Why are self-help books so popular

Book tips from the editors: The best books for self-help

Happy with hormones, Scandinavian wisdom, yoga as therapy: The latest book novelties provide the best instructions for a successful life. We have already read across and present our favorite works here.

The magic of the forest - wisdom fairy tales, rituals & meditations


It inspires us with places of power, nature spirits and sacred groves: the forest. And it also has a magical effect on health. Because our system latches into the rhythm of the trees, which has been proven to reduce stress. Valentin Kirschgruber explains in The Magic of the Forest why this is so and which meditations and rituals are used to enhance the effect. kailash, € 15.50.Here you can find out more about forest bathing!

Hygge - the Danish way of living happily


Being aware of yourself, opening your heart, enjoying yourself with relish, living togetherness - this is what the Danes call hygge. A special kind of happiness that is difficult to grasp. Comfort and simplicity are part of it. In Hygge, Louisa Thomsen Brits shows how you can discover this attitude towards life for yourself. Goldmann, € 10.30.Hygge? We have already reported about it - HERE!

The chemistry of happiness


Four hormones are mainly responsible for feelings of happiness: dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin. Our brain releases them in certain situations. We can also actively influence these biochemical processes. But, spoilers: you have to do a little bit for it! Have fun, for example. Or travel. Or learn something new, says Loretta Graziano Breuning. The chemistry of happiness. mvg, € 18.50.You can find our great hormone guide HERE!

To err is useful! Why the weaknesses of the brain are our strengths


The brain - a dreamy bowl, says Henning Beck in Irren is useful! But it is precisely this imperfect, inefficient, flawed part that defines its strength. Because that makes it dynamic and creative. Beck explains how to make use of the supposed weaknesses and learn from mistakes - something that artificial intelligence has to imitate us first!Goldmann, € 10.30.

Yoga therapy: methods and exercises for treating ailments and diseases


Mark Stephens is one of the greats in the yoga scene. His special talent is to combine traditional and modern trends with current knowledge in medicine. In this way you can use the power of physical exercises specifically for your own health. He gives a lot of exercise examples and explains in detail what they do in us. Perfect for deepening your own practice! Yoga therapy, riva, € 41.20 . Do you want to try yoga first? THESE YouTube channels are our favorites

Key to serenity


According to radiologist and meditation expert Peter Riedl, five conditions stand in the way of inner balance: fear, lack of energy, skeptical doubt, anger and addictive behavior. In Key to Serenity, he explains which exercises help to overcome them. And in return it promises joy and relaxation. A good exchange! UW Verlag, € 19.90 . Incidentally, we tested a mediation app - and were thrilled!

Natural - timeless - beautiful: For women over 30 and courageous men

Grace and dignity ...

... are two keys to real beauty, Heidi Gregor and Bettina Unden are convinced of that. In a naturally timelessly beautiful way, they also explain which elements from diet, exercise or cosmetics are helpful. Your ingredients for a "rejuvenation code" include acupressure, facial yoga, and the power of thought. A lot to browse through about beauty that is independent of age. maudrich, € 23.60 .