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Lose weight: Lose weight without diet: fat-burning gene discovered

Losing weight is particularly difficult at Christmas time. But since Japanese researchers have now found a solid-burning gene, diets may be superfluous in the future anyway. "Ucp 1" is the name of the gene that is responsible for burning fat in the body.

If the function of the gene "Ucp 1" is delayed, this leads to excessive fat storage in the fat cells. This is how obesity develops. The researchers will present all the results of their study in the specialist journal “Cell Reports” at the end of December.

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the world. Because being overweight can trigger diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. So far there are no safe and effective medical treatments for obesity. The only option is up to the person concerned: They have to take individual measures. But with the discovery of the gene, the Japanese researchers could have achieved a decisive breakthrough.

Lose weight: The "UCP1" gene is responsible for burning fat

They seem to have found the causes of obesity at the genetic level. The medical professionals claim to have discovered one of the molecular mechanisms involved in storing and burning fat. The research team of Dr. Takahashi Akinori and colleagues found that mice lacking two specific genes do not gain weight despite a high-fat diet. This explicitly applies to mice that lack the “Cnot7” and “Tob” genes, explained the Japanese scientists in their study.

The scientists found that the two genes had a massive impact on another gene called "UCP1". In addition, the researchers now know that this “UCP1” gene has a major influence on our weight gain. The gene supports fat burning and thus reduces our fat deposits. "UCP1" would convert fat in our cells into heat, added the medical professionals.

Gene for weight loss: slimming pill instead of diet?

Overweight people have low levels of "UCP1" in their fat cells. This ultimately leads to more fat being stored instead of being burned, said the doctors. The result is obesity.

Another goal is now to find a way in which the conversion of fat to heat is supported, so the Japanese scientists. Dr. Takahashi hopes that one day the results of his research can be used to develop a kind of "slimming pill" and thus support the treatment of obesity. AZ