Why is Donald Trump not ashamed

US election: Trump is a shame

The best response came at the end of the second TV duel between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A spectator asked the two US presidential candidates to say something nice about each other in this mud fight. A task that seemed almost impossible after the Democrat and the Republican had fought an aggressive duel for 90 minutes. But both Clinton and Trump did something solid. She praised his children, he her fighter mentality. Finally, they shook hands briefly. A gesture that both had avoided at first.

Rieke Havertz

US correspondent in Washington D.C.

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Another exchange of courtesies is not to be expected in the remaining four weeks until the election on November 8th. It will be aggressive, ugly and often flat.

The good news for Donald Trump after this second TV duel: He is still in the race. After a video was published in 2005 in which he was misogynistic and sexist, Trump had reached the low point of his election campaign. Prominent Republicans refused to support him, and theories were circulating to prevent him from being a candidate. After clearly losing the first televised debate to Clinton, Trump now had to do better.

And he succeeded especially in the second half of this duel, in which the candidates not only had to answer questions from the two moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, but also had to ask questions from voters. Trump managed better than in the first confrontation with Clinton to put them under pressure because of their e-mail affair or their proximity to Wall Street and to emphasize his message that, unlike Clinton, he stands for change and change in Washington will. He also used his "I defeat terror" rhetoric at every possible and impossible opportunity.

Clinton no more than solid

Clinton didn't counter as well as in the first duel. As always, she looked excellently prepared and actively approached the audience, but she no longer performed as solid. She could not deal the decisive blow to Trump, which could have made the last few meters of this election campaign an ordeal for him.

The Republican was as usual erratic and vague on issues such as foreign policy or health care reform Factchecker of the US media documented his lies and inaccuracies live. But his followers won't care, they celebrate every one of his appearances. But whether it was enough to score decisive points with the moderate conservatives and the undecided voters? Hardly likely. This is shown by a look at the first 20 minutes of this duel, which so unworthy and grotesque presented a new low in this election campaign. That's all because of Trump.

He justified his sexist and vulgar statements about women by saying that they were only easy room talk talk about how men in locker rooms would do it. Yes exactly. He threatened Clinton with a special attorney to prosecute her if he is president and found she was the devil, better off in jail and with "hatred in her heart."

Sexist, racist, offensive

It is unbelievable that this election campaign has reached this level. In previous TV duels it was always about making the opponent look bad. But unlike today, they were always the moment when the candidates drafted their own vision for America. There was no sign of that on Trump's side. Of course, Clinton also acted aggressively, called Trump - and rightly - a liar, denied him the qualification to be president and emphasized how often Trump has expressed himself sexist, racist and insulting in the past few months.

The loyal Trump fans don't care, and if the polls for Trump go up again after this second debate, the party won't completely deny him allegiance and resources. The evening did not produce a clear winner. Both camps will interpret the duel in their favor. But this second debate shows again that on November 8th there is no choice between the plague and cholera, as is so often written without reflection to say that Clinton is not a good candidate either. There is no fair comparison between Clinton and Trump because Donald Trump is in a league of his own of incompetence, indifference and hostility.