Is there a future for this relationship

8 signs that show your relationship has no future even if you love your partner

I know none of us like to hear love and discipline in the same sentence. But if you know the power of real love and treat it with awe, then you will not destroy it and that is precisely why we need self-discipline.

We need discipline to choose the partner who will be worthy of our sincere love. We need to have the discipline to choose the partner who has the potential to grow and develop with all the care you have to offer.

And we need the discipline to break away from the partners who no longer mean anything to us. It can be very painful when we realize that we have outgrown our partner or when we see that we are trapped in a hopeless relationship.

But it is very important not to get stuck in a relationship like this, but to move on with life and find someone who is worthy of all that one has to offer.
So, if you have a gut feeling or nagging instinct that you're in a relationship that has no future, then read on to find out what signs point to that type of relationship.

Here are 8 obvious signs that you are in a hopeless relationship:

1. Your partner does not fit into your future plans.

Everyone has goals and visions of what their future life should look like.

Someone might want to travel across Europe, open a yoga school or start their own company. If you find that you cannot imagine a future with your partner, then that is a clear sign that you are in a bad relationship and that you need to leave this man.

2. You act more like a savior than a partner.

A relationship is a partnership between two equal people. Both of them need to make sure that they have a fairly balanced give and take of love, support, and affection.

But if you feel like you are the only one supporting the partner and acting more like a savior than a partner, then you need to seriously rethink your relationship. If you're constantly trying to change your partner, then you definitely don't go together. This is clear evidence that you don't like him the way he is right now.

If you want him to have a different job, to open up more, to be more adventurous, and to keep trying to change it, then you don't love him, but the idea that you have in your head.

Neither of us is perfect and everyone should support our partner so that he can develop his potential, but if we don't like him for who he is and are constantly trying to change him, then this is a lost cause because you just can't be together fits. In that case, you should continue your life without him.

3. There is no trust in your relationship.

Trust is the most important factor in a strong, fulfilling, and long-term relationship.

Some people may have trust issues because of something that happened in their past or because of something that happened in their current relationship.
But if a person is unable to solve the problem, then he will also destroy a loving and good relationship.

If you feel that you cannot trust your partner or they trust you even after trying to resolve the issues, then you need to think about whether you want to be in an untrusted relationship.

4. You have been together for a while and your partner is reluctant to commit.

Every relationship has different phases. In the initial phase, both partners try to find out whether they fit together and whether they can take this relationship to a new level.

The next phase could be anything, depending on what phase you are currently in.

This could be that you are moving in together or planning to get married or have children. But it can happen that you are together for a long time and he still cannot decide what to hope for from your relationship. Avoiding a bond at all costs is a clear sign that your relationship won't last long.

5. You are the only one trying to make the relationship work.

A relationship is a partnership between two people. But it's amazing how we lose sight of that fact when we fall in love. When we love someone, we tend to overlook the way a partner falls short of their responsibilities in the relationship. More and more often this happens to the people who are polite and patient. But, if this habit is neglected, it could call your relationship into question.

When you're the only one trying to make the relationship work, trying to keep in touch, planning the dates, sacrificing their needs for the relationship while your partner ignores his own and doesn't devote his or her time to you then you have to stop thinking that he will ever change.

If you forgive him everything and hope for a miracle that he will change, then your relationship has no future. You should never settle for it just because you're scared of being single. You need to realize that it is much better to be alone than with someone who is constantly ignoring you. It's much better to focus on your own life and goals until you find someone worthy of your love and affection.

6. Your best friend and your parents don't like your partner.

It is not necessary that all of the people you love get along well.

But if in any way your loved one doesn't like your partner, then you should pay attention to what they have to say. They always want the best for us and can see the whole situation from a neutral perspective. It could be that you cannot see something because at that moment you are seeing everything through rose-colored glasses. Perhaps your family can clearly see that you deserve better because your partner does not treat you with the love and respect you deserve.

7. You feel insecure with him.

Love should be wild but sure.

It is not a must to tell your partner that you love them every day in order to feel safe, but there does have to be a certain bond and understanding between the couple.
If you are constantly questioning your partner's feelings and not sure what your future together will look like, it is a clear sign that you are not sharing the necessary bond or understanding.

There's no point in staying in a relationship where you feel insecure or you don't know where the relationship is going.

8. Your bond is physical rather than mental or emotional.

A good relationship is one in which you connect with your partner on all levels, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. But if you feel like you have only one physical connection, then that relationship cannot last long.

After a while, the spark in a relationship fades and if you don't have a solid bond that is bigger than the physical, then that's a clear sign that you don't have a future together.