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Playstation Now: Subscribers can now play games offline

Playstation Now subscribers can now download the games included in the subscription to the PS4 and play them locally. Sony announced this in a blog post. So far, the games could only be streamed from the Sony cloud. A permanent, stable internet connection was necessary for this. According to Sony, the update for offline gaming will be activated in the coming days.

Playstation Now is a subscription service that grants access to over 500 Playstation games for 15 euros a month. The update makes PS Now more interesting for users with weak Internet connections: You can now download games once and play them locally in order to avoid the disadvantages of streaming games when the network is shaky. However, PS Now still does not work completely without Internet. Subscribers have to log into their console once a week to verify their account.

DLCs ​​still work

PS Now works on PC too. The option to save games locally is only available on the Playstation 4. The download option also does not apply to PS3 games. Only PS2 and PS4 titles run natively on the Playstation 4. According to the Sony blog entry, DLCs and extensions continue to work even after a game has been downloaded.

Playstation Now is one of several game subscriptions. EA and Microsoft, among others, also offer such services. Many high-quality games are included in the PS Now subscription, but you have to buy the latest top titles separately. Some of the best PS Now titles include Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us. (there)

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