How do I take care of myself

I take care of myself - my self-care box

Self Care: simply taking good care of yourself, day after day

  • The all-round carefree box with reading book, diary and 30 motivation cards
  • Master even the most stressful everyday life with a little bit of time out
  • Enjoy life, be relaxed, happy and healthy
  • Ideal for giving yourself and giving away!

With self-care to more happiness and serenity in everyday life! Experience how even small changes can make a big difference in everyday life. The self-care box from self-care coach Sina Weneit shows you how it's done: New rituals in everyday life, regular mini-breaks and mindfulness exercises can help you to find peace and to recharge your batteries as well as (more) self-love and Develop self-care.

Our all-round carefree box, consisting of Reading book (96 pages, softcover), Diary (96 pages, softcover) and 30 motivation cards (60 x 90 mm), helps you to recognize your needs and to take them seriously. Discover new possibilities that you can easily integrate into your everyday life without overwhelming yourself or having to force yourself to do something. Experience how much fun it can be to take good care of yourself every day.

Sina Weneitwho, as a certified self-care coach, has been successfully accompanying numerous people all over the world for years and helping them to gain more strength and self-love, has developed an everyday, easy-to-implement concept that aims to improve your own well-being and health from a holistic perspective promote. It shows that thinking about yourself is fun and simply does you good. This positive effect “rubs off” on others: because those who are at peace and in balance with themselves also make others happy and satisfied. A "healthy egoism" helps to make the body and mind resistant to stress.

In the center of the "Take care-of-yourself concept" In addition to a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, slowing down and exercise, there is also learning and / or consolidating skills such as empathy, willpower and resilience. Small self-tests, practical exercises and everyday tips with an AHA effect help to identify individual needs and to establish new thinking and behavior patterns as well as routines with the help of the techniques, tips and tricks presented. In this way you will be fit for the challenges of everyday life in family, leisure and work. Small experience reports from Sina Weneit's everyday coaching round off the inspiring reading book.