Why is Shiva especially venerated on Monday

What is the significance of worshiping Shiva in the month of Shravan?

Actually a great question to answer and ponder ... Not many facts are known about it. Even so, according to Puranas, the month is sacred and luckily, even I was only born in that month. :)

Some facts (or stories) I know:

During the Shravan / Sawan month, worship of Lord Shiva is believed to be 108 times more powerful than worship on normal days.

According to the legend Devi Sati sacrificed her that month and before she died, she swore that she would marry Shiva in each subsequent life. Devi Sati was born Parvati in her next life. She fasted during the month of Sawan, which impressed Lord Shiva and they met on Monday. Since then, Monday and fasting in the month of Sawan have been of great importance.

As described here - In Vedas, the Shravan Month as Nabhas described . Shravan purnima falls with the Nakshatra (Shravan) of Lord Vishnu together . Therefore the name. This is also one of the main reasons this month is important and cheap.

According to Hindu mythology it is the story of the Amarnath pilgrimage, on Lord Shiva the goddess Parvati tells a story of immortality, the most important one. When Lord Shiva began the story of immortality, Goddess Parvati fell asleep.A parrot that was there at that moment heard the story.After hearing the full story, the parrot became immortal.The parrot escaped the wrath of Lord Shiva and was later born as Shukdev .

Later in Naimisharanya, Shukdev related: In the month of Sawan, only Shiva consumed poison . The Samudra Manthan is a very important episode according to the Puranas. The whirling up of the milky ocean, that is, Samudra Manthan in search of the Amrit, took place in the month of Shravan. During the riot, 14 different rubies emerged from the ocean. Thirteen rubies were shared among the devas and asuras, but Halahal, the 14th ruby, was left untouched as it was the deadliest poison that could destroy the entire universe and every living being. Lord Shiva drank the halahal and stored the poison in his throat. Due to the effects of the poison, his throat turned blue and he was named Neelkantha. Since this was the time when Shiva saved everyone from dying, he is only primarily worshiped in the month of Sawan.

The poison was so powerful that Lord Shiva wore a crescent moon on his head and all the devas began offering Lord Shiva water from the sacred river Ganges to lessen the effects of the poison. Both events took place in the Shravan Maas and therefore it is considered very opportune to offer Lord Shiva sacred Ganga water this month.

According to a religious belief, the son of Markandu Rishi, Markanday also worshiped Lord Shiva for his long life only in the month of Sawan.


Ashish Srivastava

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