Is it difficult to leave Freemasonry?

What is Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry?

By Freemasonry, we primarily understand a process of personal development aimed at self-knowledge and understanding of others. On the pediment of the Temple of Delphi it is written: "Know thyself". This approach presupposes absolute freedom of conscience because it is the job of the Freemason himself to find his way. It is said that this search is "initiatory" because the Freemason is transformed in the experience. By symbolically liberating himself from everything that hinders his development into the true, the righteous, the beautiful, he gradually achieves a more fruitful inner reality for himself and for those around him, while he preserves his deep identity.

Freemasonry brings rituals to life through special symbols from the mist of time. These also bring the cycles of nature, the elements and the "secrets of royal art" into play. These symbols of the builders allow the construction to be understood both by itself and by cathedrals or other human constructions inspired by a spiritual quest.

The first ritual a Freemason experiences is that of initiation. It is of great symbolic richness. Then the initiate will face himself in his step, which will only concern him. Under all circumstances, if he so wishes, he can rely on the experience of his brothers and sisters.

One of the symbols that are mentioned very often of the work of the Freemasons is "The construction of the temple of mankind, symbolized by the temple of King Solomon". Every Freemason is symbolically considered to be a stone of this building. Each stone, although different, is useful for the strength and stability of the whole.

The brotherly love that unites the Freemasons ensures their cohesion.

The motto "FREEDOM, EQUALITY, BROTHERHOOD" has a deep meaning in the lodges. Freemasons strive to promote this ideal both within themselves and externally. Freemasonry is, among other things, a path of initiation and does not claim exclusivity in this noble matter.

What Freemasonry is not

It's not a religious, philosophical, or political approach. Freemasons, men and women, are of all religions or beliefs, all political tendencies, all origins. It is neither a "service club" nor a philanthropic society, it is an initiation process and nothing else. Freemasonry offers no material gain, does not urge or suggest dogma or belief, does not promise any reward other than satisfaction from the work done.

Freemasonry is neither a secret society nor a sect, but a discrete process because the initiation experience is not transferable. This is lived in the mystery of everyone's heart.

Masonic lodges do not convert. While it is difficult to get in, it is easy to get out. Those interested in material gains or contacts useful for their career or profession have no place among the Freemasons.