When will Rajinikanth enter politics

"Rajini Mass Entry" is a must see

"Rajini Mass Entry" is a must see

Do you want to revive the MGR rule, says Rajinikanth

Says he decided to take the plunge because there was a leadership vacuum in the state; clarifies what spiritual politics mean

Actor Rajinikanth stated Monday that he wanted to revive MGR rule in Tamil Nadu, adding that he only dared the political leap to fill the leadership vacuum in the Dravidian heartland.

“Some say that not everyone can become like MGR (the AIADMK founder and former Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran). In the next 100 or even 1000 years there can never be someone like MGR. MGR is a Yuga Purushan. If someone says they want to become like MGR, they're a fool. The rule of MGR cared for the poor, the oppressed and the middle class. I am convinced that I can keep this rule too, ”he said. "With the help of technology and the support of youth, resourceful people and intellectuals, I too can make such a rule," said Rajinikanth when addressing the congregation after unveiling the statue of the late head at ACS Medical College and hospital rooms of the Dr. MGR Education and Research Institute.

“People ask if I'm going to get into politics now because there is a vacuum. Yes there is a vacuum. There is a vacuum for good leaders and leadership. There were two great leaders - Jayalalithaa and M. Karunanidhi (who is inactive because of his age). Tamil Nadu needs a leader, a leadership. I come to fill this vacuum, ”he said.

"Will make clean politics"

Mr Rajinikanth also responded to criticism of his earlier comments on December 31 that he was engaged in "spiritual politics" and that "his head started spinning" when asked about his party's ideology.

“I have already made it clear that I will adopt truthful, straightforward and transparent policies that are free from caste and religion. If I need to clarify further, spiritual politics is clean politics. Doesn't Dravidian politics believe in such politics? You will see spiritual politics from now on, ”he said.

The actor added, “I said I would make an announcement about entering politics on December 31st. On December 29th, a young reporter asked me about my ideology, to which I replied that my head started spinning. It was like asking for an invitation before seeing a bride-to-be. Great leaders make fun of this comment. I want to tell these leaders to be very careful about making such speeches in public, which could affect people's mass psychology. People in the film industry know how this happens. "

He stressed that MGR made it big while Sivaji Ganesan revolutionized film with Parasakthi.

“When producers and directors courted Sivaji Ganesan, MGR directed and produced Nadodi Mannan, showing that he can do it on his own. He made history and stood up to one of the best actors in history, Sivaji Ganesan. Similarly, in politics, MGR made sure that M. Karunanidhi, one of the greatest writers and speakers in India, considered a great political mind, could not challenge him for 13 years. It's no small feat, ”he said.

Mr Rajinikanth also tried to address the criticism of actors entering politics, saying that if politicians did their job well the need for actors to enter politics would not arise.

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