What are the cornerstones of personal branding

Personal branding: become a brand yourself! Interview with Maike Dietz

Are you actually a brand as a person? Do we know you? What do people think of when they hear your name? No matter what position you are in or at what point in your career, Personal branding to operate is always an advantage. In our interview with Maike Dietz, you can find out how you can successfully market yourself on the job and be remembered as a distinctive personality.

entrepreneur.de: Ms. Dietz, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Maike Dietz:I have been a freelance personnel consultant for 17 years and have supervised more than 1,700 projects. As a career coach, I accompany executives in consciously shaping their careers. Personal branding is an extremely important aspect here. But many people only know branding in connection with brands.

entrepreneur.de: That's true! What can we learn from successful brands for our professional development?

Maike Dietz: In everyday life, brands make similar products distinguishable for us. Because a brand is always a Value Proposition: It conveys an individual mix

  • Use,
  • Quality level and
  • Image.

In the best case, all of these combine into one Embassythat is remembered and creates trust. That is why the unique combination of Information and emotions so immensely valuable too.

With a personality brand, we can ensure that others determine our work Quality features connect. It's high time for emerging talent and leaders to share theirs Brand statement to emphasize more and to use it more consciously in the job.

Control your professional development!

entrepreneur.de: Why are so far only a few women and men in their jobs selling themselves with them Personality brand?

Maike Dietz: Using the term “brand” in connection with a person is unusual for most. Seeing yourself as a kind of product seems to be somehow “dehumanized” to many. Our manpower, our knowledge, our commitment - everything that we invest in our job - is kind of in the end Product that we need to bring to market.

In addition: many equate branding with advertising. For them this means that properties are presented better than they are, it is exaggerated. "I'm not a sham" - I've heard that sentence before. It's about marketing yourself as well as possible. But the proverbial alpha and omega for the success of a personality brand is this authenticity.

entrepreneur.de: Why do successful women and men need a personality brand?

Maike Dietz: Every manager creates a brand based on their experience at some point - intentionally or unintentionally. Anyone who deals with the topic at an early stage and his Personality brand uses, can increase his visibility and better control his professional development. The chances are good that you will not only be more satisfied with what you are doing, but will also receive better offers and achieve your professional goals.

A challenge: develop your core competencies!

entrepreneur.de: What do you have to do to develop your personal branding?

Maike Dietz: It's about looking for your own technical, methodological and personal skills to sharpen - the range of strengths that advance someone professionally and personally. These factors ultimately melt together to form a personality brand.

However, it is often difficult to develop an awareness of your own strengths. We take everything that we routinely do, especially well and for a long time, for granted and not worth mentioning. We are only so successful at this because these skills are the Cornerstone of our personality acts. Certain professional and personal developments are no coincidence, but affect precisely those characteristics that distinguish one person from others. And it is this unique combination of skills that we make visible with the personality brand.

Asking the right questions

entrepreneur.de: What helps to track down these competencies?

Maike Dietz: Check out what's in the past has always led to success.

  • With which subjects are you successful?
  • Which tasks keep coming back to you?
  • On which Skills do you fall back when you cope?

That is also helpful Perception of others:

  • What questions do colleagues, superiors and customers keep asking you?
  • What do others like about you and your work?

Anyone who dares to really ask these questions will surprising answers receive. By the External feedback you can compare whether your own image and the image of others still match. Often, however, skills that we would rather attribute to private life also help us on the job. You should therefore also focus your attention on areas of life outside of work:

  • What role do you play in your circle of friends, in your family, in your free time?
  • Which personal strengths often help you further?
  • What do you do better than others?

entrepreneur.de: And how do the answers to these questions become a personality brand?

Maike Dietz: Just answering these questions is a big one for many Challenge, especially at the beginning. Only when recurring positive traits have been identified do my clients gradually remember, “Yes, that was the case again at that point”.

The more Aha experiencesthe easier it is, others too Brand features to highlight. Those who thoroughly deal with their development and their person can actually extract a handful of competencies that form the cornerstones of their personality brand.

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- Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) May 11, 2015

Stay true to yourself & show yourself!

entrepreneur.de: What else is important in relation to your own personality brand?

Maike Dietz: Two things: First, it comes with your own Branding not aiming to be everybody's darling. You can't live up to all expectations anyway.

And as is the case with product advertising Distinctness also an important criterion. It's in the nature of a brand, too polarize. What I'm getting at: Stand by your competencies, by what defines you.

Second, show that too. Knowing your brand is one thing, placing it skilfully is another challenge.

entrepreneur.de: And how does the right self-marketing work?

Maike Dietz: The goal is to make sure that others feel comfortable with you Brand message automatically connect. So you have to keep pointing them out. For example, sign up for Topics and projects that fit your brand.

Do you keep a cool head in critical negotiation situations and use your diplomatic skills in such a way that in the end all partners are satisfied with the result achieved? Wonderful! Perhaps you can also apply this competence outside of your own department.

You can also create opportunities for your Skills to prove. Which project could you show yourself with? And always refer to yours in the subordinate clause Expertise down. "As you know, I've been dealing with ..." is a gallant way of showing others what you stand for. A project that has just been successfully completed is also wonderfully suitable: "When it comes to ..., I'll be back ...". With such formulations, which often seem unusual to us at first, you connect your person with yours in the minds of other people Brand message.

That creates the opposite Reliability and trustthat will benefit you even when you change jobs. If your new employer credentials catches up with your colleagues and superiors, they become yours Core competencies call.

entrepreneur.de: Thank you very much for the exciting interview!

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