What is sampling in research

Comparative sampling of groundwater

Sampling procedure

The sampling team will be given in the selected calendar week On-site appointment assigned at the groundwater measuring point. The travel times of the participating institutions are taken into account, but it cannot be guaranteed that every desired date can be taken into account. On this date, a time window of 2 hours is reserved at the measuring point in which the sampling is to be carried out. Punctual appearance is an important prerequisite for the smooth running of the event, so that any influence from other participants can be excluded.

At the time of sampling, you have to travel with your own, fully equipped sampling vehicle (note: there is NO power supply at the groundwater measuring point). The participants first come to the Dresden Groundwater Center. There you will receive the address, site plan and route information for the groundwater measuring point to be sampled. In addition, they receive the prepared set of bottles including a cool box, instructions for filling the sample and a sample acceptance / handover protocol from the testing, accredited laboratory.

Immediately after sampling, the cool box with the filled sample bottles and the sample acceptance / handover protocol as well as the own, on-site sampling protocol in the Dresden Groundwater Center must be returned to the laboratory for analysis. The sample handover to the laboratory is also documented on the sampling protocol. The responsibility for this lies with the sampler.

After the comparative sampling has been carried out, each sampling team receives a confirmation of participation. If, after the final evaluation, successful participation can be confirmed, the respective institutions will be sent a certificate confirming successful participation.