How do lawyers find new clients

How to win new mandates! Five tips for successful client acquisition

Unfortunately, good professional work alone does not automatically lead to new mandates. Even if the quality of your work is certainly the basis for the client's satisfaction. It is important to be known as a lawyer or tax advisor in the market and in the special target group. But how exactly do you get new mandates?

1. Expand your existing business

Many lawyers and tax advisors do not even think about the potential that is already there. Cold calling is not absolutely necessary. Why look so far - how about simply expanding your current business with your clients? Do you hold a final meeting with your client after every project and ask what is up next for them? If not, you should make this a standard conversation. Even if there are currently no projects pending, it is important that you stay in regular contact with your clients.

2. Build yourself up to an expert status

The market is fiercely competitive and the client is looking for an expert for every legal issue. You should therefore develop a clear expert status in which you can concentrate on a maximum of three main topics. Try to be present in the relevant associations, at congresses and in networks. This also includes the publication of specialist articles on your main topics. The more you offer, the greater the risk that your profile will be watered down. That shouldn't be happening.

3. Do active networking and cross-selling

“One hand washes the other” - it is often much easier to start a new business when you cooperate with other colleagues. Find two to three network partners in your law firm or in the market with whom you can build up business together. Make sure that you complement each other in terms of content and also fit together personally. You should definitely make advance payments a few times and put the other people in touch with interesting clients or customers. Experience shows that something comes back at some point.

You can find more tips on networking here.

4. Be a pleasant person to talk to and listen carefully

The basis of a good business relationship is always that the client perceives the lawyer or tax advisor as personable and pleasant and that it fits together on a human level. Not every lawyer or tax consultant succeeds in this and many think that professional expertise alone should convince the client to work with him. Help the sympathy a little by placing the client absolutely at the center of a conversation. That doesn't mean that you can't tell anything more. However, you should use the valuable time to find out what your counterpart needs by asking questions.

Ask many so-called open “W-questions” during the conversation: What exactly is the client's concern at the moment, where is he looking for support, what can you offer him, etc. Listen carefully and determine the current needs. Then only present the service that currently covers the client's needs.

5. Stay tuned and think of a marathon

Starting today, acquiring clients will be and remain a daily task for you. Even if your business is really successful, you should keep acquiring. The market, competition and also client needs will change again and again and so it is important that you stay tuned. You can only do that if you regularly take on the acquisition task again and again.

I wish you success!

Photo: Fotolia / Robert Kneschke