE is more important than everything else in our life and that we HIS sacrifice and accept HIS love. HE then gives us everything: prayers, love, friends, the forgiveness of sins and above all HIMSELF. Just believe it, it's really true!



Jürgen Schneider, 40

- the word "God" is meaningless to me.



No name given, 53

when we open our eyes we meet a God in every human being.



Bettina T., 40

so many people who are moved by what they call God can be found on these pages. God - yes or God - no, so many seekers for real experiences, not for hollow words, for real experience, which is called God. So much am I looking in our church, in our religion, for walkable paths to the knowledge of God, for the "how" does it go to God? How does it go to find in the depths ?, not intellect, not Bible words, but personal experience? to experience, to awaken? how? After a long turning away from Christianity and a long search in other religions, I find: Awakened people speak the same thing everywhere, in every religion, real experience of God seems to be the same, for Jesus as for Osho as for many others who speak of an existential experience of God, too " even "in Christianity there is it, the radical experience of God, possible for everyone, for me, now --- this project, this page is very nice, space for people, they express their search, the longing to find the deepest and most real .



Alexander Schratt, 42

because it doesn't exist. It is man's imagination. Probably out of the fear that after death there will be no more existence.



Tommy Casagrande, 20

because it is a cultic belief that cannot be scientifically proven. Only what can be proven can exist. Only what can be measured can exist. God is a pipe dream and has long been handed down. God is a thousand years old and comes from a time when there was no enlightened science. People saw natural events and wanted explanations. Since they couldn't find any scientific answers, they thought that something supernatural must be to blame for all of this, and so God was invented as supernatural. God cannot be proven and that is exactly why it is fatal to build a world on points of faith. If someone does not believe in God and thus he is more correct than someone who believes in it, he will be marginalized and destroyed by believers in God. Conversely, however, no atheist will destroy a worshiper although he believes in something that does not exist, insofar as the believer exercises his faith privately as a hobby and without wanting to convert others.

Building a world on one belief is a dictatorship that submits to occult hocus-pocus. I do not submit to anyone.

Long live freedom ! Down with the dictatorship! Down with the constraints of ideological moral concepts! Let ideology die!



Sabine Stuth, 38

, but I'm not so sure anymore.



Andreas, 31

or I didn't notice. Where are you ?



Jens, B., 37

not directly, but indirectly, I think, yes, for example in nature, in the beauty of nature, in love for my wife and in love for my daughter. Feelings like love, which can be so strong, are of divine origin in my opinion. Here I feel a force that is incredibly great and cannot be grasped.

Another question that leads to God: What is behind space? We know space is constantly expanding, but what is actually behind it? We see that there are still many physical dimensions that we know little or nothing about. So there is also the divine dimension. I believe in that. But not to the Bible text word for word, which is a historical text, not a holy text - for me - that comes directly from God. Of course I have the greatest respect for the New Testament (rather not for the old one) but: If you teach people what the theology students learn, that - I think - the NT is a historical text and cannot be understood literally and you thus conveying the basic Christian doctrine, more people would believe.



Anonymous, male, 22

I haven't met a GOD yet. If so, then I would have given him a friendly greeting and maybe invited him to a soda.



Matthias Lehner, 23

because, in my opinion, it does not exist, and everything we perceive and the reason why we perceive it can be explained with the help of natural sciences or will at some point be explained.



Jürgen Naarmann, 48

when I was in a church where the door was locked, because God didn't want churches that you couldn't see into. The excess is that there are churches that have to be paid for and that are locked. We should ask ourselves, "What would Jesus Christ say if He spoke to us about the uses and uses of the churches".



Anonymous, male, 25

I wonder why some people think that God is the cause of war, misery, poverty ... everything that is bad in the world, everything that does not go according to human plan. Actually, we are the perpetrators who want to put our own guilt on the shoes of God. People abuse religion to wage war, to gain power and wealth. Out of greed and greed everyone tries to do the best for his life, but only for his own life alone. In fact, we all have enough to eat and no one would starve to death if we tried to think of others. How much have we spent the money on useless things, on war industry, on excessive consumer goods ... while other people in the world are dying of hunger.

If someone believes in God, then he does not try to prove his belief through science, technology, intellect ... but only through his heart.

"One sees correctly with the eye, the essential is invisible to the eye" once the franz. Scripture Saint-Exupery said. Or has someone tried to prove the love of their parents or their life partner? I think there are many things that cannot be proven. You either believe or you don't believe. I believe in God and his love, righteousness and loyalty.

Out of faith in God and with the help of other believers we will change the world, even if it is only a drop on the hot stone at the beginning, but many other drops will then follow.



Carsten Hartmann, 35

Dear Heinz Vössing,

They speak to me from the soul. So much so that the "you" seems so inappropriate to me as if I were sighing my brother.

I would like to briefly summarize your text:

Jesus has shown it, try to understand how he did it and then just try to imitate it - and make an effort.

Do you agree ? Perhaps we will be able to get in touch, it seems to me that my search is similar to yours.

All the best,

Carsten Hartmann



Anonymous, male, 32

Can you say that I haven't met God yet.

I grew up in a family where everyone was theoretically baptized, but in practice we were just a gathering of unbelievers.

Religion and God just didn't play a role in family life. The church was never visited, not even at Christmas or Easter.

I had my first encounter with religion and God in the first grade of elementary school.

I wondered, somewhat confused, what this God was that the others were talking about.

Gradually I understood the concept of God, church and religion a little better, but to this day I don't understand what other people mean when they say that they speak to God or have even met him.

I do not know him.

If I had not come into contact with believing people, i.e. the world were free of believers, I suspect that I would not even worry about a higher being.

Perhaps the brains of atheists are just wired differently than those of believers.



Philipp, 26

I believe that the ability to sense the existence of a supernatural being is a function of the brain and can therefore be different in people. Just as people are differently humorous, capable of loving or accessible to art. It is due to the structure of each individual's brain.Therefore, more respect for people who claim that they don't feel anything.




hello Toni Kleinert,

I think you can only meet God if you pray, tell him his request and firmly believe that he will hear it. You will also meet God by reading the Bible or by joining a Christian community that will help you understand the Bible.



Toni Kleinert, 16

Hello you!

My name is Toni Kleinert and I am 16 years old. I would like to get to know God, unfortunately I have never seen him, and now I would like to have contact with him, because I would like to entrust him with a request! But how can I have contact with God or how can I meet him?

I would be very happy if you can help me and write me an e-mail in response to my question!

Thanks and all the best to you Toni Kleinert!



Alisha, 50

When does God not answer your prayers?

How does God meet someone. Doesn't he do this by answering his prayers?



Anonymous, male, 15

In my life I have not yet found any indications and certainly no proofs of the existence of a god.



Anonymous, female, 15

until a year ago. That year ago I was nothing my life had no meaning! But then God called me to himself. And that was the best thing that happened to me in my whole life!



JS, female, age 14

because it probably doesn't exist. Otherwise, why would there be all this suffering and pain in our world? otherwise why would people murder and torture each other? how else would anyone come up with the idea of ​​kidnapping and rape a twelve year old girl? if humans were created by god then why are they doing these things? god is seen as the father of men, why didn't he teach his children righteousness? why didn't he teach them that it was wrong to abuse others like that? I just can't take it

i don't know whether to believe in god or not.

Something in life has to be able to give you a hold, you need someone to turn to, god has come to the right place. but if it doesn't exist, who then "invented" it? how did someone come up with the idea of ​​putting this lie into the world?

in order to doubt god i don't even have to look at all of humanity, my immediate surroundings are sufficient. even me alone.

is death actually redemption?

why did god drive adam and eva out of paradise? wasn't eva persuaded by the snake to eat the apple? what was the snake doing there, why didn't god chase away this evil creature before it could do anything? he sees everything.

and besides ... eva was persuaded ... so she is not entirely to blame. and: DON'T GOD TEACH FORGIVENESS?





i would appreciate an answer from the author.



Hedi, 54

I believe in the word of God which is written in the Bible. Now it says in a sense: "If 2 people ask for the same thing, then God will fulfill it.

I have scoliosis and I ask God that my scoliosis will straighten out.

Would you pray with me about it?

Hello Hedi,

I don't know exactly what scoliosis is, I suspect a curvature of the spine, which is probably difficult, difficult for you to cope with. Illness and suffering are among the things that sometimes make it almost impossible to trust the promises of the merciful God. On the other hand, many people report that their suffering was anything but pointless, in fact that it matured them and also received strength and courage. This certainly has something to do with the mystery of human existence, which does not exist without the experience of its limits.

I would like to connect with you in prayer and hope with you that your illness will be bearable for you or that you will find relief or healing through an operation and that the crooked will "straighten out".


ALL THE BEST! - Bernhard Riedl



Jörg Weigel, 61

no, I met people. And I know that I will never meet God because I consider all of this to be pure mummery. Mummery from the Middle Ages of the priests and Pharisees who want to exercise power over people. The amazing thing for me is that this has continued into the 21st century and will certainly continue for another 21 centuries. Why are we humans not self-confident enough and accept our existence as it is and live happily, peacefully and well together? Belief in the gods, be it God, Allah, Buddah, Zarastro, Manitou, etc. has certainly brought people a lot of good, but more misery and death, as we do today in terrorism be it in Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Sudan experience elsewhere.



Julika-Janina Wulf, 19

when i was fine. But he disappeared and I've been lonely ever since ...



Joseph Sebaldus, 37

IM not sure. Sometimes I do believe in it. But that is most certainly not the God of the Bible.



Anonymous, female, 34

I did not meet one god, but maybe we will meet one of the "gods" when you land on earth with your spaceship. Maybe you will take some beautiful human daughters again? Genesis 6.1



SDGm, 20th

until I got to know him.



Falk Bender, 20

and never will, because in my opinion it doesn't exist.



Anonymous, female, 54

I pray and pray and hope and hope that Jesus Christ comes into my life. My emotional life is totally messed up, I was already thinking that it would be good if my life would now be over. It is said that Jesus Christ can heal the sick. And at the beginning there is his word. Why does he not give any help if you ask him, what am I doing wrong. If I am blind, I do not see the goodness and love of God. I also ask him to trust me in his love and goodness, as I fear that I might turn away from him.

Thank you for your email, even if it worries me. I would be happy to answer you personally, but I don't have your email address. Please let me know, I will treat it with absolute confidentiality.

With best regards

Werner Höbsch



Marco, 21

another reason not to believe or



Anonymous, female, 21

Whether I met God - good question. There was a time when I thought yes. There were times when I wondered if I was just imagining it. I have not found a definitive answer.



Michael, 18

at least can't remember it



The Crow, Jan.

because I don't want to see him!



Anonymous, female, 54

often i have asked god for help or assistance. Maybe I prayed wrongly, because I always asked for a specific wish to come true (it was never about things in meters, but always about intense feelings). I don't know if god was at my side, but in my desperation I often felt alone.



Anonymous, female, 16

Never!! Besides, that would be a bad God who makes things like war and terror happen.



Sebastian Schrottenbach, 17

because until now I have never had the need to meet him.



Harry Wagner

On the problem of creation ...

... and it wouldn't change anything unless it worked against my will.

It may seem presumptuous to a Christian that I emphasize "my will" so much here, but for me it is the quintessence of my existence and coexistence with my fellow human beings.

I am an atheist, although it should be logically impossible for me to prove the non-existence of God by scientific or philosophical means. It simply makes no difference to me whether God exists or not.

Seen in this way, my atheism arises rather from an irrational feeling or. a skeptical instinct.



Trude, 35

unfortunately not yet but maybe someone can help me look.



Tine, 23

No wonder I'm East German.



Anonymous, female, 35

But I am looking for him! I find it sad that I have unfortunately not yet met him personally.



Anonymous, male, 56

because I'm not arrogant enough to say so.




Never? or did I just not notice it?

God exists in every flower, in me and you! YOU are not there for free, neither am I, let's make something of it! Or?



Thomas Kesselring, 41

until I was 40 years old (?) I met him every day! At 40 1/2 I understood him.