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Xbox: Why Microsoft Never Made a Windows Console

The fourth generation of Microsoft consoles will soon appear with the Series X and Series S, which is also an occasion to look back on history. An interesting question was raised in a report, namely why there was never a Windows console.

"We deliberately deceived Bill Gates"

Microsoft released its very first Xbox in 2002 and one of the main culprits was Seamus Blackley, who is now 52, ​​is also considered the father of the Microsoft console. Blackley has now been asked by the game magazine Edge about the most important moments in development, especially about the internal discussions and fights about whether to use Windows as the operating system (via PC Gamer).

The background is that Blackley and his team "sold" the original Xbox internally with Windows as the operating system. But it should never actually be used. But when this became known, there were a lot of emotions and some became loud. Blackley: "We absolutely and deliberately deceived Bill Gates. And I told him explicitly and many times in writing that we were using Windows at this point."

Windows above everything

That was a big risk, so the Xbox father. At this point in time, Microsoft was a company that "certainly doesn't understand games and consoles," said Blackley. "It was a company (back then) whose entire value was based on this Windows operating system - they see the value of a computer in the operating system. Now if you are an internal employee of this company and want to promote the value of a new platform, what argument then do you use? You use the operating system. "

It does not matter whether the operating system represents the actual value in this case. Blackley explains that in this case the operating system is essentially only a means to an end and not the actual value: "No player gives a damn about the Windows functions," said Blackley. But that was an unthinkable attitude back then in Redmond.

"So you just have to wait a little, swallow your pride and stay cool until everyone has learned enough to understand your argument. And at some point someone says that Windows is not needed at all for that. And you have the urge control to fucking kill the person because you've been telling them that for two years and now they're finally coming up with it like it's their own idea. "

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