How do you clean a wall

Cleaning the garden wall - what can you do?

Possible soiling

Even the rain that runs down the wall can deposit a lot of dirt on the wall. Often there are also moss growth and lichens. It may also be necessary to remove coarse soiling, stains and efflorescence.

high pressure cleaner

At first glance, a pressure washer seems to be the easiest way to get a wall in your garden clean again. In some circumstances, however, it is better not to use it:

  • with planted walls
  • with delicate plants on the wall or at the foot of the wall
  • with sensitive grout materials (could be washed out, this reduces the stability and sometimes considerably shortens the life of the wall)

You should also not clean dry stone walls with a high-pressure cleaner, especially not if they are green.

Brush off the wall

A very good and at the same time very gentle means for all walls is the root brush. It also removes green deposits (especially if you use warm water) and does not damage the structure of the wall or the joints.

In addition, certain cleaning agents can be used to remove deposits and dirt more easily. One possibility is, for example, green scale remover (available in hardware stores from various manufacturers from around 6 EUR per liter).

Other cleaning agents

  • special natural stone cleaner
  • Wet blasting
  • Dry ice blasting

Natural stone cleaner

Many of these products take several days to act. If possible, it shouldn't rain on these days. The cleaner is then either rinsed off (brushing removes even more dirt), but you can also let the rain wash it off. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Not every cleaner is suitable for every type of stone. Take care too.

Wet blasting

There are certain cleaning attachments for the wet blasting process for high-pressure cleaners. Water and sand are used for this. Attachments cost from around 70 EUR in the hardware store. Disadvantage: the sand must then be removed from the base of the wall. The method is not suitable for sensitive joints.

Dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is a very efficient way to thoroughly remove dirt and weather damage. The devices used for this are expensive, however - so it is best to have a specialist company do the work.

In contrast to sandblasting and wet blasting, no abrasive residues are left behind. The resulting carbon dioxide simply escapes into the ambient air. If a wall is heavily soiled and weathered, modern laser processes with so-called backpack lasers also help to remove dirt. The process is also used for the very gentle cleaning and repair of historical facades.

Depending on the stone material available, sealing the wall can sometimes make sense.

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