How is the average walking speed calculated

Calculate average speed - how fast was I traveling?

If a certain distance is covered in a certain time, the average speed can be calculated from this. The average speed is a measure of the speed at which you are traveling. The higher the speed, the shorter the time it takes to get there.

With this calculator for calculating the average speed, the distance is given in kilometers (km), whereby decimal places are also taken into account. The duration is specified in hours (hours), minutes (mins) and seconds (seconds), although it is also possible to specify the time in hours, minutes or seconds or in any combination of these three time units. Places after the decimal point are always possible. For example, a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes can alternatively also be specified as 2.5 hours or 150 minutes.

The calculated average speed is output in kilometers per hour (km / h) and with an accuracy that can be selected from zero to six decimal places (Nkst.).

Decimal places can be entered either with a comma or with a period.

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Please also note our explanations on the accuracy of results and the representation of numbers.