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Knockout! The 5 most spectacular knockout victories of all time

Hardly anything is as exciting as a spectacular knockout victory. But there is this moment of worry: will the fallen boxer get up again? Has nothing worse happened? In rare cases such a blow can be fatal. Fortunately, these dramas in boxing history are the exception. But they do exist: boxing is a dangerous sport. The great fights have fascinated the enthusiastic audience for many decades. The knockout is a special highlight.

Unexpected or in series

A knockout is often a simple, premature termination of the fight with a huge blow. There were boxers who were able to defeat their opponents in rows in the first few rounds. But even an actually inferior opponent can use this chance and if he lands this targeted hit, surprisingly pull his opponent out of the traffic.

This is pure thrill for the audience.

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Unique and dramatic

Unlike a victory on points, the knockout victory is recognized immediately even by the layman if a boxer can knock his opponent down. It is not possible to continue the fight. But if a boxer can get up in time and signals to the referee that he is ready to fight, it continues.

There are also less obvious knockout victories, because sometimes you don't immediately recognize the force of the blow. The boxer hit does not fall to the ground either, but the referee realizes that he is not clearly conscious. For safety reasons and to protect health, the fight is then broken off and even then it is a knockout victory.

The force of the blows and the resulting injuries are not always immediately noticeable enough. Does the coach see that something is wrong first and persuade the fighter to give up or is it the referee who stops the fight? It is not always easy to read the signs in time and determine when it will be enough.

A referee has an enormous responsibility. Many fatal dramas in boxing history could have been avoided if the fight had been broken off in time.

And sometimes a single blow is enough. Every boxer lives in an awareness of the risk.

Knockouts make boxing so unique and impressive.
In this sport, a fighter can lose one round at a time and still find a way to win in the last few seconds. Solid exterior land spectacular hits and make history.

It is impossible to list all of these memorable moments. Everyone has their own favorites among the many unforgettable scenes in the ring.

5 spectacular and unbelievable knockouts in the history of boxing:

  • Deontay Wilder vs Domici Breazeale: K.o. in the 1st round

The heavyweight successfully defended his title in 2018 and made short work of it. His opponent stood opposite him for a little more than two minutes before the 33-year-old knocked his compatriot to the ground with a right hand. With this victory, Wilder had 40 knockout victories in his 42 professional fights.

  • Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko: technical knockout in the 11th round

Joshua soon showed himself to be the faster and smoother boxer when he met veteran Klitschko in 2017. But then the right hand of the 14-year-old fighter hit him and sent him to the ground. He straightened up, but seemed clearly battered, if only for a brief moment. He recovered quickly and from second to second things looked worse for Klitschko: he went down twice. Not a minute too early, the unequal fight in the 11th round was stopped.

  • Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua: technical knockout in the 7th round

The American with Mexican roots sensationally defeated Anthony Joshua in 2012 and became the heavyweight world champion of the WBO, WBA and IBF associations. The "fat one", Andy Ruiz Jr., went down first in the third round, but soon countered and finally won in the 7th round with a technical knockout. The favorite Joshua had to give up unexpectedly.

  • James Douglas vs Mike Tyson: K.o. in the 10th round

Mike Tyson, undisputed heavyweight champion with 37 wins and notorious for brutal knockouts, lost to the outsider Douglas in 1990.

From the start, the opponent of the favorite surprised with his performance. But he was thrown on the mat in the 8th round. When the judge counted (too slowly, as was sometimes claimed afterwards), he got up just in time. In the 10th round he struck down Tyson and gave him the very first defeat.

  • Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks: K.o. in the 1st round

One of the most promising heavyweight title fights lasted 91 seconds in 1988. Spinks, with 31 wins and 21 knockouts and Tyson, with 34 wins also unbeaten and with 30 knockouts achieved met each other and let the fans expect a hot fight. But it was all over too quickly: Tyson brought down the opponent twice in the first minute and a half. The second time it was counted.

Ascend or abdicate

There are wins and wins: nothing is clearer and more triumphant than the classic knockout in which the opponent goes down. When an old hand like Jürgen Brähmer gets back into the ring, what more can he wish for than such a clear win?

And the newcomer, who wrested his title from the veteran in such a spectacular way, experienced a high point of his career that is incomparable. Knockouts, even if they can be dangerous, are an integral part of boxing.