Are there time travel 6

The themed booklets enable even less experienced children to quickly expand their vocabulary by means of hidden objects labeled on the edge.

Through the conscious repetition of the same structure of exercises in the individual chapters of the themed booklets, especially children who are less used to learning are given security and enable them to work independently soon.

Nevertheless, there is a slight progression within the thematic booklet, for example with the nouns (accusative, dative), tenses (present, perfect, past tense), with the adjectives - the teachers decide when a child can take the step to the next level of learning.
Since the learning groups are never heterogeneous in practice, there are exercises of varying degrees of difficulty.
There are exercises that are intended to lead to dictionary work, as well as regular tables that introduce children who grew up in a poorly written environment to this text format, which is important for exercises, tests and later in everyday working life.
Learning the local prepositions is made easier by the hidden objects combined with given text modules in the booklet.
Text modules lead the students in the course of each individual thematic booklet from simple sentences to writing their own short texts.
Hidden objects and grammar exercises are supplemented by numerous playful elements, such as puzzles, movement exercises, "theater games", dice games, memos, dominoes and more.

Individual exercises with more difficult texts should lead to the acquisition of a strategy through selective reading in combination with a picture, in order to also better understand everyday language outside of school.

The subject books are independent of each other, teachers choose the subject book on the subject of which they want to work on the vocabulary.

Since the subject books can be worked out in any order - learning with just one of the subject books is also possible - the grammar is worked out from the ground up. However, the individual topics also result in slight focal points. For example, the possessive pronouns in connection with the family are worked out in topic booklet 5, in TH 3 compound nouns are discussed more intensely and in topic booklet 6 the past tense is practiced more intensely according to the topic "time travel".

In addition to the classic version, each themed booklet is also available in a syllable version. The syllable spelling helps students who still find it difficult to read and write to read meaningfully. They are therefore well suited, for example, for pupils who have completed a literacy course.

Booklets in classic spelling and booklets in syllable spelling can be used in parallel within a class.