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1225231169STRUYK, RAYMOND J .; KOSAREVA, NADEZHDA; DANIELL, JENNIFER; HANSON, CHARLES & MIKELSON, MARISImplementing Housing Allowances in Russia: Rationalizing the Rental Sector USD 50.00
1307088490FINLAY, IAN F.A Ladybird Book About Stamp Collecting GBP 4.00
1492509794TERRY O'BRIENThe Patiala Quartet EUR 5.00
1338273723SWAN, D.K.Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Cervantes GBP 4.00
1475094016THOMPSON, E. V.Ben Retallick. Novel. (Adventure). EUR 4.99
1475094015HANS-JOACHIM BAATZ, GERHARD BRANSTNERPaths to Impossibility. Utopian short stories. Convergence. The negative success. EUR 4.99
1380283689CHAKRAVARTY, L.N.Glimpses of the Early History of Arunachal USD 48.00
1349206194EGELAND HANSEN, FINN; EDITOR:Festival Søren Sørensen: 1920 - 29 September - 1990 USD 55.00
1497949892PLESSIER, FRANCOISBudget juif et monde arabe EUR 48.00
1473447497INDIA, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCES OF INDIAProceedings of the Symposium on Fertility of Indian Soils held at Madras on August 3-4, 1962 USD 59.00
1347923477LOTHER, ROLFPioneers of genetics: Gregor Johann Mendel and August Weismann USD 47.00
1241264956QUINN, DERMOTPatronage and Piety: The Politics of English Roman Catholicism, 1850-1900 USD 59.00
1497949806AMALGAMATED SOCIETY OF WIRE DRAWERS AND KINDRED WORKERS (SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND)Report and Statement of accounts of the Amalgamated Society of Wire Drawers and Kindred Workers ... for the year ending 31st December, 1931 EUR 21.00
1482995993FORBES PETER - TOM GRIMSYNanowetenschap. Reuzen van het oneindig kleine. EUR 24.00
1482995994GILARDONI ARTURO - RICCARDO ASCANI ORSINI - SILVIA TACCANIX-Rays in Art. Physics - Technique - Applications. (232 pages, 262 illustrations). EUR 42.00
1383389995PEREIRA, MICHAEL E.; & FAIRBANKS, LYNN A., EDITORS:Juvenile Primates: Life History, Development, and Behavior USD 69.00
1380569021JHA, JAGDISH CHANDRAThe Tribal Revolt of Chotanagpur (1831-1832) USD 65.00
1379683721SAYYID, AYMAN FU'AD; EDITOR: [MA'MUN, IBN 'AL-]Passages de la Chronique d'Egypte / Nusus min 'akhbar Misr: édités et présentés par Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid USD 79.00
1225231161DOWLING, S.W.The Exchanges of London USD 59.00
1225231159ROSEN, HUGHThe Development of Sociomoral Knowledge: A Cognitive-structural Approach USD 43.00
1379307429IBRAHIM, ABD ALLAH ALIAssaulting with Words: Popular Discourse and the Bridle of Shari'ah USD 69.00
1382434922ZOLA, EMILEThe dream. (The Rougon-Macquart) (Brochure, 1st edition 1983) EUR 4.99
1382417572MARTIN, PAUL C.Cash. Strategy against the crash (non-fiction book). EUR 19.79
1382438590THE LANDSER - ISSUE"DER LANDSER: SOS - Ship fates on the seas of the world No. 215 -" "Torpedo is running!" "" EUR 4.99
1382416111BERLIOZ, HECTORMemoirs describing his travels in Italy, Germany, Russia and England 1803-1865 EUR 16.78
1382364671MEHNERT, KLAUSChina after the storm - report and commentary EUR 4.99
1225231158JAMES, JOSEF, EDITOR:Art and Life in India: The Last Four Decades USD 50.00
1491473222JOSEPH GOLDThe Fund Agreement in the Courts USD 98.73
1225231157BUCHEV, MILKOStenopisite v Ivanovo USD 75.00
1381255762GANGULI, B.N.Concept of equality. The Nineteenth Century Indian Debate USD 50.00
1380707565INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ESTATISTICASubsidios para a Historia da Estatistica em Portugal: I: Cadastro do Reino 1801-1812 USD 48.00
1225231154MCKELVEY, JOHN J., JR.Man Against Tsetse: Struggle for Africa USD 59.00
1344936703HORKHEIMER, MAX; EDITOR: [INSTITUTES FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH]Journal for Social Research: Volume V / 1936 USD 45.00
1344936728SOMETHING, ANIL RANJANThe Metrics of Legal Philosophy USD 20.00
1490447132EDITED BY BERNARD FITZSIMONSThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of 20 Century Weapons and Warfare, Volume 14 Invi / Kar (Invi-Kar) GBP 4.80
1349022806MARTEL, ANTOINEMichel Lomonosov et la langue littéraire russian USD 48.00
1380144152BEISSEL, STEPHANThe Aachen Tour: Adoration of the Aachen sanctuaries from the days of Charlemagne to our time USD 50.00
1394875449COLLECTIFLA FRANCE ILLUSTREE N ° 208 - Exposition - Pavillon de la ville de Paris, dessin de Clerget. EUR 49.50
1225231146THAT, SISIR KUMARWestern Sailors, Eastern Seas. German Response to Indian Culture USD 35.00
1225231148MUNCK, JOHANNESPaul and the history of salvation USD 57.00
1225231149SMITH, GERARD P., EDITOR:Satiation: From Gut to Brain USD 59.00
1381496483MUKHERJEE, HARIDAS; & MUKHERJEE, UMAThe Growth of Nationalism in India (1857-1905) USD 54.00
1349022805SCHLEICH, GUSTAV, EDITOR:Lydgate's "Fabula Duorum Mercatorum" from the estate of Mr.Prof.J. Zupitza ... according to all manuscripts USD 49.00
1225231143DEB, S., EDITOR:Contributions to the Geology of Singhbhum USD 45.00
1225231137GRUTZNER, GUNTERThe Paris Commune: Power and Career of a Political Legend USD 49.00
1225231136LILLEY, S., EDITOR:Essays on the Social History of Science USD 48.00
1400052729WATKIN, E.I.Poets and Mystics USD 50.00
1389684625BERKE, ROBERTABounds Out Of Bounds. A Compass for Recent American and British Poetry USD 50.00
1225231138HARTUNG, FRITZGerman constitutional history from the 15th century to the present USD 50.00
1242147837REHN, HEINZ-WERNERInclined propagation of waves in the hot plasma of the solar wind USD 59.00
1241264962WELLS, M.J., ET ALCatalog of Problem Plants in Southern Africa, incorporating the National Weed List of South Africa. USD 98.00
1241264961VENIC CATARAMAN, G. S.Vaucheriaceae USD 59.00
1379600941SINGH, UMRAO, ET ALDictionary of Economic Plants of India USD 59.00
1379130864SINGH, V.Flora of Banswara District, Rajasthan USD 59.00
1490567806UNKNOWNOeuvres de M. de Lamartine EUR 120.00
1495250910ARTHUR C. CLARKEPrelude To Space GBP 3.99
1491834620JOSEPH R. STRAYERWestern Europe in the Middle Ages: A Short History USD 15.00
1492162555JOY COWLEYSpeed ​​of Light NZD 17.50
1491564552CLIVE JAMES"The Crystal Bucket: Television Criticism from the 'Observer', 1976-79" NZD 13.50
1336733380ADAMS, JULIEThe Magic Train GBP 10.00
1382358891BALLADS"bb; 302 A fisherman sat in the boat: the most beautiful German ballads of the 19th century" EUR 4.99
1225231134PRASAD, RAJENDRA, EDITOR:Ends and Means in Private and Public Life USD 50.00
1225231130KARCZMAR, A.G. & ECCLES, J.C., EDITORS:Brain and Human Behavior USD 75.00
1427307874BONET CORREA, ANTONIOArte Pre-Romano Asturiano USD 75.00
1380283688CHATTERJI, P.C., EDITOR:Self-Images, Identity and Nationality USD 56.00
1383044664MATE, MADHUKAR SHRIPADJamoda Jaina Murals USD 56.00
1349022801JACKEL, EBERHARD; & WEYMAR, ERNST, EDITORS:The function of history in our time USD 57.00
1225231128MALIK, S.C., EDITORDissent, Protest and Reform in Indian Civilization USD 65.00
1225231127MALIK, S.C., EDITOR:Determinants of Social Status in India USD 50.00
1225231126HANSRA, B.S. AND SHUKLA, A.N., EDITORS:Social, Economic and Political Implications of Green Revolution in India USD 50.00
1340409679AGESTHIALINGOM, S. & SHANMUGAM, S.V., EDITORS:Third Seminar on Dravidian Linguistics USD 59.00
1469949128FARNHAM, THOMAS J.Weston. The Forging of a Connecticut Town. GBP 30.00
1225231118KERREBROCK, JACK L.Aircraft Engines and Gas Turbines USD 69.00
1448468069BLATT, FRANZ; EDITOR:Classica et Mediaevalia: Revue danoise de philologie et d'historie: Vol XIII [1952] USD 50.00
1349022800PAULI, LESLAWPoenae propriae: the problem of special penalties in European legislation from 1751-1903 USD 45.00
1379683720SIRCAR, D.C.Early Indian Indigenous Coins USD 45.00
1475095869DANELLA, UTTAForget if you want to live EUR 4.99
1475095867JAMES, ERICAHidden talents EUR 4.99
1475095868EDWARDS, KIMThe photographer's daughter EUR 4.99
1382478569KRACK, RAINERBangkok and the surrounding area. Practical travel guide for one of the most fascinating metropolises in the world EUR 4.99
1374539393GOT ARMANDL ARC EN FLEUR - 2 tomes en 2 volumes EUR 55.50
1382409752SCHILLERT THEATER NRWThe investigation in 1996/97. Oratorio in 11 songs by Peter Weiss. materials EUR 8.99
1382409753SCHILLERT THEATER NRWThe investigation in 1996/97. Oratorio in 11 songs by Peter Weiss. Documents EUR 8.99
1382358831CLAVEL, BERNARDThe rider from Lake Baikal EUR 4.99
1382443848CLAUS-PETER MARCH & INO ZIMMERMANNOnly one person helped - a biblical picture book for children EUR 4.99
1382423914CHARITAS BISHOPPictures from my life EUR 4.99
1225241342BUZZANCO, ROBERTVietnam and the Transformation of American Life USD 95.00
1225233050BERG, KAJBiological Studies on the River Susaa USD 65.00
1225233049BLUM, WINFRIED E.Sedimentary and pedogenic developmental features of soil on carbonate rock using the example of the southern Upper Rhine Rift USD 48.00
1225233048ROTHE, C.Verbets syntax paa Fransk USD 45.00
1484611711PETERKEN, GEORGEWoodland Conservation and Management. GBP 3.00
1382415118HERZFELD, FRIEDRICHThe magic of the baton: the world of great conductors, concerts and orchestras EUR 10.49
1382399971Blood of the Star Gods - by Andre Norton EUR 8.65
1382444721HILDEBRANDTBerlin encyclopedia. From Alexanderplatz to growing together. EUR 4.99
1382444722DAVIES, NIGELBefore Columbus came EUR 4.99
1382488204BELLI, GIOCONDAInhabited woman [Perfect Paperback] EUR 4.99
1382466505BRUNNER, JOHN; WESTERMAYR, TONYRuler of dreams EUR 4.99
1382425040LICHTENBERG, GEORGWritings and letters, vol. 3 / comm. EUR 4.99
1382425041WEHLING ...Endangered elements of life. Earth. Air. Water. (Citizen in the State). EUR 4.99
1414779919MALLI, SURUSHGuzari dar tarikchah va farhang-i Zartushtiyan-i Maryam Aban Yazd USD 69.00
1379968977ELMEDLAOUI, MOHAMEDPrincipes d'orthographe berbère: en graphie arabe ou latine USD 56.00
1475065971FOSSUM, KARINMute Screams (Abridged Version) EUR 4.99
1382496731ARCHER, JEFFREYThe eleventh commandment EUR 4.99
1382496728NANCE, JOHN J.Blackout in the cockpit EUR 4.99
1414779918MUHAMMAD SHAFI, SIRSome Important Indian Problems USD 65.00
1251705030THORER & HOLLENDER, FIRM, FRANKFURT AM MAIN325 years of the Thorer family; 75 years of Theodor Thorer USD 98.00
1349022797BOERMA, ELSMozambique: mogelijkheden en borders of an ontwikkelingsstrategy USD 48.00
1381196317GOSWAMI, B.B., EDITOR:Marriage in India: Tribes, Muslims and Anglo-Indians USD 59.00
1225231108RIDER, FREDERICKThe Dialectic of Selfhood in Montaigne USD 57.00
1469727087RIVAROLA, RODOLFOEl Maestro Jose Manuel Estrada.Tres Lecturas Publicas en las Academias.I: En el Colegio Nacional. II: La Preparacion del Maestro .. USD 45.00
1251705032SOARES, MARIA MICAELA R. T.; EDITOR:O povo da Lezíria e a literatura oral USD 53.00
1380652664JANJUA, NAZEER AHMAD; NASIR, M. MAQSOOD; & CHAUDHRY, GHULAM ULLAHThe Codling Moth "Cydia pomonella" (Linn.) In Baluchistan USD 54.00
1347923478WAKSMUNDZKA, MARTARevision of Taxonomy of the Lower Cretaceous Miosphores on the Polish Lowland USD 45.00
1380144143BALAKRISHNAN, RAMASWAMIPhonology of Kodagu with Vocabulary USD 50.00
1494611587GIRAUD MARCEL, LAMBERT JOSEPH C.A History of French Louisiana Volume One the Reign of Louis XIV 1698-1715 GBP 30.00
1225231099SURINAM, DEPARTMENT VAN LANDBOUW- ECONOMIC ZAKENVerslag over de Jaren 1936 en 1937 USD 40.00
1381196316VASILIKOS, VASILES [VASSILIKOS, VASSILIS]Mesa ste nychta tes asphaleias USD 65.00
1379543468SOUTHWORTH, FRANKLIN C.Nepali Transformational Grammar: A Sketch USD 35.00
1349022794DAVEAU, SUZANNEThe plateaux du sud-ouest de la Haute-Volta: étude geomorphologique USD 35.00
1305451423ANATI, EMMANUEL; BALOUT, L .; BELTRAN, A .; GRAZIOSI, P .; UCKO, P.J .; ET AL: EDITORS:Symposium International d'Art Prehistorique: Valcamonica, 23-28 September 1968 USD 169.00
1225231098NORDHJEM, BENTThe Phonemes of English. An experiment in structural phonemics USD 49.00
1473447514INDIAN NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY [PRASAD, MALUR R NARASIMHA; EDITOR:]Symposium on Epidemiology, Forecasting and Control of Plant Diseases held at Dept. of Botany, University of Lucknow ... 1971 USD 50.00
1225231092MARTINI, ERICHContributions to medical entomology and malaria epidemiology of the lower Volga region USD 65.00
1225231096ROSENKRANTZ, ALFREDThe Lower Jurassic Rocks of East Greenland. Part I & II USD 50.00
1497888406REGINALD PELHAM BOLTONIndian Life of Long Ago in the City of New York USD 24.95
1225231093HOWELL, NANCYDemography of the Dobe! Kung USD 40.00
1349022790VINCENT-CUAZ, L.Contribution à l'étude biométrique de l'albacore 'Neothunnus albacora Lowe' d'après les captures effectuées ..,. USD 57.00
1225231088DESHPANDE, KUSUMAWATI AND RAJADHYAKSHA, M.V.A History of Marathi Literature USD 50.00
1379717165DEVI, N. SUSEELAThe Paliyan of Kerala USD 56.00
1428208563CHAKRAVARTY, H.L.Cucurbitaceae [Fascicles of Flora of India, Fascicle 11] USD 47.00
1472253330NEOG, MAHESWAR, EDITOR:Lakshminath Bezbaroa. The Sahityarathi of Assam USD 57.00
1225231082SETHI, J.D.Character of the Indian State. A Non-Marxist View USD 35.00
1381496481MORGADO, NUNO ALVESAspectos de evolucão demográfica da populacão da antiga província do Congo, 1949-1956 USD 45.00
1380569020JAYAPAL, S.Yadava Dialect of Tamil USD 45.00
1225231081RUBINSTEIN, ALVIN Z.Red Star on the Nile: The Soviet-Egyptian Influence Relationship since the June War USD 59.00
1379443807UGANDA PROTECTORATEReport of the Commission of Inquiry into the Cotton-Ginning Industry of Uganda, 1962 USD 45.00
1479485078KROMAN, ERIK [1892-1982]Det danske Rige i den ældre Vikingetid USD 45.00
1494078137LES VINGT QUATRE CLUB [EDITOR]First - You Make a Roux USD 50.00
1382391268BLAIR, CYNTHIADevilish temptation. EUR 4.99
1382391269LEWIS, SINCLAIRCass Timberlane. EUR 4.99
1382391271BEATY, DAVIDEscape from Kajandi. EUR 4.99
1380072248CONTE, CARMELOIl Sudan come Nazione USD 45.00
1225229936GERMAN, ELIOT; EDITOR:Culture and Modernity: East-West Philosophic Perspectives USD 59.00
1241264969INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCHDesertification and its Control USD 65.00
1473447498JOSHI, L.M., ET ALAnnotated Compendium on Wheat Diseases in India USD 50.00
1497950729STOCKLI, ALBERT (1919-)Splendid fare: the Albert Stockli cookbook; Drawings by Bill Goldsmith EUR 21.00
1497950730LIPSON, E. (EPHRAIM), (1888-1960)Europe in the XIXth & XXth centuries, 1815-1939 EUR 14.95
1497950728CHENEY, SHELDONThe theater: three thousand years of drama, acting and stagecraft EUR 10.95
1496551483SIDEBOTTOM, HARRYAncient Warfare: A Very Short Introduction GBP 5.00
1484291577JOHN. ALUNAlun Lewis. Writers of Wales Series. GBP 4.00
1481474925COOK, WILLIAM TChange Ringing: The History of an English Art. Volume 3. The Eighteenth Century, a Regional Survey. GBP 20.00
1465639732NON RENSEIGNÉYphon - mensuel n ° 20 - L'homme des vallées perdues EUR 16.95
1488468905L Arc de triomphe et le Carrousel [May 01, 1983] Dillange, Michel EUR 5.00
1379683719SENGUPTA, SYAMALKANTIThe Social Profiles of the Mahalis. The Tribal Basket-Makers of Midnapur USD 53.00
1425625713SMITH, KEITH; EDITOR:Sparrow: The Legend: Calypso King of the World USD 50.00
1225231076LOVENTHAL, EDWARDEfter 16 Aar i India. Et Ord til den danske Menigheder USD 45.00
1379683717SAXENA, RANVIR PRAKASHTribal Economy in Central India USD 50.00
1379683718SEN, JAHARIndia & Nepal. Some Aspects of Culture Contact USD 40.00
1225231072O'NEILL, TIMOTHY R.The Individuated Hobbit: Jung, Tolkien and the Archetypes of Middle Earth USD 50.00
1381496480MORANDINI, GIUSEPPEI Monti Lepini: Studio antropogeografico USD 49.00
1355200260EVERSON, WILLIAM KA Pictorial History of the Western Film USD 30.00
1491256245WEGENER, KURT; & KELLER, WILHELMSo it was! : A photo report from the fight for Germany 1918-1934 USD 25.00
1496370657HESS, ADOLPH; FIRM OF [MÜNZENHANDLUNG ADOLPH HESS SUCCESSOR (FRANKFURT AM MAIN)]Collection of Mr. Georg F. Ulex, Hamburg: coins and medals from North, Central and South America ..,. USD 50.00
1225231067LUKE, ROLF E.From stabilizing the crisis USD 65.00
1349022785REICHERT, MADELEINELes sources allemandes des oeuvres poétiques d'Andre van Hasselt USD 57.00
1387667046FROBENIUS, LEO, EDITOR:Poetry of the Kassaiden USD 50.00
1225231065PATHAK, S.K., EDITORAlbum of the Tibetan Art Collections (Collected by Rahula Samkrityayana from Nor, Zhalu & other monasteries in 1928-29 & 1934) USD 65.00
1382412630DIEDERICHS, HELENE VOIGTOn Marienhoff - The life of a German mother EUR 17.49
1225233047ROTHE, C.Om Naegtelsernes Brug i det franske Sprog fra det sextende Aarhundrede indtil vore Dage USD 45.00
1225232717SHARI'AT'ZADAH, 'ALI ASGHARFarhang-i mardum-i Shahrud / pizhuhish va ta'lif-i 'Ali Asghar Shari'at'zadah USD 98.00
1225232718BAER, TOMAS & HASE, WILIAM L.Unimolecular Reaction Dynamics. Theory & Experiments USD 89.00
1497950238BRUNEAU, RENE; BAYLE, CLAUDERonsard gentilhomme vendomois EUR 21.00
1481959423HUDSON, KENNETHA Social History of Archeology; the British Experience USD 25.00
1493383911CHANT, CHRISAircraft prototypes GBP 8.99
1473317551GONCOURT, EDMOND ET JULES DE:Gavarni, l homme et l oeuvre. D`après les papiers et les mémoires inédits de l`artiste .. EUR 60.00
1473317552HEINE, HEINRICH:About the informer.A preface to the third part of the drawing room. EUR 70.00
1349022784TUMA, KARELPotlaceny narod: Obraz osuduv lidu irskeho pod cizovladou britskou USD 50.00
1348743811EHRENFELS, OMAR ROLF LEOPOLD WERNER, BARON FROM [1901-1980]Kadar of Cochin USD 59.00
1366108260ROSSBERG, GERHARDHearing threshold curve and resonance properties of the bony labyrinth capsule USD 15.00
1496370691PARTY OF THE LABOR OF SWITZERLANDForward: Schweizerische Volkszeitung: Organ of the Swiss Labor Party: end of January 1945 USD 25.00
1380495071KSHATRI, CHAMAN LALVeer Savarkar USD 30.00
1225231063HANSTROM, BERTILThe Brain, the Sense Organs & the Incretory Organs of the Head in the Crustacea Malacostraca USD 35.00
1379717151DESHPANDE, C. R.Studies in Champu Literature USD 59.00
1473447499'CURI'C, HAJRUDINVila Sokolitsa USD 45.00
1379443808THEKAEKARA, MARI MARCELEndless Filth: The Saga of the Bhangis USD 40.00
1255210251BRASWELL, A. GLENNLife Extenders & Memory Boosters! : Life Extension Innovations for a Healthier Longer Life USD 33.63
1475082095MONTRUCCHIO, ALESSANDRAFish is looking for a bike EUR 4.99
1225231059GARCIA RICO, FIRM OFBiblioteca Hispanica. Catalogo de Libros espanoles o relativos a Espana.Antiguos y modernos puestos en venta ... USD 65.00
1378733291KRAEMER, ERIK V., EDITOR:'De la bonne enpereris qui garda loiaument sen mariage', miracle mis en vers par Gautier de Coinci. Edition critique USD 59.00
1382450425N / A.Statute of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany EUR 4.99