In which business is 1000 times profit

At the moment, many receive a link by email but also by SMS that leads to an alleged profit: One is accompanied by confetti with the words “You have made the billionth Google search!”. The website looks deceptively similar to the real Google page and even the Internet address seems to start with

In order to receive the prize, you will be asked to fill out a form and provide various personal information. These then end up with the creators behind the fake site, who resell this data. It is simply a question of fraud.

A closer look at the Internet address reveals that this is only cleverly deceived: "" is only the subdomain of another web address, for example - the website has nothing to do with Google.

You are also confronted with false notifications of winnings elsewhere on the Internet: Pop-up windows with corresponding claims often open, especially on dubious websites. Sometimes you win a new iPhone, sometimes a voucher for € 1,000 for Amazon, sometimes an Apple Watch - the promises change frequently. The common denominator, however, remains: There is no profit.

SiBa therefore warns that you should be very careful with competitions on the Internet: Always check carefully whether it is a serious competition and, if in doubt, do not disclose any personal data: Is there a real imprint? Are there any conditions of participation? Who is behind the competition?