What is the solution to racism

What is the solution to the racism pandemic?

Negative aspects

Every now and then we hear about and experience racist attacks based on religion or skin color, from New Zealand to Germany, from France to the USA. Racism has its negative aspects. Of course, these aspects are reflected both for the individual and for society. Each individual is the building block of society. If the state of society were strong, all of society would be very well connected. Racism makes society disjointed and incoherent. This leads to conflict between fellow citizens because of the atmosphere of hatred and fear.

When is the country GREAT?

Meanwhile, the racist describes himself as a patriot who loves his country and strives to protect it GREAT close. And he puts himself on a higher level than others. However, you can love your country without discriminating against other citizens because of their cultural, social and religious differences. Besides, the country would be GREATif its citizens of different origins would live together because we are one people and one family. Hence our difference is the basis for awakening consciousness and creating new thoughts to expand the development of life.

LOVE instead of hate

Nelson Mandela said: “No one is born hating other people because of their skin color, ethnicity, or religion. Hatred is learned. And if you can learn to hate, you can also learn to love. Because love is a much more natural feeling in the heart of a person than its opposite ”.

Racism comes from the human mind. Hence, the solution to racial discrimination and aversion to the other and other manifestations of inequality would be to primarily address mental delusions. Such thoughts have given rise to misconceptions about the superiority of some people over others.

Governments play an important role in this. You must prevent racism by applying the principle of justice and equality among members of society. In addition, the family must also play its part in the fight against racism and discrimination against others. The family is considered to be the core of society. Hence, she must nurture the best values ​​in the hearts of her children, raise them to love others, and reject pride and contempt for others.


The anger in Minneapolis and other American cities shows us again the depth of the widespread "Anti-blackness" in most US institutions and practices and the feelings of the people there. This anger also shows us how governments around the world are not responding to this pandemic decisively enough. That is why we live, not only in America but also in various other countries around the world, with a growth in anti-foreign movements, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. It is not enough to discuss the victims of racism in the media. And it is not enough to just publish hashtags to show our solidarity with them. Instead, we need to talk to the victims to make them feel that they are not second class people, but part of our society. You have rights and obligations that cannot be ignored.

So if we can find a cure for the racism pandemic, we would build a really healthy life together in our society. A society in which all fellow citizens live with equal rights and duties, and excellence does not belong to a specific group. This is the only way our country would be GREAT.