How does guest posting work?

# 210 Make best use of Instagram

What is Instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks and belongs to the Facebook group. Only photos and videos are shared on Instagram. There are around 700 million monthly active users worldwide, around 15 million of them in Germany. Recordings can be improved and "spruced up" with numerous filters and of course it is important to use very good quality images from the start - after all, Instagram is all about photos.

Instagram for your gastronomy

Tell your story in pictures on Instagram. Here you have the opportunity to build your brand on the basis of (emotional) images. In contrast to Facebook and Twitter, you start a visual conversation with your guests, so to speak.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Instagram in general:
+ Use good quality images
+ Stick to one style in the texts
+ Post something EVERY day. If you want to post multiple pictures, wait 4-5 hours for the next picture.
+ Good times of the day are between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and in the early evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.
+ Use #hashtags (external link: Wikipedia)
+ Don't try to sell anything. Inspire you! Motivate you! Inspire you!
+ Be a local patriot. Tag other businesses (but not your competitors, of course)

Instagram photo tips

Since Instagram is a visual platform, the quality of your photos is very important. That's not to say that you have to hire a professional photographer or buy an expensive camera for every picture - but there are several small things that should be important to you:

+ Don't always shoot from the same angle ... some pictures should be taken from the front and others from the side
+ Divide the picture thankfully into 3 parts. The main object should only take up 1/3 of the overall picture
+ Use the filters on Instagram sparingly. Sometimes it can just be too much.
+ Don't just photograph food. For example, ask a regular guest for a picture while they are eating and tag them. That looks more personal.
+ Gradually introduce your employees or show them at work. From service to washing power. It is a good idea to keep all personnel pictures in black and white. This is how you distinguish these from the other recordings and create a kind of series. Warning: If you post your employees on social media, you should have their written consent!
+ Daylight is always best. The colors simply come into their own. Be careful with neon lights. That quickly makes food unsightly.
It has been proven that images with reds and oranges are the best.

Pimp your website with Instagram

In the end, it's about getting your followers to visit your restaurant or at least go to your website (where you can have further information ready for your guests). So how do you get people to go to your website from Instagram?

+ Put a link to your website in the description text
+ Use a simple photo editor and write your website address in the picture
+ Make a coupon campaign: you post a picture of a main course on Instagram and write in the text that there is a free glass of sparkling wine with every main course today. All you have to do is go to the website and print out the coupon (a simple picture) and bring it with you.
+ Draw attention to a competition on your website with a photo.
+ Use your blog cover photo on Instagram to alert people of a new blog post on your website
+ See how advertisements affect your business. You can get good results here for little money


Tell a visual story of your gastronomy on Instagram. The platform is ideal for marketing your home's food. Nice pictures of the food, posted at the right time and with a link to your website, will increase traffic for them. But be careful: your website should of course offer the best. It should be up-to-date, mobile-friendly and fresh. I wish you success.