Why is Adderall hard to prescribe

Legal & Over the Counter - Adderall Alternative [2020]

Table of Contents

- The trend towards brain doping

- Buying Adderall in Germany - legal or drug?

- Order Adderall online

- Active ingredient, dosage and prices

- side effects

- Legal and Over-the-counter Adderall Alternative?

- Dietary supplements to improve the performance of the brain

- Benefits of Brainzyme

- Conclusion

Our in-depth video on Adderall and its alternatives.

The trend towards brain doping

The demand for performance-enhancing agents continues to grow in Germany. Drugs to increase brain performance are becoming increasingly popular not only with schoolchildren and students, but also with employees, managers and gamers, as a study by the DAK found in 2009.

Quick tip:
Adderall affects the central nervous system and increases the release of neurotransmitters, including dopamine. Dopamine can increase our motivation. Most people also become more alert after taking Adderall.

If you are looking for an effective, natural alternative that works in the same way (and thereby produces similar results with fewer side effects), consider trying Brainzyme® Focus Pro.

At the same time, the demand for legal alternatives without side effects is also increasing. The German psychiatrist Klaus Lieb, author of the book "Hirn-Doping", carried out a study with 1,500 German schoolchildren and students. The result of the survey was that “only” 4% had already had concrete experience with smart drugs. However, more than 80% said they would like to take such a pill if it had no side effects or long-term harm.

Buying Adderall in Germany - legal or drug?

Along with speed and ecstasy, Adderall belongs to the group of amphetamines. It was developed to treat attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. In Germany, Adderall falls under the Narcotics Act (BtMG) and is only legally available in pharmacies with approval from a doctor. So Adderall is a prescription drug.

Buying and taking Adderall for off-label purposes, such as improving performance in healthy people, is considered abuse and will be prosecuted. So Adderall is illegally without a prescription.

Performance enhancers such as Brainzyme are available without a prescription.

However, recent figures suggest that Adderall use goes well beyond treating any disease within legal limits. So people have discovered two different ways to still get Adderall without the diseases mentioned above.

1. See a doctor about ADHD or narcolepsy Fake symptomsto get a prescription in error.

There are a few here, however difficultiesbecause the symptoms of these diseases are relatively complex and not easy to fake. Also, doctors usually check for other illnesses or nutritional deficiencies first and try to correct them before writing out pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, you have no direct influence on the doctor's decision. For example, some doctors are more willing to prescribe certain medications than others. The probability of getting exactly the recipe you want written out is therefore very small.

2. Adderall buy illegally online without a prescription (see next chapter)

Order Adderall online

Online pharmacies with promising names, such as Health Apo, advertise over-the-counter Adderall. However, since Adderall requires a prescription, such purchases are illegal or, at best, in a legal gray area. It can therefore generally be assumed that these online sellers run unprofessional and dubious pharmacies.

Buying medicines on the Internet has the major disadvantage that there is no guarantee that the products delivered are original. Counterfeit medicines are often circulating on the Internet and one has it no security in terms of:

    • quality: Impurities and purity of the active ingredients
    • ingredients: Active ingredient contained in tablet form not recognizable
    • dosage: Correct dosage per tablet - beware of overdosing!
    • delivery: When, how and whether a delivery will take place at all
    • payment: Please be careful where you enter your credit card details online.

Of course, it is also not possible to charge or trace the seller, as you yourself are on illegal territory.

Active ingredient, dosage and prices

The active ingredient that is sold as "Adderall" consists of a mixture of four different salts that add to the Dexamphetamines and Amphetamines belong. Just like the amphetamine derivatives Speed ​​or Pep, Adderall has a stimulating and uplifting effect on the nervous system, which is why it can be misused as smart drugs.

The recommended starting dose of Adderall in children is usually 5-10 mg a day. The recommended maximum daily dose for adults is usually 40 mg for ADHD and 60 mg for narcolepsy.

In general, tablets are available in amounts of active ingredient between 5 and 30 mg.

The Prices at the online pharmacies discussed above mainly depend on the dosage, but still vary greatly. At Gesundheitsapo.com, 30mg Adderall tablets cost 30 pieces 98,00€, Cost 120 pieces 239,00€.

Sometimes you have to pay in bitcoins in such pharmacies. A Vice reporter said he had about bitcoins worth around 90 * 20 mg of Adderall 300,00€ need to buy.

There are much cheaper alternatives.

Side effects

Immediate side effects according to the instruction leaflet for Adderall XR:

          • Tremble
          • dizziness
          • insomnia
          • a headache
          • Hallucinations

In any case, the side effects have a negative effect on concentration, at least in the long term. Because even with Adderall, the constant lack of sleep can be felt at some point and headaches and tremors are very distracting.

→ The Efficiency so is not increased, but rather decreased!

Besides, they are long-term health consequencesnot yet researched, especially in healthy people. Because you should keep in mind that Adderall was developed to treat ADHD, a behavioral disorder or "disease" - and not to improve the performance of "healthy" people without its symptoms.

Legal and Over-the-counter Adderall Alternative?

There are numerous Plant substanceswhose positive effects on brain function have been scientifically proven. The effects of these substances, which have been used in traditional medicine in countries such as China for centuries, have enjoyed increasing scientific recognition and empirical evidence for several years.

Vitamins and minerals obtained from plants can, for example, stimulate blood flow in the brain or communication between nerve cells and thus have a natural positive effect on brain function.

Here is a list of the most important and powerful nutrients that can be obtained from plant sources:

The advantage of such plant substances is that no pharmacy whatsoever is included. Since the body utilizes natural ingredients better and the organism can deal with these compositions more easily, side effects are as good as impossible.

Furthermore, natural performance enhancers are 100% legal and available in moderate doses without a prescription.

Our favorite Adderall alternative.

Dietary supplement to improve the performance of the brain

In principle, all of the above herbal ingredients are nutrients for the brain and can be used as brain food or "Brain Food" are designated. With optimal nutrition, these are absorbed through food. However, such a balanced and healthy diet is very difficult to achieve. Therefore, the best results can be achieved by taking the above-mentioned substances in the form of food supplements.

Numerous such plant substances are available in pharmacies. However, these are usually not very effective, as only one of the substances is contained in each case and the dose is sometimes not strong enough.

However, there is also one 100% herbal food supplement, the especially to increase performance of the brain was developed:


Brainzyme's formula contains plant substances (including matcha, guarana, choline, ginkgo) and up to 18 vitamins and minerals that create a synergy - for optimal effect.

Benefits of Brainzyme®

Video: Reasons to choose Brainzyme® (German subtitles available)

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