How are sex offenders treated in prison?

Placing sex offenders in prison is complicated. A judge explains the measures to

Cases of abuse, such as the case of Kevin F., heat the minds of many: The former educator was charged with serious sexual abuse of children - and sentenced to five years in prison on September 28, 2018. Sex crimes are particularly hotly debated on social media platforms. And again and again the question arises: How are the perpetrators housed in prison? wanted to know exactly and asked Dr. We asked Steffen Tanneberger, judge at the administrative court.

"Sex offenders are at the bottom of the prisoner hierarchy," explains Tanneberger. Because: As in every society, there is also a certain pecking order in prison. And the sex offenders, especially in the case of crimes against children, are at the very bottom when they are arrested. So what can these offenders expect in prison?

Richter explains: This is what sex offenders can expect in the prison

"It is one of the most important tasks of the penal system to ensure that the prisoners do not practice vigilante justice," says Tanneberger. That is why there are a number of measures at the prison level to protect the prisoners concerned, depending on the circumstances of the individual case.

As soon as they are admitted to the prison, these prisoners are made aware of their increased risk. There are also additional tips for correct behavior in detention: for example, the recommendation not to mention your own crime.

Separate accommodation of the sex offenders in the prison

But are these tips and recommendations sufficient to protect prisoners from violence? No! That is why there are other measures to protect sex offenders: "In some institutions, placement in certain departments is provided," says Tanneberger. Some institutions separate prisoners by placing them in special areas.

JVA: Special measures for sex offenders

So are there any general rules for housing sex offenders? The answer: a resounding no. There are no general statements made in such cases. The measures for the protection and separation of prisoners differ in the individual prisons in the country. Tanneberger says: "It is crucial that protection against attacks is guaranteed on site." How this happens is up to each institution.

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