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E-thinking and the courage to slow down:
In various areas of social life, as a person who does not have a smartphone, I no longer appear at all. In the debate about the new tracing app, for example, dinosaurs like me, who overslept their own extinction, are simply not an issue. Even in the ubiquitous QR code communication, people without an outsourced personality device are not intended. Nor do I exist for those who, in the interest of technological upgrading, want to abolish the G-2 cell phones, which have only just been celebrated as progress, in favor of the limitless smartification of humanity. If I'm not there for “Fake-book”, “Twittagram” or “Schnapsapp”, I'm a “nonline man”, a Mister Nobody. If I do not use e-banking, I will be punished with increasing "Goth account fees". However, I can come to terms with such unpleasantnesses. It seems more worrying to me that more and more everyday areas of direct human contact (post and train counters, supermarket checkouts, administrative offices, information services, learning situations in schools, etc.) are being dismantled, “formulated” or otherwise made “contactless”. But news like the little noticed report (Der Spiegel 1/2020) that a Neuralink company initiated by Elon Musk, together with other high-tech start-ups, is working on direct brain-computer interaction seem really alarming to me. This highly explosive research project (in addition to medical intentions) ultimately aims to ensure that in the not too distant future our thinking will become directly controllable by others. Then today's epoch-defining smartphone will likely be gradually replaced by a direct e-chip in the human brain. In the next innovation step, this means the widespread introduction of so-called “e-denking”, and sooner or later this “e-denking” will probably become a mandatory requirement for participation in social life in the techno-transhumanoid world. Anyone who is still on the move with a smartphone will be pulled out of the data highway traffic as an unruly retro disruptive potential. Direct physical communication between individuals that eludes permanent online control will soon also be prohibited. The world has then become so highly complex, insecure and prone to terrorism that allegedly only strict behavior and thought control by the IT data administration can guarantee security and freedom, whereby freedom would in any case only be limited to the selection of market-approved finished products.
Today's digitization euphorics dismiss the danger of such an all-round control scenario as completely unfounded, but with their blind faith in technology they gradually approach communication with machine-like processes and increasingly displace direct (analog) human contact. The top-class Google consultants Peter Thiel and Ray Kurzweil are particularly blatant examples of pathological feasibility digitalibans who propagate the further development of humans into highly optimized superman machines. When asked whether there was a God, Ray Kurzweil replied in all seriousness: «Not yet» (but we will soon be technologically ready). When you consider the influence that such people are currently having, the horror grabs you.
Of course, I don't have the illusion that I can prevent the development of “e-thinking” by not participating in e-banking for the time being. Digitization can no longer be prevented today. But what can hopefully be prevented are manifestations of it that totally de-souls and destroy human coexistence. Perhaps we will be able to slow down digitization to such an extent that it cannot overrun our analog human communication and (in the literal sense) “flatten” it. Perhaps we will then have enough time to save our multi-layered human existence from the mindless and empathetic madness of optimization into the future. In the end, most of the progress-drunk digitization turbos themselves do not want to live in that soulless, machine-like control society that they are heading towards today without reflection. Nobody (except Thiel & Co) wants something like that. Therefore, to protect democracy, personal freedom and human dignity, first of all a “quick” and courageous delay is the order of the day ...
(matching song on this topic: «Herr Bitterli»)

The Intergalactic Conspiracy of Voldemort Voldemorovich:
That all sorts of conspiracy theories are sprouting up out of the ground in the current times of the loosening corona lockdown is not too surprising on closer inspection of what has happened. We find it difficult to accept that something extremely drastic is happening - just like that - which we face in complete uncertainty, and for which possibly no one is to blame. That can and must not be! The quick identification of a guilty party - if possible a deliberate and not just negligent culprit - contributes significantly to the dissipation of tension in the much-invoked “people's soul”. Whether or not such a "guilt stamping" has any real factual basis is completely irrelevant. As has been shown again and again with Trump, Orban, Putin, Bannon, Salvini and Fox-TV, facts can even prove to be more of a disruption to the success of a message. It is also significant that doubting a conspiracy theory tends to stabilize it, since it is precisely the doubts that automatically trigger extremely powerful arguments for murder, which lead to the ultimate cementing of the self-contained belief system. The only thing that can be countered, for example, against the stories about a virus conspiracy originating from the WHO, Bill Gates, Georg Soros & Co., is probably only the objection that this "network of darklings" is still a choirboys association in the Compared to the freezing horror level of a really contemporary hardcore conspiracy story. If there is a conspiracy, then please as bizarre as it has never been before! And to a really crackling conspiracy, what does it take? Yes, right, the extraterrestrials! The extraterrestrials are preparing our planet for their planned invasion, and yes, of course, some extraterrestrials, perfectly camouflaged, are already active on our earth today.
First and foremost there is the alien "Win Win Psi", disguised as the Chinese party leader, who, together with Lord Voldemort Voldemorowitsch Puting, wants to mentally "pudding" the inhabitants of the earth, that is, so obedient to authority that they will face the technologically superior galaxists on day X be submitted in ready admiration. As the name Psi suggests, the extraterrestrials mainly use psi energies to pursue their goals and move. The fact that the nerdy monarchoid President Macron is also a Francogallic agent of the intergallactic Macron cosmos can hardly surprise us, just as little that our bustling Supernova Federal Councilor Fettnapfio Cassis infiltrated here undercover from the constellation Cassiopeia. With the Turkish sole ruler (alien ruler?) Erdogan, on the other hand, his emphatically earth-related name seems extremely suspicious. Those who have to emphasize their earthiness in such a penetrative way can only be a camouflaged agent from space from a conspiratorial point of view, especially since they repeatedly refer to Allah. Also in the name of the new President of the EU Commission (Extraterrestrial Union?), Her true cosmic origin shimmers treacherously: Ursula van der Leyen infiltrated into Europe from Wega from the constellation of the Leyer. No wonder that the Weganer now open an intergalactose-free café on every street corner. However, the name van der Leyen also points to the place of origin of the (P) Leyads, the so-called seven stars, especially since the EU Commission President is significantly the mother of seven children. As you can see, this extraterrestrial conspiracy is teeming with strange, not entirely accidental coincidences. Anyway: this secret network has already networked itself very deeply into public life and especially into the power elites of this planet.
In order to prepare mankind for their imminent submission to the intergalactic empire (vampirium?), The absolutely professional alien Van der Ley troop under Voldemort Puting, Win Win Psi & Co. carries out extensive brain and soul washing worldwide. As a rule, the victims depleted by this washing process will not notice their zombification. And if somebody should show themselves to be unruly, they will be shipped by Lord Voldemort to his famous "put-in-dungeon", where the win-win will transform him into pure psi energy, which is known to be urgently needed for cosmic transport. A classic win-win situation: The camouflaged alien conspirators even use their opponents as fuel suppliers for their insatiable empire. With such an unscrupulous secret network one will wonder whether the American baron of lies Trump is not also part of this conspiracy? In a sense, this is certainly the case. As the notorious "Liar" and one who keeps chanting the words "America first", he, too, undoubtedly comes from the aforementioned celestial star of the Leyer, where he most likely even spends a short time (that is, only for a very short time!) With Ursula Vega lived there in a shared apartment until she finally got too much with this extreme ego who never cleaned the bathtub. He owes his election to the White House, at least in part, to the sinister machinations of Lord Voldemort Voldemorowitsch. But the crème de la Kremlin of the alien conspiracy does not really trust Trump and fears that Trump, in his boundless urge for validity, could prematurely divulge the whole conspiracy. That is why he is mainly used with his megalomaniac appearances to distract from the plans of the empire. Such fogging actions are definitely in the interests of the hidden invasion force. On the other hand, Trump, in his absolute unpredictability for the conspiracy, could become the very black hole that will then tear everything with it into its own cosmic abyss. A real conspiracy always tends to devour itself in the end anyway. The fact that a conspiracy just goes "hops" is, however, extremely suspect for a conspiracy expert. There must surely be an even bigger meta-conspiracy at work! But whether with or without psi energies: If so much political narcissism is sucked into nothing at the same time, a real win-win situation should result for the inhabitants of the earth ...
CH B. June 20, 2020

The Vervirung:
Such a virus can make us humans quite perverted as the «corona of creation». It starts with the fact that we do not know exactly whether it is the virus or the virus. Probably the male form fits better, because the virus must surely be bursting with virility. Especially virile men have recently been complaining that women are increasingly distancing themselves from them. The ubiquitous, understandable fear of the virus creates additional confusion. We try to distance ourselves from the viruses, to establish stable boundaries between the we and the vir. According to previous knowledge, the viruses apparently come from Wuhan, China, where, among other things, our Wu cell phones are known to be produced. The great chairman In-Fi-Zi, the master of all history masks, has now changed the history recognition and is spreading the message that the viruses came from Virginia or otherwise from the United States. The omnipotent In-Fi-Zi himself had planned the new Silk Road from Beijing and Wuhan to Mai Lan, on which the viruses have now infiltrated into northern Italy. For his part, today's Big Chief in Washington claims that he has everything “under control”, that the USA is practically “vireless”, and that the viruses all came from bad people in Viropa or from some Iranian coronary schools. In Viropa, on the other hand, people stay away from Vira Italia and, as a precaution, avoid «spaghetti coronara» and «viramisu». Instead, there is a rush for Italian-free pasta, can raviroli and toilet paper in all supermarkets. While the hamster buyers usually pay for their toilet paper without paper, the steadfast cash users (including myself, for example) are gradually being suspected of being nasty dirt finches because of the virus. This hygienic problem could easily be solved with regular, thorough money laundering (literally).
However, there is also good news: Due to the current crisis, people are gradually developing a new vir feeling: You get closer to each other by keeping a respectful distance from each other. In addition, there is suddenly a huge selection of non-events that you cannot all participate in. This circumstance - with all regret - of course also has something comforting: Where in the past you could only choose one from the plethora of events, you inevitably missed hundreds of other events at the same time. In the current cancellation situation, however, you don't miss anything anymore, because nothing is happening anymore.
As for the much-vaunted serenity, it seems rather questionable to go as far as the ultra-Catholic auxiliary bishop Eleganti. He is annoyed that the holy water fonts in the churches have been desecrated for hygienic reasons. Whoever has a strong faith cannot be harmed by the priestly consecrated water (in spite of all contamination). The elegant Shepherd of the Lord forgets here that there are also people with only moderately strong or weak faith, who should not be exposed unnecessarily to the virulence of the laws of nature. In addition, this world, God knows, already has enough need for divine miracles. You don't have to strain the miracle requirement with sacred roulette. With all the elegance of the episcopal religious acrobatics described, it is difficult for me to fall into an enthusiastic "Wow-Bishop!" to get in the mood, instead I have to seriously ask myself: «Why? -Bishop» ...
CH B. 03/18/2020

Crypto Valley:
Now we Swiss have finally once again a film-worthy, drinkable secret service scandal that has washed itself with all the obscure waters of an agent thriller. The dismay at the involvement of our state in the dubious machinations of the CIA and BND is balanced with the satisfaction that we are finally once again in the limelight not only with deadly boring tax evasion and greed for raw materials, but with a tingly lush espionage thriller in the World events.
We will probably only have reliable information about who knew everything from the gallery of our federal authorities about these cryptic entanglements when a relevant report by an investigative commission is available. For the time being, our image of the events is dependent on all sorts of cryptic clues, assumptions and more or less eloquent or demented denials. We are not at all surprised that the Federal Council (or its former members) knew nothing about anything; because it is actually the duty of every Federal Councilor (whether still in office or already obsolete) not to have known anything about anything in such delicate situations. In the phase when, around 1993, the first signs of suspicion about the manipulative involvement of Crypto AG spilled from Zug's Crypto Valley to Federal Bern, and when the US embassy delivered the sand free of charge to the federal police in which the investigation process there then proceeded, - In that phase, the Federal Council may even have made a wise foresight that it did not know anything about anything. In order not to refute itself, however, such a declaratory decision should not contain any information about what exactly was meant by “of everything”. In view of the always and everywhere danger lurking that it could later be suspected of some kind of intrusive knowledge, the Federal Council could, as a routine preventative measure, establish officially at regular intervals that it did not know "about everything". He could then submit this decision not to know later at any time in the event of any suspicion of knowledge (in relation to whatever) for his discharge. Such a general certificate of ignorance, because it relates to “everything”, would be extremely versatile in specific cases of need. The statement that as a member of the government or other high authority you knew nothing about "everything" should not be overstrained, however, as its all too frequent use would damage the impression of authority in a blatant way.In order to limit the damage, one would then have to add the statement that one did not know anything about anything, the authority-preserving suffix, but that one knew absolutely everything about nothing.
Since "all of this" happened a long time ago, it is also possible that the Federal Council (or one or the other of its protagonists at the time) has now completely forgotten the nothing that it knew about "everything" at the time so that nothing remains of the nothing he knew "about everything" back then.
After the American-German “fake” encryption devices from Zug's Crypto Valley were exposed, it will of course be very difficult for Swiss exporters to keep the popularity of their products at an acceptable level. When it comes to Emmental cheese, it will be assumed that there will be a CIA nano bugging chip in every hole in future. From now on, the same suspicions are placed on the previously extremely popular Rolex watches, as well as pacemakers, “gene tech scissors” and gold bars. “Made in Schlitzerland” will be our ultimate trademark. Only an ingenious territorial-surgical liberation can save us from such a debacle: We are ceding the canton of Zug, including all of its dim tax evasion resorts, robbery holdings and crypto-valleys, to Liechtenstein with immediate effect. In this way we will at least get rid of the worst reputational risks not only in the present Langley-Zug connection, but also in future trains. The newly emerging “bad state” could then perhaps be called “Liechtensteinhausen” or “Corryptistan”.
However, we will secure the film rights for the future crypto agent thriller in good time before this outsourcing. We would like to benefit ourselves from the media exploitation of our own cheating, from this lucrative disclosure hype. We are already looking forward to the breathtaking cipher agent thriller with the title: "You only freeze once on a sinking ship" with numerous old federal councilors and old Bond girls in tragicomic hero roles.
CH B. February 20, 2020

Gwinnovation forever
How dangerous this 5G radiation is now, as a hardened, walking 4G radiation hole sieve, I cannot say with the best of will. One should probably first carry out a long-term study in fast motion, which, in the absence of a clear result, will then amount to the scheme “the last bites the burden of proof”. Whatever the case, it is advisable to be hardy and robust these days. If we wanted to take all sensitive minorities into consideration, in the end all of our brilliant technological progress would probably fall by the wayside. It can't be that the robust majority have to forego streaming Netflix blockbusters in seconds because of a few annoying allergy sufferers. Yes, and if a few busy bees get navigation problems, then in the future there will be more Nutella instead of honey for breakfast.
These hypersensitivists, these beekeepers and biodiversity should first of all prove that 5G radiation is really harmful. If progress always had to prove that it was harmless, would we? With so much "eco-ifs and buts" we would still have to dance around a fire in a bearskin. In contrast to then, however, today, for animal welfare reasons, they would even take our bearskin away from us. But even the Stone Age people couldn't always wait to eat mushrooms until they were non-toxic, a bit of Russian roulette has always been necessary for innovations. Trial and error - if necessary stop at the living object - have always been the development impulses of civilization. You just have to take certain risks, especially when it comes to such beneficial civilizational benefits for humanity, such as the lightning-fast preparation of films and online games, the super-fast data transmission for driverless cars (we really need them urgently!) And About intelligent refrigerators that automatically reorder their contents from Zalando and also record our eating habits data so that they can then be forwarded to Google or Santésuisse without being asked. - For such epochal relief of our human existence, it is really worthwhile to expect certain risks to the less robust contemporaries, especially since these vanishing minorities are already about to disappear. Nobody can claim that the telecom companies do not take the limit values ​​seriously. Rather, the limit values ​​cannot be weighted enough. In this sense, the mobile communications industry wants to set the limit values ​​even higher, which ultimately benefits everyone, because in this way one can save many low-radiation mobile phone antennas, and thus billions. And if someone really wants to cross a busy electromagnetic data highway, then they have to get an electromagnetic radiation protection suit from the Swisscom shop. For young men it is also advisable to order a “Sperm Protection Set”, available at www.fortpflanz.komm.
The data mobile transfer industry has a whole Internet of things ready for us that protect us from the possible radiation that the Internet of Things brings with it. Yes, why shouldn't things have an internet too? Especially since they are much more compatible with progress than we humans are? Even the most robust people will at some point begin to hyperventilate and do complicated things when the radiation dose at 6G, 7G or 8G is increased even further with increasing data transfer. - And so progress will continue without people, for the good of ......, for the good of ... whatever, ... take a look at www.keineanung.vergisses.
Christof Brassel 7.1.2020

The non-oligarch niece:
Our time is characterized by e-mails, e-bikes and e-cars, e-banking and e-denking, e-smoking and e-voting and of course e-gotrips again and again. Soon we will be able to order an e-drink or e-pizza from Amazon without the cumbersome home delivery service. However, the Austrian owner of a political tanning studio and his aristocratic nobleman have had bad experiences with their I-pizza connection. In a villa in I-biza they were welcomed by I-rina, a true Russian oligarch niece, who was actually a non-oligarch niece. In any case, she kidnapped the two Australian right-wing foreign ministers oligarschkalt into their own big, wide demi-world, where they indulged in their cocktail-fueled intoxication of power. To the siren chants of this Russian Cossack, the strache man and his sweet nut became so soft as butter that they mentally landed where the gummy bears in the vodka Red Bull swamp say good night to each other.
While the two brisk Austria-first boys have politically brought themselves to the straits in their ladyship, many other right-wing specimens in Europe and in the USA are still waiting for their Russian no-dawn. Can you still outdo so much stupidity? Yes, you can! In the case of the all-thunderous Supertrumpers, however, the Russian niece would have to bring much more than a paltry quarter of a billion dollars into play. It would have to be at least 5 billion, “to build the wall”, and the niece would also have to have a real Putin doppelganger in tow who would keep patting the Superdonald on the back with the words “you are absolutely the greatest”. Under the influence of such egomaniacal narcotics, the immortal Trumpator would easily whisper a few tiny little state secrets to the Russian goodguy in his always open KGB ear, whereupon the trumped-in would sooner or later be mulled out of his office.
But how could a Russian non-oligarch niece get the Roman emperor Matteo Schlavini, who is known to feed mainly on breaking taboos, into a skid? That pat on the back who is addicted to hardness and who only has contempt for compassion and other emotions that are no longer up-to-date? But if you consider that his successful model of "taboo breaking escalation" only works if the dulling of the people keeps pace with the increasing atrocity of the taboo breaking, it becomes clear that politicians like Schlavini have a growing need to dull the people across the board. But because St. Francis of Assisi has also left his (for Schlavini unfavorable) spiritual traces in Italy, a nationwide dulling of the people can only be achieved in the long term with a large-scale admixture of the active ingredient brutaline in the drinking water. The Russian niece assigned to Schlavini would have to promise him billions for years to come for the ongoing procurement of brutaline, which would then be manufactured in Novartis' secret licensed factories in Russia. With the unveiling of the megalomaniac plans to forcefully anesthetize the whole of Italianità, the niece who appeared out of nowhere would literally destroy the tough Schlavini's political career.

It is probably no coincidence that almost simultaneously with the publication of the Ibiza video of the Russian power niece, which to a certain extent uncovered the abysses of a political black hole, the world's most famous telescope stations saw a real black hole for the first time from a distance of 55 million light years " photograph ”. The revealed machinations of this (fortunately mega-distant) black hole are at least as scandalous as the corruption and power deceptions of the two unleashed FPÖ right wing extremists. In one case it is about the all-devouring nothingness, in the other it is about the unveiling of the all-revealing niece. In any case, it is time, not only in Austria, to switch from Vodka-Red-Bull to a beer.
Christof Brassel, June 11, 2019