What are some examples of school rules

Rules for students

Respect, courtesy, peacefulness, independence, responsibility, learning and community are values ​​that have been recognized as the most important for our school.

These values ​​are implemented by the following rules:


Rules for good cooperation

  • I accept others for who they are. I am fair to others. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion in an appropriate form.
  • I make sure that nobody is harassed, intimidated or threatened. I help and support others and don't exclude anyone.
  • I don't make any noise and behave in such a way that nobody is disturbed.
  • I listen and let others finish speaking.
  • I treat others in a friendly, considerate and polite manner. This also includes a friendly greeting and the words please and thank you.
  • Nobody should be hurt, even words can hurt! I do not provoke anyone or use swear words, or annoy, hit or kick others.
  • I am responsible for myself and my actions and bear the consequences. I apologize if I intentionally or unintentionally did something to someone. I make up again after an argument.
  • I am honest, I do not steal or lie.
  • I do not avoid problems, but help to solve them.
  • I respect the property of others. I handle my own and other things carefully and don't take anything away from anyone.
  • I don't bring anything with me that disturbs or endangers others.
  • I dispose of my rubbish properly and avoid rubbish when possible!


Behavior in the school house

  • I'll get to school on time.
  • I greet every adult.
  • I keep quiet in the school building so as not to disturb anyone.
  • I walk slowly throughout the school building and don't push, push or push to avoid accidents.
  • I hold the door open to those who come after me.
  • I do not damage or pollute our school.
  • I shed my shoes at every entrance!
  • I keep the cloakroom tidy!
  • Everyone has a right to a clean toilet! I don't throw the toilet paper on the floor and I keep the toilet clean. I always use the conditioner and then wash my hands.


Conduct in class

  • I come to class on time with all my school supplies and homework.
  • I listen to what the teachers say!
  • I do my homework!
  • I do my tasks completely, properly and in a given time and do not give up too quickly.
  • I don't disrupt the class, I just pay attention and participate.
  • If I want to say something, I'll get in touch and wait for someone to call me.
  • I don't laugh when others make a mistake.
  • I leave my workplace tidy and tidy.


Behavior during the break

  • I change clothes quickly and go to the school yard!
  • I only stay on the playground area, not on the adjacent meadow!
  • I am not a nuisance to anyone.
  • I don't throw away my lunch break!
  • I don't run through the bushes and protect the plants!
  • I don't slide on ice surfaces and I don't climb high mountains of snow!
  • I don't throw dangerous objects such as stones or snowballs around!
  • I use the playground equipment in such a way that I do not endanger others!
  • I tidy up my playground equipment properly.
  • I'll go back to my classroom calmly!
  • In bad weather we stay in the classroom, keep quiet and think of quiet games. Don't wander around the school building!


Consequences in the event of rule violations

If I don't follow the school rules, I have to write down what I did wrong.

When I do something dirty, I have to clean it up.


a) admonition (oral)

b) Conversation between teacher and student

c) Notification to parents / legal guardians

d) Notification to parents / legal guardians with a request for an interview

e) Regulatory measure: reprimand / intensified reprimand

f) Exclusion from class