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Diamonds - the coveted classics among precious stones! So that the choice of your diamond brings with it a unique experience and you can enjoy it for a lifetime, we want to familiarize you with details about the gemstone with its very special sparkle in advance.
Buying a diamond is something very special - and of course the result should be exactly as you imagine it! But it starts with the question of where you can best buy diamonds. And what do you have to look out for when buying a diamond?
With the help of a user-friendly diamond database, RENÉSIM offers you a selection of over 250,000 gemstones. Thanks to this diversity, we can offer you the most beautiful and exclusive diamonds that are available on the market worldwide. Nevertheless, thanks to the simple operation, you can quickly and easily find your own personal favorites.

Quality features - the diamond and its 4C

Of course, a wide range also entails a lot of decision-making options - the four Cs (4C) are important factors as a guide. 'What do you have to consider when buying a diamond? and 'Which diamonds should you buy?' - these two questions can be easily answered using the following criteria:

• Cut
• Carat (carat weight)
• Color
• Clarity (purity)

CUT - the cut of the diamond

The cut is the most important criterion of the 4C. Unique symmetries and balanced proportions, not too flat and not too high - the precise facets of a diamond must be harmonious. This is the only way to ignite the extraordinary beauty and fire in diamonds that make them so coveted.

CARAT - the weight of the diamond

Most buyers know that diamonds are measured in carats, but what exactly does it tell us if a diamond is 1 carat, for example?
Carat (abbreviation ct) is the unit in which the weight of a diamond is measured - one carat corresponds to 0.2 grams.

• If all other factors are equivalent, diamonds with a higher carat number are more valuable than diamonds of lighter weight.

• The unit carat only indicates the weight, not the size of the diamond. For example, a 2-carat diamond is not automatically twice the size of a 1-carat diamond, even though it is twice the weight.

Find out here about the interplay between diamond size and diamond weight with different types of cut: To the diamond size and weight table

COLOR - the color of the diamond

The appearance of a diamond is particularly influenced by its color. The color scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (yellowish). The finer the white, the more valuable a diamond is, since with a colorless diamond white light emerges again in the color spectrum of the rainbow. Basically, colors D to F are classified as colorless, while colors G to J are almost colorless. At RENÉSIM you only get diamonds that have no or only a very slight yellowish tint and thus meet our high quality requirements.

• D and E: Very fine white
• F and G: Fine white
• H: white
• I and J: Slightly tinted white
• K, L and M: Tinted white
• N to Z: Clearly tinted

More intense colors, which are deeper than the color Z and have a stronger color, are not assigned to the less precious gemstones in the color scale of the diamonds, but to the rare and particularly valuable fancy diamonds.

CLARITY - the purity of the diamond

Every diamond is unique and rarely 'flawless' - that is, without inclusions. These so-called inclusions are natural impurities in the diamond and are classified using a purity scale. The official rating ranges from FL / IF (flawless) to P3 (gross inclusions). At RENÉSIM you can get diamonds of purity FL to SI2 - inclusions cannot be seen here with the naked eye. Flawless diamonds are very rare and therefore extremely valuable.

• FL - flawless | flawless
• IF - internally flawless | flawless
• VVS1 & VVS2 - very, very small inclusions | very, very small inclusions
• VS1 & VS2 - very small inclusions | very small inclusions
• SI1 & SI2 - small inclusions | small inclusions
• I1, I2 & I3 - inclusions | Inclusions

In addition, at RENÉSIM you will receive all diamonds including a certificate that was issued by an independent gemological testing institute. This guarantees you the authenticity, quality and origin of your stone and thus offers you indispensable security. Thanks to long-standing, personal contacts, we also have the opportunity to purchase our diamonds from the largest, most reliable and most reputable diamond dealers in the world. We pass these advantages on to our customers under excellent conditions.
Would you like to expand your diamond knowledge even further and obtain more detailed information? Then take a look at our diamond lexicon - you are guaranteed to find all the information you are looking for here.

RENÉSIM - the largest online database for diamonds

There are over 250,000 diamonds in our database - a huge selection - and only those diamonds are selected that meet RENÉSIM's high standards. You can filter and sort the diamond selection based on various criteria according to your preferences, so that you are sure to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. Whether brilliant cut diamonds, princess cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut, marquise cut, oval cut, radiant cut, pear cut, heart cut or pillow cut - you are guaranteed to find your dream diamond in our database!

Buying valuable diamonds is of course also a matter of trust. However, in order to take away your concerns, we attach great importance to the fact that we give you security through our additional services. At RENÉSIM we always give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To this end, we promise, among other things, a 14-day right of withdrawal, competent and exclusive advice from the RENÉSIM service team, a tested payment system and extremely secure shipping: We assume full liability for your diamond until the shipping service provider gives you the RENÉSIM package safely passes.
Go in search of the perfect diamond with RENÉSIM - we will do our best to fulfill your wishes!