Dogs know that kisses are loving

Dog love: this is how you show your dog that you love him

Training partner, cuddle companion and best friend: There are many reasons why we love our dogs. But how do you best show him that? Your animal world reveals to you on Valentine's Dayeight ways you can express your love for dogs.

We like to kiss and hug a loved one. Sometimes pralines also help to convey the message of love. You shouldn't just transfer these things to your dog. Some dogs feel cramped and trapped if you just hug them. It's best to approach slowly and watch your dog's signals.

In contrast, dogs are naturally very fond of treats. However, you should mainly use them as motivation and in dog training. Securing the love of your dog for you only through treats is unhealthy in the long run - and ephemeral: within seconds, everyone can finally gain the loyalty of your dog by spoiling him with treats.

Better show your love for dogs with these tips:

1. Loving looks

Dogs communicate a lot through eye contact. When they look you in the eye for a long time, it's a way of saying "I love you". The other way around, you trigger this feeling in dogs too if you look them lovingly in the eye for a long time. This has even been scientifically proven.

According to the magazine "The Dog People", researchers found that friendly looks between humans and dogs in both of them release the "love hormone" oxytocin. But be careful: It makes a difference whether you look your dog in the eyes lovingly or angrily.

2. Understand your dog's signs

Not sure whether your affection will reach your dog? Then just watch his body language. Does he wag his tail, seek eye contact, or raise an eyebrow? Then your dog shows you his love. On the other hand, a drawn-in tail, wide eyes and permanent licking of the lips are signs that your dog is feeling uncomfortable.

3. Use "dog voice"

Do you feel weird talking to your dog? There's no reason for that: Studies have shown that dogs understand human language better than expected. It also came out that dogs like the high pitched voice that many automatically fall into. The four-legged friends are especially happy when they hear typical “dog words” such as “treats”, “go for a walk” or “fine”. The human voice is so soothing to dogs that some shelters read aloud to stressed, shy, anxious, or over-excited dogs to calm them down.

4. Kind facial expressions

Our facial expressions reveal how we are feeling pretty quickly - even dogs. Scientific studies have shown that. By greeting your dog with a friendly, relaxed look on his face, you show him that you are not mad at him.

5. Cuddle

The herd and hunting instinct is still slumbering in dogs. That's why dogs love to play and move around. Also typical for a pack: relax together after work is done. A nap together on the sofa or in the garden in summer strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Dogs love physical closeness and therefore like to cuddle up to their owners.

6. Shoulder to lean on

Another sign of the need for closeness: Your dog is leaning on you. You can gently imitate this posture and show your dog that you like him.

7. Gentle touch

Just like loving looks, touch releases oxytocin - in humans and animals. A light massage, caresses and gentle brush strokes are therefore a real delight for your dog. Your dog loves gentle touch, especially on the ears, through which numerous nerve tracts run.

8. Go for a walk

Actually a matter of course: go for a walk on a regular basis. Dogs love routine, the daily walking tour paired with a few training units are therefore ideal for showing your dog your love. The shared experiences build trust and a feeling of cohesion - just like in a real pack.