Diet coaching helps you lose weight

Personal trainers for weight loss: These coaches will make you slim

Losing weight: How to reduce your weight in a healthy way

The fat has to go. But how? Diets, shakes, pills, jogging - all of this should shed the pounds. Of course without Jojo effect. But what works really and, above all, best? Who before starting the project Dream weight First of all, if you want to be smart, you will be flooded with possibilities and information. Also myths and Errors there is no end to this topic. In fact, it needs a lot of current information Knowledge from nutrition, fitness and healthin order to be able to judge what fits individually and is efficient. A personal trainer for nutritional advice, weight reduction or holistic health advice can protect against disappointment and frustration.

Is sport enough?

Actually it's enough Sports to drift. Then the kilos will be less. At least that's what it is often said. But is that even true? Researchers at the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University in Phoenix got to the bottom of this question. They sent 81 women onto Treadmill, three times a week for three months. The result is astounding: none of the women had lost weight or fat mass. Even worse: 55 of the women, around 70 percent, even gained fat mass. Oops, does exercise make no sense when it comes to losing weight? Yes, of course. Just not just sport.

Food flash after workout?

"Presumably, the women who have put on weight exercised less and ate more outside of the sports program," the news portal "" quotes Glenn Gaeser, who led the study. Apparently, after the strenuous exercise on the treadmill, the women had had a good time tasting it without paying attention to the calories. Oops.

A trio is needed

So it takes a little more to lose weight successfully. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a powerful trio for long-term successful weight loss: Physical activity, Diet change and Behavior change. This includes a full diet and 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Anyone who is used to having their lunch in the canteen or fast food restaurant will certainly find it difficult to make sensible changes to their diet. And those who put their feet up every evening after the job so as not to get up from the sofa until 11 p.m. after the 8 p.m. news, have a bad chance of losing weight. This is where a trainer who specializes in motivational support can be of great help. Other Rituals and Habits have to come here too. Those who make conscious decisions more and more often do so automatically at some point. In her article "The best 8 tips to combat extra pounds", personal trainer Maike Canzler gives an example of healthy decisions in restaurants: "Choose tomato sauce instead of cream sauce with pasta. Baked potatoes instead of fatty French fries with steak. Get used to one to eat big salad. "

Help, diet jungle!

Speaking of nutrition, which among the hundreds of Diets How do you recommend the cabbage soup diet, the Weight Watchers diet, the Brigitte diet and the like? Oh dear, the question opens a bottomless pit. Even with the popular one Paleo diet, the so-called Stone Age Diet, opinions differ. The assumption: ours Genes ticking like in the past, so we should feel like we used to in the Old Stone Age feed. Above all, should be on the menu Wild plants and Game meat have stood. Sounds really delicious if you are not a vegetarian or even a vegan. The critics of the Paleo diet say it was too short. First, the Stone Age diet was very different. Second, it's not just our genes that play a crucial role in nutrition. “The assumption that only genes shape nutritional behavior is too one-sided. Many factors, such as learning certain behavior patterns, being shaped by the social environment and physiological mechanisms, influence our diet, ”says the DPE on the paleo diet.

Yes, what now?

Even with the most professional diet comparisons, sometimes one scores top and sometimes the other. So ""15 of the most popular diets a test. Including protein diet according to Duken, low-carb à la Atkins, the Mediterranean diet, food combining and and and. The bottom line: “Every successful diet is a question of simple arithmetic and patience. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than the body consumes. ”Some things are even easier than you think. You can also lose weight while you sleep - if you haven't eaten a lot of carbohydrates in the evening: "At night, the organism attacks its own reserves when needed to get energy. And that happens, among other things, by breaking down fats," explains Personal Trainer Franca Schuler in her article "Lose weight: slim in your sleep?"

Best chances with a personal trainer

Well, thank you very much! Maybe it would be better to get a personal trainer who knows which weight loss program for which person and his or her individual constitution fits. A specialist who makes all important aspects such as diet, exercise and motivation a well-rounded whole that really works and is permanent Desired weight leads. What you so one Personal training will cost? Usually the height of the Fee between 70 euros and 150 euros per hour. How often you train then depends on your wishes, the program and the budget available.