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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Victories

Game description:
In the tactical shooter "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" the world is threatened by a new, nameless terrorist unit. The American President is therefore turning to Team Rainbow, an association of the best fighters from various special forces such as the FBI, the Spetsnaz or the GSG9. This special unit faces the unknown terrorist unit.
The main focus is on the online multiplayer mode. In each round, a team of five terrorists must guard either a bomb, a poison gas container or a hostage, while the five anti-terrorist specialists are responsible for defusing the bomb, freeing the hostage or taking the container into custody. The terrorists have to defend themselves while the special unit storms the building and tries to do its job.
In addition to the typical firearms and grenades, other aids are also available. Before a game, each team member chooses which role and associated special skills they want to take on. These range from special drones that can be used to disable traps, to healing abilities or a sniper rifle. The roles with their respective abilities can only be unlocked gradually. A multiplayer round consists of several games. A game is over when either all members of a team have been defeated or the special unit has successfully completed its mission. The team that first successfully wins three games ultimately wins the round.
In addition to the multiplayer mode, there is also a single player campaign called "Situations" in "Rainbow Six Siege". Here you get to know individual game elements and special skills better and contest a total of eleven scenarios against AI (i.e. computer-controlled) opponents. The game mode "Terrorist Hunt" serves as a co-op mode in which up to five people compete against AI opponents in a randomly selected scenario.
To install the game, you need an account with Uplay, Ubisoft's own distribution platform. This is primarily used for copy protection, but you also receive Uplay units through various actions within a game and can thus unlock bonuses. The game is loosely based on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six novel series, which has served as a template for several action games since 1998.

Pedagogical assessment:

By Sarah Pützer on

Tactics are needed
"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" focuses primarily on the tactical component. If you get caught in the crossfire of your opponents, you quickly bless the time and are eliminated from the game. Therefore, every step in the game world has to be carefully considered, with blind firepower you can achieve little. Team play is also crucial for victory. The groups are relatively clear with five people, agreements and a common tactic can therefore be coordinated well via voice chat. The games in Rainbow Six Siege are so very intense and provide a special thrill.
On the other hand, this increases the pressure on newcomers. Since you don't respawn, i.e. are not revived again within a game, there is no second attempt. If a person is missing, they leave a void. If you feel unsure at first, you can first try the single player campaign. This serves as training to become familiar with how the game works, but is more aimed at those who are experienced in shooters. The controls are not explained, for example, and the levels of difficulty are not called normal, hard and realistic for nothing. There is also a "tutorial" area. Here, however, you will only find short explanatory videos on certain details of the game, and there is no comprehensive introduction to the game.

Stereotypes with no background
"Rainbow Six Siege" takes up a very topical topic with the fight between terrorists and special forces, but breaks it down to a simple black and white painting. There is no complex story - what motivation the terrorists follow, for example, is not mentioned. The game is entirely focused on its multiplayer battles that also feature blood. In addition, the hostages bring civilians into play, who can also be shot, whether accidentally or on purpose. "Rainbow Six Siege" tries to present itself as realistically as possible - and therefore requires players of legal age who know how to distance themselves from the content shown.

"Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege" offers exciting multiplayer games for shooter-savvy players, which are primarily tactical. It is difficult for newcomers to get started. Due to the realistic setting and the violence shown, the game is only suitable for adults.