What is it like to attain enlightenment

Do you have to give up the desire for enlightenment to attain enlightenment?

One of the many adopted, only believed dogmas of the enlightened is that one must give up the goal / desire for enlightenment in order to achieve enlightenment.

I used to believe that in awe. In the meantime I have discovered the error by analyzing enlightenment reports. My job is talking and playing with words. The fact is, there is no real reality behind a single word.

An enlightened person with this conviction (one must give up the desire for enlightenment) recently told me the moment of his own enlightenment: he sat in front of the mirror, looked at himself for half an hour and said "I give up everything, enlightenment everything - I even accept death. And somehow I knew I was going to experience IT"and then the breakthrough happened to him. But, give up everything, why? For what? In exchange for what?
For "truth"? For "being"? For "knowledge"? for "silence" ?, for "freedom" ?, "for" peace "? For" IT "? (so were his words), ... whatever the term, it is just a term, a label. Another word label for "enlightenment". You haven't given up on enlightenment, you just changed a label. You can call it "being free" or "enlightenment", you can call it "peace" or "enlightenment", it doesn't matter. You want to experience "it" - whatever you call it.

I am writing the following sentence for all of the enlightened who give this nonsense instruction:

You don't have to give up the desire for enlightenment to attain enlightenment!

Do it for me, but it's just a game of terms, with no deeper substance. You don't have to rename it to get "there". This is again just one of those many adopted and only believed dogmas of other enlightened ones.

There is another aspect that makes the absurdity of this instruction clear: The same enlightened ones, or others (e.g. Ramana Maharshi) give the same instruction: "You have to wish for enlightenment like a drowning man under water who only wants air then she comes "...
What now? "Give up wish", or"Wishing it like a drowning man "? Um ...

Enlightened people simply parrot a lot of acquired knowledge, and only believe in it. This is not a higher level of knowledge, these are spiritual beliefs. Muni is particularly careful to read this article Muni Satsang

Last update: April 20, 2017