What makes a movie good

What is a movie review?

In a Movie review the author deals with a film. The critic can go into various aspects of the film:

  • plot
  • acting performance
  • technical aspects such as camera work, special effects as well as costumes and backdrops.

The movie review usually shows that judgmental opinion of the author and contains Background information about the film.

How do you write a film review?

For writing a movie review are the following steps necessary:

  1. watching a movie
  2. collect informations
  3. Form an opinion
  4. Write a film review

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The preliminary work: watch the film and take notes

Of course, if you want to write a film review, you have to watch the film first and possibly a few while doing it taking noteswhat you think of the film, which scenes or things you like and which bother you.

Then you collect the most important information about the film.
This includes:

  • Title of the film
  • Names of the actors involved
  • Name of the director
  • Film genre / film type (fantasy, documentary, comedy, ...)
  • Country in which the film was produced
  • Publication date
  • length of the movie
  • possibly box office results or visitor numbers

It is best to make short notes on the individual points.

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Summarize the plot

The preparatory work also includes summarizing the plot.
Think, …

  • what the movie is about
  • what that theme of the film is and
  • grasp the Main storyline in a few sentences.

Think about it, which story the film tells and how it is designed.

Also the names of the main characters and their role in the storyline should be noted.

Summarize what the subject is, what story is being told, and who the main characters are.

Form an opinion

The central aspect of film review is your opinion about the film, so your rating.
Think about how you liked each aspect and whether you would recommend the film to others.
You can use the following questions as a guide:

  • How do you like the theme of the film?
  • Do you think the implementation of the topic was successful?
  • How do you like the acting performance of the actors?
  • How do you like the costumes and the mask (the make-up)? Do they fit the plot / time / genre?
  • How do you like the sets, locations and scenes?
  • What can you say about camera work, editing and film music?
  • What special effects are there and how do they affect you?
  • What should the film achieve? Does he criticize a social problem, political questions? Does he provide information on a topic? Etc.

Writing the text: the introduction

Like most texts, a film review consists of Introduction Main Part and Enough.

In the introduction you deliver that general information to the movie.

You call title and Director, go to the main actor and state when the film has been released and Where he was produced.
That too Film genre you should mention in the introduction.

Here's an example:

"The Hunger Games - Mockingjay 1" marks the beginning of the last part of the "Panem" trilogy. The direction was Francis Lawrence, who already took on this task on "Catching Fire". "Mocking Jay" was produced in the USA and celebrated its world premiere on November 10, 2014 in London. Ten days later the film also opened in German cinemas. The leading characters in the science fiction film are Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. ...

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The main part: Part 1

In the first part of the main part you go to the plot a.
Sketch Framework story and Main storyline and describe how the subject of the film is conveyed.

But be careful not to anticipate too much. The film review is intended to give others an insight into whether they might like the film, but not to replace watching it.

These Formulation aids you can use for the first section of the main part:

  • The film takes place in / in….
  • The main characters / protagonists are…. You have the task….
  • It's about ... who is facing the task ....
  • It's about ... who / who ... .. has to cope with .... has to deal with it.
  • The theme of the film is represented by…. / represented by….
  • The film tells the story of….
  • This is how the topic ... is addressed.

The main part: Part 2

In the second part you write yours personal evaluation of the film.

Use your notes on the questions as a guide and make sure you share your views justify and explain why you liked or disliked something.

Possible Formulations to represent your opinion are:

  • My first impression was ...
  • I think / find that….
  • I especially liked…. / I find it less good ...
  • The plot / the actors / the implementation of the theme /… I think….
  • (Not) convinced me….
  • The end of the film (didn't) surprise me because….

The end

In the end you try your opinion in summarize a few sentences. You speak one recommendation from who might like the film or why you shouldn't watch it.

An example:

Overall, I liked “Mocking Jay 1” very much. Above all, the topicality of the topic, the rebellion of the common people against those in power, and its implementation are very successful in my opinion. The film delivers a good mix of character characterization, plot, backgrounds and action. Anyone who has read the book should definitely watch the film and I can recommend “Mocking Jay 1” to all other science fiction fans.

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