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Neocolonialism, the

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Grammar noun (masculine) Genitive singular: Neocolonialism Nominative plural: Neocolonialisms
Pronunciation ['neokoloni̯aˌlɪsmʊs]
Word breaker Neo-ko-lo-ni-alis-mus · Neo-ko-lo-nia-lis-mus


The entirety of the tendencies and measures of states which aim to keep their former colonies in economic, political and military dependency
Neocolonialism as a component of state monopoly capitalism [↗unit1968]

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What would you write in such a situation of "neocolonialism"?
Die Zeit, 08/28/1995, No. 35
It is impossible to trust their words, they are pursuing the politics of neo-colonialism.
Archive of the Present, 2001 [1965]
In the linguistic style of a trained Marxist, he accused the coalition of using "elements of neocolonialism" and "exporting a capitalist-democratic revolution".
That is the coalition of tourist neocolonialism and the reactionary state of God summarized in these two letters.
The declared goal was the fight against the division of the world into blocs, the fight against neocolonialism, imperialism, racism and all forms of foreign rule.
o. A. [ks]: Non-Aligned. In: Current Lexicon 1974-2000, Munich: DIZ 2000 [1979]

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