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KualaLumpur is a world metropolis that at first glance for imposing skyscrapers like the PetronaTowers and wide shopping streets full of western brand stores. At second glance, however, a piece of history can be seen, which includes the immigration of many Chinese due to the tin, the amalgamation of many religions in Southeast Asia and the colonial era of the English. The old train station is particularly worth seeing OldRailwaystationwho have favourited Friday Mosque MasijdJamek as well as the lively Chinatown. Not far from the capital, it is also worth visiting the Batu Caves. In the second largest state in Malaysia, Perak, are mainly the cool mountain landscapes of Fraser’sHill and the CameronHighlands worth a visit. Here visitors can spend the night in the colonial hotel with a cozy open fire and take both short and long hikes through the surrounding tea plantations and mountains of Malaysia. Ipho, the capital of the state of Perak and the second largest city in Malaysia, offers travelers a colorful mix of Asian and European cultures with colonial buildings and some temples from Buddhism and Hinduism. The islandPenang, which, together with three secondary islands, is also a state of Malaysia at the same time, not only attracts with beautiful beaches and an extensive nightlife, such as Batu Ferringhi beach, but has also become in Georgetown colonial alleys and rows of houses are preserved and their historical diversity is particularly attractive. The oldest state of Kedah borders directly on Thailand, it is also called the “rice bowl of Malaysia” and its geographical location made it attractive to conquerors and settlers from an early age. Probably the biggest tourist attraction in Kedah is the Langkawi Archipelago. Although it is off the coast of Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia, it ranks politically Kedah. The archipelago consists of around 100 islands, which is the main island for vacation PulauLangkawi. In addition to long sandy beaches, Langkawi has dense rainforests, waterfalls, mangrove forests and wild monkeys in the mountainous interior of the island, and beautiful diving spots on the coasts. In the northeast of the peninsula is the original Malaysia, into which the western culture with high-rise buildings, large hotels and highways has not yet found much access. The palm-fringed beaches on the east coast and a number of offshore islands with first-class diving areas, such as Pulau Tioman, are particularly beautiful. Visitors can expect crystal clear water, colorful coral gardens, white sandy beaches and dense rainforest in the interior of the island. The best conditions for a relaxing bathing and diving holiday.


Malacca, the capital of the state of the same name, was the first destination of colonialism and is the epitome of the Malay melting pot with old fortress walls, churches, mosques and temples. In the center of the Malay Peninsula is Pahang, a state that is still largely covered by dense rainforest. The 4,343 km² large TamanNegaraNational park is one of the highlights, especially for nature lovers and adventurers. The extensive area is ideal for hiking and, with its million year old trees, endemic plant diversity and wild animals, gives you the feeling of immersing yourself in a lost world.


East Malaysia, the Borneo Island, is characterized by fascinating rainforests, wide rivers, original Dayak peoples with traditional longhouses, orangutans that have become rare, as well as other wild animals and beautiful islands. Not only 650 km of water separate the east from the west of Malaysia, the two halves also differ in their socio-cultural and historical development. The state Sarawak In addition to pepper cultivation, it is also known as the land of the hornbill. Sarawak can be divided into three topographical zones: coast covered with mangrove swamps, partly still dense rainforest and mountain ranges covered by mountain jungle, which represent the border with Indonesia. Forms the capital and the entrance gate to Sarawak Kuching, a lively trading city with colorful markets, tasty smelling food stalls, small hotels and the famous Sarawak Museum. Not far from Kuching is the oldest national park in Sarawak, the BakoNationalpark, to find. Despite its relatively small size, this national park is one of the interesting nature parks in Malaysia. The primary forest growing here is bordered on both sides of the peninsula by small sandy bays and steep cliffs and offers many hiking trails for exploring the fascinating flora and fauna. In addition to over 500 species of birds, game, wild cats, monitor lizards and crab monkeys, the shy proboscis monkeys are also at home here.

The state is the furthest away from the mainland and the capital of Malaysia Sabahwhich differs most from the rest of the country. The majority of the population are Christians and nowhere else are there so few Malays as here. In terms of landscape, Sabah is a real beauty not only above, but also under the water. in the MountKinabaluNational park waiting next to the highest peak in Malaysia, the MountKinabalu, numerous trekking routes and hiking trails through wild jungle with breathtaking views of visitors. The orangutans, which have now become rare, can be found in the SepilokOrangUtanRehabilitation center to be watched. Injured orangutans and orphans are taken in and nursed here. The aim is to prepare the orangutans for life in the wild and to release them back into the wild as quickly as possible. A stay in Sepilok illustrates the history and goals of the rehabilitation center and there is the option of staying overnight in a nature park that is integrated into the surrounding forests and offers small tours of discovery through the flora and fauna.

The upstream ones are the ideal end to a Malaysia trip and ideally suited for diving and bathing holidays IslandsLankayan or Sipandan. Small bungalow complexes and hotels, wonderful sandy beaches and a stunning underwater landscape with lots of corals, colorful fish and various types of shark know how to inspire.