Whatever happened to Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers will be permanently discontinued after 15 years

A piece of internet history leaves the World Wide Web. Yahoo Answers is one of the longest running Q&A platforms on the internet. Now the end of the forum has been announced, which was famous for so many nonsensical questions and answers. The website and its archive will cease to operate on May 4, 2021.

Archive becomes inaccessible

On the homepage of Yahoo Answers there has been a notice of the imminent closure of the website since Monday. As of April 20th, it will no longer be possible to submit new questions. Users who want access to their data can download it until June 30th. After that, all questions, answers and images generated by users will no longer be accessible, writes Yahoo in the FAQ.

Resources for other products

In a notification for registered users, Yahoo gives details of the reason for the end of the platform. Yahoo Answers has long been an important part of the company's product range, which was acquired by Verizon in 2017, but over the years it has lost its popularity, writes the forum team. Now they want to use the company's resources for other products, reports "The Verge".

Conspiracy tales

Yahoo Answers went online for the first time in 2005 and has long been the go-to place for all questions that could not be resolved with a simple Google search. In recent years, however, the forum has increasingly developed into an opinion portal for political questions and conspiracy theories.

Under the "Discover" tab, current popular discussions can be found, including questions about George Floyd's death, the manipulation of the US elections and rumors about US President Joe Biden. The future of the community is also discussed and assumptions are made about the reason for the shutdown of Yahoo Answers.

Internet culture

With the end of the 15-year-old platform, a piece of internet culture, which in the past was often to be found in the form of memes and YouTube videos, is also being lost. With 40 million views, this collection of misplaced pregnancy questions is one of the most iconic videos Yahoo Answers provided.

(hsu, April 6th, 2021)