How can I stop myself from clapping?


Federal Minister for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport, Vice Chancellor Mag. Werner Kogler: Mister President! Ladies and gentlemen! Dear viewers at home! We not only experience crisis days, but also dramatic days. Today I would like to address the viewers in particular, because we in the Federal Government unanimously view it that way and see and support the proposed measures that should be taken, as well as the appeal that your behavior is voluntary. Thank you for the solidarity in the federal government too.

First of all, however, it is particularly important to thank those who have already been addressed: to the helpers - I consciously start this way - in the health system, the nurses, the doctors, the nurses, and the teachers who are still in the school help - which is organized quite differently - who are there so that those who absolutely still have to go to work know that their children are well looked after. The supermarket cashiers are talked about so often, now too, but again in a different way: I believe that in these difficult times when it is time to stick together and help together, the much stressed and apostrophized supermarket helpers are in truth the heroines of everyday life today and for this they deserve a real bow and thanks. (General applause.)

I can only agree with the appeals: In essence, it will help us if we have the so-called social contacts - the subject has now become famous, perhaps it is too abstract for some; we have already received indications - reduce to a minimum. I don't want to repeat everything now, but those who absolutely have to be in contact, also in the supply stores, in the banks, in the drugstores, in the tobacconists: keep your distance! That's what helps the most. We may not have all understood it quickly enough, we'll try now. Please stick to it! Only do the most necessary errands outside of your home and then meet when you have to go out, under no circumstances in smaller or larger groups!

Why am i saying this? - We deliberately obtained reports about observations and had to hear over and over again until Friday and yesterday noon - in the evening the situation was different according to reports - that many obviously did not fully understand this and that there were large groups in the parks on the Mariahilfer Straße downright crowd. It can't be, and I say: It can't be anymore either! We will do everything we can to prevent that if it does not work voluntarily.

I also have a department, the sports department. I don't want to bore you there, I just want to say what I mean when I say we are wildly determined: By Friday I received news that sports clubs - the smaller ones, downstairs - still want to hold training sessions for children and young people - yes but hello !, wake up! - with the ulterior motive, by the way - that is where it gets particularly sizzling - that the children and adolescents may not even have symptoms or any particular course of the disease. - Yes, that's completely perverse and absurd!

It must be about - everyone must have understood that by now - that we prevent the carriers from spreading the virus, and of course it is the children who carry it on through their social behavior, and precisely where it is belongs least of all, namely to the elderly and those with previous health problems, et cetera.

If you don't understand that, I tell you - I can only speak of the sports clubs to give an example; I have no authorizing authority there -: We'll look at it, from the big associations down to the bottom, and whoever does not comply with this from Monday, that is from tomorrow, can say goodbye to funding for years - we will distribute enough of them (Applause from MPs from the Greens, SPÖ and NEOS) - Both the clubs that organize these businesses and the sports facility operators, who have to pay millions to expand sports facilities and build new ones. (Heckling from MP Martin Count and Worm.)

I am serious. Everyone should stick to it, and those who don't stick to it can expect consequences. (Abg. Kickl: But then you also need clear guidelines!) - If you from the FPÖ comment on that, then I can tell you: We are wildly determined. (Abg. Kickl: Clear guidelines!) - Yes, of course due to clear guidelines! (Abg. Kickl: But it didn't exist!Submission Meinl-Reisinger: Yes, clear guidelines, but also support!)

We have just heard it: From tomorrow onwards, none of these training units will have to take place. That is quite logical, we have just heard it. This is really important to me: only do the bare minimums outside, as we said!

As far as jobs are concerned, in this sense also an appeal to the entrepreneurs, who are decisive according to the current legal situation: They should please consider and ensure that only the most essential services and productions are arranged so that as many people as possible can Can stay home.

Once again the motto: Now it's time to stick together and help together! Why is that so important? - Because that is definitely the most effective measure. At the moment, the most accurate measure, which affects as many people as possible - and it has been expanded - is not to maintain any further social contacts that are not absolutely necessary due to the transmission channels. Obviously, we humans have the problem - evolution was not enough for that - that we don't know what an exponential increase is; I would say: an exploding increase in cases - that is perhaps easier to understand.

If we think we have 1,000 cases in the next few days, Monday or Tuesday (Abg. Meinl-Reisinger: There are already 800 today!), Then it looks like this with the further increase: Some have this in their heads that once in a certain period of time there are 2,000 cases, then 3,000, then 4,000. But that's not how it is. There is a doubling period, which is currently around three days. If we take that, then that means: 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 16,000, 32,000, 64,000, 128,000. (Abg. Meinl-Reisinger: It's 52 hours! Two days!) - Those are assumptions, yes, I just want to make it clear once. (Abg. Meinl-Reisinger: Yes, but that's wrong! Two days!) - Yes, if the doubling period is shorter, then it goes even faster. In any case, in this calculation we would have broken the 100,000 mark at the beginning or in the middle of April.

Now I think and let's think it through from the back to the front: It's about the capacity limits in the health system, that's the decisive factor! We have to prevent the collapse or meltdown of intensive care care. When we have 100,000 cases, we will see what that means for the most serious disease courses, which are naturally a small part of them statistically, and those that require intensive treatment. We want to prevent conditions like in Lombardy or Bergamo. Read the reports from the doctors there! Rudi Anschober, who, I think, has his say now, always says - I may quote him at this point - that it reads like situation reports from war zones. That must drive us to all action.

I would like to briefly address the aid package for jobs, business location and further job security. The order of the funds to be used is: firstly, protecting health - that will also cost something -, secondly, employment - that is, safeguarding jobs, supporting entrepreneurs - and thirdly, for reconstruction, for a new start, perhaps here or there for give hope to a go-around. We combine that with the aforementioned 4 billion euro package.

What does it mean when it is said to create liquidity, secure jobs and help in cases of hardship? - We have several instruments at our disposal. Incidentally, these 4 billion euros are fresh money, unlike elsewhere, and we will take exactly the following measures: Entrepreneurs should make ends meet by having the appropriate liquidity. You can do that by deferring taxes, social security contributions, etc., by guaranteeing loans, giving direct loans or guaranteeing fund payments.

We consider this to be important in principle: If we help the individual, we also help the whole, because it does not dry up the economy.

If we want to keep the blood flowing in the economy, then money has to stay in the economic cycle, and if individuals get money now, it will stay there as a whole. Of course, it will not be possible to keep the budget, that is perfectly clear, but a balanced budget is of course completely subordinate in times like these; I see it the same way as the finance minister. However, we will need further measures that will also cost money in order to get out of this crisis and make appropriate investments. - Many Thanks. (Applause from the Greens and ÖVP.)


President Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka: Member of the club chairman Wöginger has been asked to speak. - You're welcome.