Why is Quora so inappropriate

Why is gutefrage.net so much better than Quora and other platforms?

As beautiful as eulogies are, your question is unfortunately not considered too completely.

Yes, it usually doesn't take long to get an answer, that's the advantage, but there are also many disadvantages here.

For example, for engineering (and no, I don't mean basic studies), almost nothing is represented here. As soon as it is about something other than classical technical mechanics or the basics of electrical engineering, there are no more answers. I have often been able to ask unsuccessfully.

Another issue is that questions are often deleted just because they were not asked exactly like a question, during which one often complains about trolls, but that the admins don't care.

At the same time, they took all the tips from the servers because it was too much work and used too much data. The whole thing without announcing it here, but just secretly write it somewhere in the forum. Several hundred tips that I had saved, all without backups, hurah.

So, yeah, the best platform ever? That may be true in some areas, but certainly not on the whole.

Unfortunately, what you have against the English language does not matter to me either. English is spoken and written almost everywhere, if you want an answer from as many as possible, then an English portal is still the most intelligent, as there are by far more people there than there are German speakers. So either learn English or stay with a purely German community, where it can happen that a specialist is not always there.