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Leadership Skills - 8 Qualities a Good Boss Should Have

What makes a good manager in detail is subjective. We all have different views on what the ideal boss should be. Different companies and organizations also have different needs. And yet - good managers are usually similar in their core characteristics and skills. We have summarized these in 8 essential leadership skills below.

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1. Talent as a conductor

Delegating tasks to employees or entire departments is one of the most important skills a manager should develop. Because, as is well known, the higher the number of tasks to be mastered in everyday work, the lower the quality of the output. It is therefore important for your own stress level as well as for the quality of the work to give up tasks as a manager. Do you have a good team? Then show your trust in your employees and hand over responsibility.

2. Communication skills

Without clarity in the language, humans are known to be just a garden gnome, as Element of Crime has already explained to us. And that is all the more true for a boss. Tasks must be communicated clearly and precisely. And the vision that everyone in the company is working towards needs to be brought to life linguistically and emotionally. A leader inspires his team, can get it carried away and thus drives it to top performance.

3. Honesty

Employees are the face of a company and they reflect the behavior of their superiors. It is up to you whether you create a culture of trust in which honest and ethical behavior is desired and encouraged and in which your employees know that they can rely on you in times of crisis. Be clear about your expectations and act accordingly yourself.

4. Confidence

In times of uncertainty or failure, managers shouldn't panic and act blindly. In these times it is particularly important to radiate stability and continue to have a motivating effect on your employees. Stay in focus, because a headless boss is no help to anyone.

5. Commitment

Do you expect top performance from your employees? That is good, it is even better if you also and primarily place this expectation on yourself. Because nothing is more motivating than a boss who shows with great commitment how the team can conquer the world together.

6. A positive attitude

In phases with increased stress levels, the working atmosphere is often the first to suffer. A positive boss has a cushioning effect here and manages not to let the mood change and to maintain motivation and productivity. If your team is happy to see you in the morning, you certainly haven't done anything wrong.

7. Creativity

Being creative as a leader involves being able to make quick decisions. But it also means taking the time you need to constantly review and evaluate all the important alternatives. Some decisions are more difficult than others and sometimes you have to deviate from the norm. It is precisely at this point that you, as a manager, need and show your creativity.

8. Motivational talent

Working towards a common goal, sharing a vision is important for motivating employees. But this motivation and enthusiasm also wants to be rewarded. Show appreciation for good work and thank your employees for their efforts.

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