How accurate is the TV series Scorpion


How successful was the third season of the US series on Sat.1 later on Monday evening?

With exactly ten percent of the courted on average was the CBS series "Scorpion" made a successful start on German free TV in 2015. At the top, Sat.1 even achieved up to 14.7 percent with the production shown at 10:15 p.m., which is anything but a matter of course on the hard-fought Sunday evening. Season two could not maintain this successful level and fell back to a weak 7.8 percent in 2016. No wonder that Sat.1 postponed the end of the second run to Monday evening, on which “Scorpion” should soon only be seen at 11:15 p.m. But did this step help the third season, which ended in December, back on the road to success?

This question can be answered in the affirmative. While the range continued to decline due to the later broadcasting time, the ratings have developed in the opposite direction in recent months. Of the total of 25 episodes shown, 14 made it into the double-digit range, and 20 broadcasts reached the channel average. The episode of November 27th was the most successful and could refer to 13.5 percent of the courted. In addition, with a total of 1.32 million viewers and 9.5 percent for viewers aged three and over, it was clearly above average overall.

Only episode 25 on December 18, which was shown as an exception at 0.15 a.m., achieved an even higher rate among the total audience. 0.90 million viewers drove the market share at night to a strong 10.1 percent overall, while the courted audience also made up a good 12.3 percent. Previously, episode 24, which took place at 11:15 p.m. at the usual time, looked at least decent with 1.09 million viewers and nine percent of the courted.

And the weakest episode of the third season? It ran on August 14 in front of just 0.48 million viewers. No wonder that, given the low range, the market shares stuck at a very unspectacular 5.3 percent and 6.7 percent respectively. Apart from that, the start of the season also had to struggle with quota problems: On July 10, it did not reach over 0.82 million viewers and 7.2 percent of the younger ones.

But: As already mentioned at the beginning, these weaker episodes were the absolute exception. As a rule, the broadcasts of “Scorpion” brought it to around ten percent of the advertised, which is absolutely fine for Sat.1. The series recorded a small series of successes, especially between September 25th and November 6th: In fact, not a single episode fell back into single-digit position in the six-week period. Instead, they drove consistently well with market shares of ten to 12.8 percent among those being courted.

That part of the German audience is still interested in “Scorpion” was also proven by the start of season four, which on January 8th even reached a fantastic 14.2 percent of the courted. Episode two also secured a decent 9.5 percent, before the third broadcast at the beginning of the week (against the jungle camp) fell back to a weak 6.2 percent.

Be that as it may: Thanks to an average of 1.09 million viewers, the third season of “Scorpion” can be rated as a great success on later Monday evening on Sat.1. With a market share of eight percent for all and 10.2 percent, they easily positioned themselves above their own broadcaster average. And: Compared to the ratings for season two, “Scorpion” increased noticeably again. At least from a quota point of view, it should be proven that the series is better off later in the evening.

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