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Neuroticism and anxiety

  • Coupling of brain and heart activity
  • Neural correlates of anxiety as vulnerability markers for anxiety disorders
  • Fear Conditioning, Fear Textinction, and Mechanisms of Inter-Individual Differences
  • Visual distortions of attention to threat stimuli
  • Frontomedial oscillations in fear and negative feedback
  • Serotonin and noradrenaline systems and connections to brain-heart coupling
  • Intermediate phenotypes of anxiety


  • Introversion as a vulnerability marker for depression and anhedonia
  • Action monitoring and feedback processing in the case of extraversion and depression
  • Dopaminergic mechanisms of action monitoring in extraversion and depression
  • Molecular genetic associations and intermediate phenotypes of extraversion

Methods used

  • Self-assessment procedure: Common personality questionnaires, mood measurements, psychometric analyzes, factor analysis.
  • Experimental emotion induction: fear / worry, expectation / anticipation.
  • EEG: event-related potentials, single-trial analysis, independent component analysis, source localization, frequency and coherence analyzes, brain-heart coupling, portable EEG, combination of EEG and fMRI.
  • Peripheral physiology: electrocardiogram, heart rate variability, electrodermal activity, electromyography / startle.
  • Pharmacological manipulation: dopamine (sulpiride), noradrenaline (yohimbine), phosphodiesterase IV (rolipram), NMDA (D-cycloserine) and serotonin (SSRI + tryptophan depletion)