Is New Zealand really that bad

"New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world!"

Lara Anni wrote:

"I had a couple of jobs that I really enjoyed. In Australia, I signed up for wwoofing (working on organic farms and getting food and lodging in return). That's how I felt at a farm near Byron Bay devious.

In the beautiful late summer, picking mandarins, rushing through the fields with the tractor, harvesting cucumbers and spices, pulling weeds and planting new plants.

In Auckland I got a job as a tour manager through contacts from home. I knew the New Zealand band before I left. When we arrived in Auckland we just met, the guys had just finished their demo record, so I put everything behind it, designing and distributing flyers, booking locations and selling band merchandise. Absolutely brilliant and now very helpful for my degree program from October (I'm going to study music management).

From the beginning of December to mid-March I worked in a restaurant on the harbor in Auckland. Asian owners, European cuisine. All the other waitresses were also work and travelers. In the beginning everything went quite well, apart from the minimum wage of 10 dollars an hour and the most impossible working hours. But then our boss became insulting, called us fat and assumed that our European parents had a bad upbringing and just ordered us around. My good mood ended at 6 p.m. every day when I had to start work. One day I received a text message from my boss, I don't need to come, she wrote to me when I can come back to the next shift. I haven't heard from her since. When I tried to reclaim my taxes, it also turned out that she only paid a fraction of my taxes for me, who knows where the rest of the rest is. Fortunately, I was out of there quickly ...

On average, I made NZ $ 14.

At first I thought of going to the country and looking for work, but Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand with the most job opportunities.

The first month I only celebrated until I checked my credit card statement and had to swallow for a moment. Something had to change. So I went from hostel to hostel and asked about work for accommodation, and at Nomads Auckland Fusion I finally found what I was looking for.

I saved a good $ 200 a week on accommodation. So I did housekeeping in the morning, tour management in the afternoon and waiter in the evening, and that for about 3-4 months until I had enough money.

The highlights were simply the people you meet. My time as a longtermer at Nomads Auckland was wonderful. Got a real family there. But I also did the Kiwi Experience Tour. Absolutely awesome. 1000 times better than OZ Experience. The entire stay was just a real highlight!

I bought the Rangi Pass at Kiwi Experience when it was on sale for just under NZ $ 550. It went first to Paihia and Cape Reinga then via Mercury Bay, Rotorua, Taupo, River Valley to Wellington and then simply the big round on the South Island via Queenstown and Christchurch. The only places I unfortunately didn't see were Dunedin and Napier, well, maybe next time;)

I can only recommend these sights and places to everyone:

1.Waitomo Caves (Black Abyss)

2. Tongario NP

3. Queenstown

4. Rotorua (Maori culture)

5. Piha near Auckland

6. Milford Sounds

7. Hobbiton

These are my two hostel favorites:

1. Adventure Lodge in River Valley

2. Nomads Queenstown

The preparation in Germany by the Praktikawelten team was great. I found it very good that someone could be reached immediately via the chat during office hours, since I am really not the "phone person". I also found it very good that everything was explained step by step when applying for a visa. Can't really complain about anything.

On my first day, I arrived at Base Hostel in Auckland early in the morning, but check-in wasn't until 1 p.m. So I just sat there with animal homesickness and jet lag and wanted to go home again. But then I first checked in and met my roommates, then everything was not so bad. Then we went to the partner organization together and then went to the pub night there and made our first contacts. During the week I just acclimatized a little, explored Auckland and did the introductory course from the partner organization.

I really enjoyed the support in New Zealand. The partner organization accepted my mail for me, helped my luggage and me a lot with the tax return in the end.

So at Kiwi Experience there are so many tours and I just chose a tour that really covers all of New Zealand. You could jump out of places you liked and just look for a job there, or just stay a few more nights and explore a little better. In general, I have to say that all the people who toured New Zealand independently by car also had the same stops. I think this is the only travel route for New Zealand, maybe little things like Napier and Stewart Island could be added, but otherwise all the big sights can be seen on this tour.

My tips for all future Work & Travelers in New Zealand: Make the Kiwi Experience! Stray and Magic have the same tours but are more geared towards older audiences 25 and up. Kiwi is a lot between 18 and 22 years old. The advantages of a bus tour are the people, you keep meeting new people! There are 55 on the bus, then you meet people from other buses, etc. If you only tour with your friends in the car you are a little isolated, but of course also more independent. I would do the Kiwi Tour again anytime! The most brilliant time ever. And you make real friendships there, because you just experience so much together!

Another piece of advice would be, don't plan so much in advance! Of course you feel safer if you have already laid out a travel route and job opportunities, etc. But who knows which people you will meet ?! Your plans will change every day, so don't worry about stuff like that before you leave. Everything will be sorted out!

And one more important thing: bring savings with you. I've met a lot of people who couldn't come across anything and were reliant on finding a job. Australia and New Zealand are flooded with work and travelers! And if you don't have any special qualifications, such as vocational training, you have to be prepared for a minimum wage. Nobody cares about your 1.2 Abi, the practical experience counts!

It was the best decision of my life. Before I left I lived in the Hotel Mama, i.e. it was a real shock to really take care of EVERYTHING myself. But now I'm prepared for real life. Nothing can shock me anymore. I'm also a lot more relaxed because I'm so independent now. Looking for an apartment and university can no longer disturb me. New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world! I don't even know why so many people want to go to Australia ?! It remained a mystery to me. New Zealand is a very special country and even more beautiful live than on a postcard. The Kiwis and Maoris are the nicest people ever.

My English is now almost at a native level, which of course looks good on my résumé, as well as all the jobs I've done overseas.

The only problem now that I'm back home: I want to travel again! "