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How does rabbit taste

In terms of taste, the meat is more in the direction of chicken and slightly in the direction of game meat. It is particularly rich in vitamins E and B and has the highest protein content of all types of meat.
But when buying the meat, it is essential to pay attention to the seal of approval, because rabbit meat often comes from poor, non-animal-friendly husbandry. Around 30 million rabbits are consumed in Germany each year, around three quarters of which come from abroad. Unfortunately, some foreign companies rely on fattening methods.

The animals are cooped up in a very small space. In order to prevent diseases, these rabbits are treated with antibiotics and the feeding is usually not optimal. These facts are not particularly good for meat quality. Consumers should therefore pay attention to which rabbit meat they buy and which German producers prefer. In particular, buying from organic farms is highly recommended. Positive nutritional and husbandry conditions have a very positive effect on the quality of the meat.

Anyone who has the opportunity to breed rabbits themselves, or knows a rabbit breeder, knows for sure where the meat comes from. Whoever buys the meat in the supermarket should pay attention to the seal of origin, because animals cut up in Germany have a German mark of origin. Compared to other types of meat, rabbit meat has never been affected by a rotten meat scandal, and diseases such as BSE in cattle are not yet known in rabbits.

Processing rabbits

While rabbit meat was once considered "poor people's food", it now makes a valuable contribution to healthy nutrition. Increasing prosperity has reduced the need for rabbit meat significantly. Recently, however, the excellent meat has been rediscovered. Because of its good taste and its tenderness, the options for preparing rabbit meat are excellent. There are countless ways to process this meat and just as many recipes. Whether classic in cream sauce, as goulash or sliced ​​meat or maybe even breaded, the possibilities are enormous. A normal-sized rabbit is enough for three up to four people. The leg and back make a great braised roast, for example Mediterranean in a bed of herbs, garlic or tomatoes. But the innards can also be used. Rabbit liver tastes particularly good when fried.

Bunny or rabbit

Colloquially, we refer to the rabbit meat we eat as hare meat. We mistakenly speak of stable rabbits. As rabbits, we tend to understand the cute little dwarf rabbits like lion head or other breeds. But the supposed rabbits are also rabbits, a larger species than the small breeds that are usually kept as pets. But real rabbits are also available in stores and are mostly offered as "game meat". Since most rabbits still live in the wild. Rabbits differ from rabbits in that they weigh twice as much as rabbits and real rabbit meat is darker than rabbit meat.

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