How can I meet BTS in person


She was in the middle of a frenzy of fans.

Her long dark hair was a little tousled because of the light wind and her gaze wandered over the people. Ye-Jin could feel the sun on her skin and sense the energy of the people around her.

It was truly a special day, everyone gathered shouted along with the lyrics and everyone had to talk to others about God and the world. It was an ocean of sounds. Hundreds of people, old and young and of any gender, could be found in the crowd.

There was not that often the chance to meet his role models and favorite singers in person. Ye-Jin, who held her long stick in one hand and her sister Eun-Ji's hand in the other, could hardly suppress her nervousness.

So she also noticed how her little sister's hands began to tremble. Amused, she thought back to all the times when Eun-Ji was embarrassed because her excitement was out of control. A slight giggle escaped her at the thought and she knew this day would be a fun one.

In the endless hours that you had to wait before you could even get within ten meters of the seven men, you found many things on which you could concentrate in the meantime. The exchanges among fans, the smell of several perfumes mingling with each other, the ground beneath your feet and the light breeze that didn't let you overheat.

Even if she was uncomfortable with large crowds, Ye-Jin was able to relax this time. She wasn't afraid of getting carried away and getting lost or losing her sister. She was among her own kind, Army's, who all wanted to enjoy the day.


Minute by minute, the screams got louder around her, so that her ears would like to say goodbye. Even Eun-ji couldn't suppress its volume.

My god let it stop. My poor eardrum will burst today, I swear. I hope it doesn't get any worse.

You thought wrong, because in a second the screaming turned into sirens. She bet you could hear the rest of the girls even on the moon.

Nope ... We'll hear that until Jupiter. Can this even break out an intergalactic war?

As if on command, several male voices could be heard through the loudspeakers.

“Two, three, bang. Hello, we are BTS! "

These voices melted all the hearts in the room. Of course, everyone knew they could only belong to BTS. Even so, she sat silently in her seat with a gigantic smile on her face and looked at an indefinite point in the distance. About where the friendly male voices came from.

The fans became quieter again at a snail's pace and Ye-Ji could hear armchairs sliding back and forth. Most likely, the seven stars sat down and watched the hundreds of people who would just scramble to see them.

After a short time, the meet and greet really started. Girls and boys were brought to the seven in turn and began to talk to them. Camera flashes could be seen and the room was filled with a soft murmur.

From time to time one of the groups would pick up the microphone and ask nonsensical questions.

“Jungkookie, these are my cookies! Tell him not to steal my cookies! "

Could Taehyung be heard complaining to fans. This was followed by a giggle from Jungkook and a lot of objection from the fans.

Time passed too fast for those who were there, but it couldn't pass fast enough for those who were still waiting. In any case, Army was very generous to Ye-Jin's ears, which made her very happy, of course.

Finally it was her turn. After an eternal wait, the Ye-Jin made it to the table, put her hands on it and smiled at the first of the seven with a warm smile.


Hi, Cooky, here.

I started this story a good two years ago and actually I didn't really want to continue writing. I no longer found the idea behind this fan fiction interesting and I had no motivation left.

But recently a reader wrote to me in the comments that this story was very nice and he would like to continue reading. So I decided to rewrite the fanfic a bit (and by a little I mean almost everything, of course).

It's not going to be that long a story, but I hope for everyone who has read it and everyone who joined it that you enjoy it.

See you