How is the Microsoft SMS Organizer

Top 12 Microsoft SMS Organizer Tips and Tricks 2021

With the flood of chat apps like WhatsApp, text messaging has seen a drastic decline. While the SMS spam remains unchecked, very few people would consider switching to third-party SMS apps because the native apps offer sufficient functionality. However, this is not entirely true.

Microsoft's SMS Organizer app is an app that lets you think differently. Even if you don't use SMS regularly, it's a must to decrypt your spam and promotional SMS inbox and keep important messages at your fingertips.

While the post focuses on the top 12 tips and tricks for the SMS Organizer app, you can also think of them as the top reasons for switching to this app.

1. Create reminders

One of the unique features of the SMS Organizer app is the ability to remind you of upcoming events like flights, outstanding bills, etc. In addition to creating reminders automatically, the app also lets you create custom reminders.

There are two ways to create reminders. The first method allows you to create reminders right on the Reminders screen by tapping the new reminder icon at the bottom. Then add the appropriate details and attach a text message to the reminder.

Another way to create a reminder is through the SMS itself. Open the SMS thread, tap and hold the SMS you want to create a reminder for. Then tap the three dot icon and select Add Reminder. Enter a description and set the time and date for your reminder.

2. View past reminders

The SMS app from Microsoft surprises you again and again with its functions. You'd think the app would remove the reminders when they expire. Well it erases them, but you can still review your previous memories. To do this, you need to open the app and tap on the Reminders tab at the top. Then tap the three-dot icon and select View past memories.

3. Display account statement

You can view the mini account statement directly in this app without logging into your bank account. This is only possible if you have not deleted any transaction messages for this account or you will miss some of the transactions.

Note: Do not consider this a final and official statement. The actual account statement may differ.

To view the statement, tap the Accounts bar, then tap the View Statement option under the account.

4. Show only unread messages

The SMS Organizer app cuts down our work by dividing SMS into different categories like personal, transactions and promotions. However, it also gives you an easy way to filter unread messages. In other words, with the help of an available toggle, you can only view unread messages.

The toggle is located at the top of each category and only needs to be activated.

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5. Move SMS from one folder to another

This app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to categorize different SMS. If you think the app moved a text message to the wrong category, you can move it manually.

To do this, tap and hold the message thread you want to move. At the top, tap the move icon. Then choose the folder you want to move it to.

If you want to move a single message, tap and hold it, then tap the three-dot icon. Then select Move To.

6. Archive messages

Most apps now support the archive function. Fortunately, the SMS Organizer app is one of them. Archive allows you to hide messages without deleting them.

To archive a text message, tap and hold it. Then tap the Move To icon if you want to move the entire thread. Otherwise, click the three-dot icon and select Move to for a single message. In the pop-up window, tap Archive.

7. Mute the transmitter

Don't you like messages from a specific sender? Muting is a subtle way to block notifications of messages from a specific sender. However, you will still receive messages from them.

To mute a sender, tap and hold the message thread. Then tap on the three-dot icon and select the Mute transmitter option in the menu. Once you've muted a thread, the mute icon will appear next to the muted threads.

8. Favorite SMS

For quick access to SMS, you can mark them in this app. These marked SMS are displayed in the "Marked" folder below.

Tap and hold a text message to mark it. Then tap the star icon at the top.

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9. Change swiping gestures

By default, you can swipe on the message threads, where swiping with the right mouse button allows messages to be moved and swiping with the left mouse button changes the status from "read" to "unread" or vice versa.

To change the swipe actions, do the following:

Step 1: Tap the three-dot icon and select Settings.

Step 2: Go to General. Scroll down and under Swipe Options, change the behavior for Swipe Left and Swipe Right.

10. Enable swipe for tabs

This app has tabs on the top and bottom. Typically, the swiping gesture is used to switch between tabs that are not enabled by default. However, if you want to use the swipe gesture, the app gives you the option to do so.

To enable swiping for tabs, go to Settings> General. Here you can toggle tabs while swiping.

You must have noticed that the app supports two different gestures on the home screen, but only one works at a time. You can use swipe for tabs or message threads.

11. Use the gesture to change the thread

Once in a chat thread, there is no need to go back to check the previous or next chat thread. Swipe right or left to change the thread.

12. Automatically delete messages

The app has an interesting feature that allows you to add rules to automatically delete messages after a certain period of time. Disabled by default, messages such as OTP and promotional SMS are automatically removed as soon as the rules are activated.

To activate it, go to Settings via the three dot icon and select Rules. This is where you get the options for which you can set rules. Tap the time you want to configure and select the time for it.

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Organize your SMS

The SMS Organizer app is one of the most recommended apps from GT employees. You also get other features like SMS scheduling, customizing notifications and font size, and securing messages.

While the app looks promising, the only downside is that it is currently limited to India. If you find yourself in any other part of the world you will have to wait to take advantage of it.