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Creating your own recording studio is worthwhile for those who work in the music industry themselves and have some weight in it. Otherwise it will be difficult to find customers.

It costs tens of millions of dollars to equip a studio for the professional recording of classical music or top pop artists. You can open a bourgeois studio for one or three control rooms for several million rubles. It is suitable for working with music groups, for recording advertisements, congratulations, audio books, etc. Some of the premises can be rented out as a rehearsal base.

An hour of work in such a studio for musicians usually costs from 600 to 1,000 rubles, mixing costs more in 2,500 to 5,000 rubles. Recording audiobooks is an even more profitable activity: you can earn from 8,000 rubles per hour. Additional services like restoring old records can increase sales. With a good workload, a recording studio with a control room can generate a turnover of 300,000 to 500,000 rubles per month.


It is better to place the recording studio in a brick building than in a reinforced concrete building: brick reflects the sound better. Avoid buildings near railways, over subway lines, near fire stations, police stations, and cell towers: these objects create noise and interference that may be visible on the recording. The studio can be located on any floor of the building. Often the basement and half-basement are chosen for the studio so that there are fewer neighbors. Attention should be paid to the height of the ceiling: acousticians believe that the minimum ceiling height in a studio should be three meters.

Musicians often come to record in cars with their bulky equipment, so it is advisable that there is a parking lot near the studio. To work you need two neighboring rooms: a control room (control room) - here a sound engineer monitors the recording process - and a sound room in which the artists are located. The size of the first room is 20 m 2 to 50 m 2, the size of the room for musicians depends on which groups become customers of the studio. It would also be worth building a small common room. Since the location of the studio is not that important, you can save on rent by renting a room outside the city center. It can cost anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 rubles per month.


The recording studio urgently needs to be renovated. First, because of the large number of electrical appliances, you need to run reliable wiring. Second, you need to take serious care of soundproofing so as not to disturb your neighbors and so that the neighbors do not disturb you. It is believed that the optimal level of sound insulation is 80-90 decibels.

Cement chipboard, mineral wool and drywall are used for sound insulation. For 20 m 2 it is necessary to buy material for 100,000-150,000 rubles without the staff ... In the wall separating the control room from the recording room, you need to cut a window so that the sound engineer and the artists can see each other and exchange lines.


Any changes to the structure of the building, including the creation of a hole in the wall, must be approved by the BTI. To start activities, all you need is documents for registering a company with the tax office. The fire brigade checks the materials used for the decoration for compliance with fire protection regulations. The room must be treated with a flammable coating.

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You need a good sound engineer who can help you choose equipment and work with the musicians. You also need an administrator to record the artists and keep the studio tidy, as well as a cleaning lady. Personnel costs can amount to around RUB 200,000 per month, most of which go to the sound engineer.

You can realize your goals and plans with your own business. Think of starting a recording studio as a business idea. This is quite an interesting and unusual case. However, in order for you to make a profit, you need to come up with a competent business plan for a recording studio. It should be noted right away that opening such a business should be done by a music related person who knows that business firsthand and knows where to start and how to properly get the project off the ground.

Business advantages

Gone are the days when it took huge spaces and expensive equipment to open recording studios. Today the situation is developing in such a way that it is possible to open a studio at home with a minimum of equipment.

This is due to the fact that modern consumers of music products are not too picky and picky. For many, the quality of the sound does not matter, the main thing is its availability and the ability to immediately get a new music product without waiting for it to be recorded in the studio and put on sale.

Many musicians have been publishing the results of their work on the Internet for a long time, which increases their ratings and popularity in the face of competition in the music market.

There is no denying that artists use the services of recording studios to create CDs and songs with "clean" sound. This is necessary for concert programs rather than for sales, given that modern technology listeners rarely listen to discs because it is easier for them to download their favorite song over the Internet. Selling CDs and maintaining large recording studios is therefore only a loss.

Developing a plan is the first phase of starting a business. This allows you to determine the main points in the work, the prospects for development, the approaches to finding potential investors and the approximate amount of profit. A recording studio's business plan should be a real foundation for bringing your plans to life. Therefore, there are some specific nuances to consider.

What can be your main starting advantage - in your own professionalism. Russian musicians believe that 90 percent of the country's recording services are performed at the amateur level, so there is tremendous scope for development and reputation for the hardworking and talented person.

Organizational phase

You don't have to look for a huge space to open a studio. You can just start a business or find a suitable space and rent it. In the business plan of a recording studio, clear parameters must be defined, what type of space is required, what the lease entails and what costs are incurred for retrofitting and maintenance: required condition - excellent sound insulation


It is unprofitable to buy special music equipment. Therefore, a list of required equipment should be drawn up, which may include:

  • A powerful computer with a sound card.
  • Monitors.
  • Keyboards.
  • Stand microphones.
  • Closed headphones.

The purchase of such a kit can take 150-200 thousand rubles. In addition to the equipment, you need to purchase special licensed programs that allow you to record high quality sound. The second approach is not to be picky about the features of a software product and to use free software. The choice depends on the focus of your main services. What must be ruled out immediately and unconditionally is the use of pirated copies.

Choosing a musical direction

Don't write everything down in your business plan to include music. It's best to focus on one thing, like live or electronic music. Depending on the type of music chosen, the business plan of a music studio should include options for the technical equipment of the premises, the capacity of the equipment and the search for a contingent.

To ensure that the purchased equipment is not idle, the business plan needs to include options for finding customers and methods for retaining them. For example, you can rent a studio for voice rehearsals. In this case, a business plan for the vocal studio should be developed as an integral part of the overall project and the procedure for renting the studio should be established: at what hours and at what cost.

List of services

The studio's services can include the recording and processing of sound carriers, the production of videos and clips, the voice-over of commercials or the creation of advertisements for radio. The popular service is the transfer of home archives from negatives, audio and video tapes to digital media.

The financial side of the problem

To equip a bourgeois studio, you need to include about 200-300,000 rubles in a business plan for opening a recording studio. This is the minimum number for a home studio as the actual cost will depend on the developer's wishes.

If there are great plans to implement the plan, the cost can range from 500,000 to 1 million rubles. For example, if you want to hire professional arrangers or sound engineers.

In a beginner's studio of a home format, it is quite possible to get by with the involvement of a professional sound engineer for hourly work - the rate of such a specialist is about 1000 rubles per hour. Hourly, you can also collaborate with actors to speak your videos.

It should be noted that the cost of renting premises is monthly, and depending on the location of the studio and the location, it is from 10-30 thousand rubles. On average, an hour of studio work is estimated at 500-1000 rubles, so the amortization of the project largely depends on how quickly it will be possible to attract regular customers, in order to minimize downtime.

Business from scratch - how to write a business plan: video

There are a wide variety of business ideas for developing your own business. One of them is the opening of a recording studio. This case is rather unusual. To be successful, it is necessary not only to be ill, but also to be well versed in this area.

The first steps

Open Your Own Recording Studio and Develop This Business Only a person connected to music is capable. Therefore there is practically no competition in this area.

Where should I start? First of all, you should create a business plan for your recording studio. Developing this document is the first step for any company. A business plan for a recording studio systematizes all the key points that need to be considered and allows you to determine the prospects for the future. A pre-drawn document gives a concrete overview of what will happen after the implementation of this project, what the profit will be and what is the best scheme to proceed.

Is This Business Profitable?

Does it make sense right now to open a recording studio from scratch? It should be borne in mind that today who makes sound recordings at home makes the most profit. Studios, which are equipped with expensive equipment and have considerable space, are mostly empty and suffer losses. The majority of musicians do not need a good sound, so they will not overpay for the quality, especially since most of the compositions and songs are published directly on the internet.

There are bands willing to pay for CDs. At the same time, however, they only want to record during their rehearsals in their home studio. In addition, most consumers download music online. There is only one loss in selling discs and therefore few people care about high quality sound.

Room selection

Renting a music studio that is equipped with expensive professional equipment and located in huge areas is currently impractical. It is enough to open such a home business. If you do not have your own apartment for this, a suitable room should be found.

The business plan for the recording studio should include a lease agreement. Such a room does not have to be in the city center. An apartment for your own studio can be rented in a residential area. It will also cost significantly less.

The area of ​​the apartment can be small. Twenty to thirty square meters enough. However, it is worth paying attention to good sound insulation so as not to disturb the residents of the house.

List of required devices

Opening your own recording studio in your home has now become possible thanks to the development of digital technologies. This requires the purchase of special equipment. The business plan for the recording studio should include a detailed list of all required equipment. This list includes the following:

A computer with good performance and a decent sound card;
- studio monitors;
- MIDI keyboard;
- microphone stand with microphones;
- closed headphones.

The music studio's business plan should take into account the further preparation of the project. You have to install special software ... it has to be licensed. This is important to bring the contractor up to a serious competitive level.

It should be noted that additional funds are required for the purchase of paid programs. It will pay off with the confidence of even the most discerning customer.

In addition, the licensed programs have numerous functions. This allows you to record higher quality sound at a higher level.

Entrepreneurs who do not want to invest in licensed software can find certain programs on the Internet that are legal and at the same time free.

Don't just write down pirated copies.

Seed capital

The cost of the equipment necessary for sound recording is about 150,000 rubles. For an hour of studio work, a fee of 500-1000 rubles will be charged, with a sufficient number of clients, the income will be small, but stable.

When recruiting staff, the arranger and composer can be replaced by a talented sound engineer. This reduces labor costs.

Additional services

A recording studio, whose business plan must take into account all possible development perspectives, can specialize in one area. Either live or electronic music is recorded here. Appropriate equipment must be purchased for the chosen focus. The design of a music studio should also be carefully considered. This will make it possible to rent space for rehearsals, as musicians usually do not have enough such areas.

It should be noted that the recording studio business is not a stand-alone project. This is part of show business.

Currently, the number of music groups is increasing. Some of them prove to be decent over time. professional level ... In this context, music groups have to rent sound equipment. They need equipment not only to record works, but also to organize their concerts.

Young artists are usually financially limited. That's why they rent equipment. A recording studio's business plan should take this into account. Concert equipment can also be purchased. This way you will get a certain income.

Those who want to record congratulations for family and friends can pay attention to the recording studio. Parents enjoy listening to their children's songs. There are also amateur music bands who have to record individual songs or entire albums.

At the same time, it's good if it's not there, but in a small studio at home. Back to Contents Page How do I open my own recording studio?

Those musicians who are still thinking about how to open their own studio need to come up with a detailed business plan.

First of all, you need to understand that the most acceptable option is to open a studio at home.

With the advent of digital technology, it got pretty easy.

What to consider when developing a business plan for a recording studio?

Interior design business plan: practicality and creativity. Organizational phase. Web studio business plan: planning a successful and modern business. Equipment It is not profitable to buy special music equipment.Therefore, a list of required equipment should be made, which may include: A powerful computer with a sound card.

How to open a recording studio

Only those who are associated with music can open a recording studio and build their own business, so this type of business is rather undeveloped.

You need to find out whether such a business is profitable and where it is better to start to create your own studio. It pays to start with a business plan for creating a studio. Remember, those who set up what is known as a "home studio" make more money these days.

Business ideas from scratch

There are no brand preferences.

This will cost from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

3. Printer with color printing - from 3,000 rubles. 4. Scanner - from 2.5 thousand rubles. 5. Software - from 0 rubles.

There is a lot of free software on the internet. 6. Patch cable (the shorter the better). 7. Advertising budget of two thousand.

ruble. 8. DVDs - from 300 rubles.

Under this business plan, an audio recording studio is a profitable business that allows you to amortize all the initial costs of buying new and used equipment in the first nine months of operation.

Download the Western Recording Studio business plan

How can you win offers with a guarantee? Choose a franchise with a guaranteed result that is stipulated in the contract!

Is This Business Profitable?

Choice of Premises The business plan for the reception should include rent.

Such a room does not have to be in the city center.

The range of services of a recording studio is very diverse. Here are some of them: Then the quality of the above services can be improved by purchasing new, more advanced equipment. In a provincial city, however, this need is unlikely to arise in the foreseeable future.

How much should be invested in the opening? The main question that interests every businessman: what will the costs be when starting a business?

Sound Recording Response - Below: Marketing Plan A marketing plan that focuses on promoting the services of a recording studio in a provincial town is extremely simple and does not require a financial resource entrepreneur.

This is mainly due to finance: an investment of around $ 10 million is required. The main jobs come from beginners and corporate clients who need to record music or lyrics for advertising.

Revenue in this segment of the market is low - from $ 60,000 to $ 250,000 per year. The annual sales of the house of their recording studios is $ 50,000 at best, and it is impossible to count their actual number.

Business idea: how to open a recording studio - what are the costs and what are the benefits

For all this you will have to spend about 200 thousand rubles.

You don't have to hire a professional sound engineer.

After all, it is enough to hire someone who is knowledgeable about music and professional equipment.

The cost of its services is from 400 to 1100 rubles per hour.

It's also important to choose the genre you want to record, be it rock, blues, jazz, rap, house, or regular chanson.

The studio business is a very specific type of activity, because only those who are connected to music and creativity in their life can develop dynamically in this direction.

With the right approach, small investment at the beginning will be able to provide stable income to the owner in the future. How do I open a recording studio? Let's consider the main problems that can arise when planning such a business.

Big record company is ineffective

A large recording studio is now just a waste of money. Not only will such a business be unprofitable, but it can also lead to serious losses. The point is that in modern world such expensive studios have to deal with dumping in order to survive in a competitive environment, as music content consumers in modern Russia for the most part do not attach great importance to the quality of the recording, which means that it is absolutely it is pointless to overpay for it.

This trend is also facilitated by the fact that many inexperienced artists upload their work to the network independently, without waiting for the "pirates" to do so, and the quality of the products is even less important to Internet users. The only studio format that can make a profit is the home studio. Of course, CDs have not yet given up their market position.

In addition to the information carrier, they fulfill another important function: They are a kind of shop window that advertises the artist. However, your profitability tends towards zero. The only hope for saving this business is through the passage of really working copyright protection laws.

You can register your business idea as an LLC or sole proprietorship. Both forms are easy to register and are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What equipment do I need?

How can you open a recording studio and what do you need for it? With advances in technology and information, start-up investments will be much less necessary than a few decades ago. What equipment for a recording studio might you need? These are the following devices:

  1. Powerful personal computer.
  2. Midi keyboard.
  3. Studio monitor.
  4. Closed headphones.
  5. Microphones.

Of course, the software must only be used with a license. Not only can there be problems with government agencies, which is definitely not necessary in the early stages of development, so that the records made with software can hardly compete with those of quality. If the cost of paid software seems too high, you can set a goal and find free software, not inferior.

The clay must be carefully processed

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to open a recording studio, then you need to pay attention to the processing of compositions. There is a common myth that high quality sound recording is unaffordable. Of course, if the goal is to compete in different competitions and win, the recording must be error-free. However, not everyone is ready and willing to do so, and today the situation is a little different in everyday life. Regardless, a digital recording studio is the best option.

There are two types of audio processing: software or hardware. Today's computers have high performance and high performance, and this allows you, in most cases, to ditch expensive hardware devices, which also occupy a considerable amount of space, in favor of their virtual counterparts.

However, experts argue that sound recorded solely with plug-ins is inferior to hardware in some details that are inaudible to the average consumer. A compromise between quality and cheapness can be achieved by installing computer boards in the computer system unit. This must be taken into account if you want to understand how to open a recording studio.

Should choose a direction

Almost every recording studio has some kind of quirk. Usually this is the genre of the compositions that the work is done with. If you decide to start your own activity in this field, you need to immediately determine the direction. For example rock, jazz, chanson etc. Or maybe you work with electronic music? All of this must be taken into account.

The power of the instruments depends on it, as they are tuned to a particular musical direction. Most likely, the recording studio cannot cover all styles as it is simply unrealistic. In this case, it is unlikely that after all the work done, something valuable and of high quality will turn out to be. And nobody will care about the garbage.

You have to keep looking for customers

Equipment for a recording studio should not be idle. In other words, you have to keep looking for customers. And where can you find them? You should try to get potential customers to find you yourself. It makes most sense to rent a rehearsal room.

You have to understand that there are many talents out there today. However, there is nowhere to rehearse. Hence, your proposal will get the maximum response from people. A rehearsal base and a recording studio together can bring popularity.

Advertising activity

Don't forget to advertise. It has to be done at the highest level. Therefore, it will be necessary to constantly advertise in major newspapers and put up various posters around the city. In the most visited places in the village, people can be hired to distribute leaflets.

For advertising, please contact the bars that offer karaoke services. In this case, no one will remember the competition because it just doesn't exist. But even if there is no karaoke in a restaurant or bar, you can ask the administration about the service. Perhaps this method will find potential customers.