How do you say rural in Japanese?

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RE: Lockdown
(25.01.21 08:32) tachibana wrote:Really? Even if only a few people read this forum, you don't have to publish everything that is floating around in your head. Please read, think and edit / comment accordingly:
A few people? I am approached from time to time by the local German-Japanese community, apparently there are Lurkers here.
But OK, then a different choice of words. After all, these "quarantine hotels", "corona paradises", "positive palaces" serve to accommodate people who have tested positive for PCR or suspect people in a concentrated manner so that they do not infect anyone at home, because in the big cities people only have tiny apartments in which one can meet can't get out of the way.
In Germany this idea has also been discussed but has probably not yet been implemented, in Japan it has been for a long time and has met with little support, although I don't know who pays for it in Japan.
People do "cull" when swine fever has broken out in the pigsty, I didn't find that verb in WADOKU and don't know how to say it in Japanese, although there was a rural, morally scented pig nursery on the windward side of my wife's parents' house.