Do fathers ever fantasize about their daughters?

You lose this person a little more every day

I then persuaded my mother to take me to the doctor. I told her I had to see a neurologist. I didn't have the courage to tell her to get checked out. The experienced doctor recognized it quickly with the usual tests and the dropouts could be felt very clearly in the normal conversation. She couldn't answer certain questions. For example, he asked the name of our Federal Chancellor. My mother replies, “Yes, don't you know that?” It was typical that she always answered with a counter-question. She was treated as an inpatient for a week and then we had it. But we still didn't know what it really meant. We still thought that then she would just become a bit forgetful.

In the early days of the illness she said to me “I think I'm going crazy.” She had felt for a long time that something was wrong with her.

When I got some information, the word “loss of everyday skills” was used for the first time. But I couldn't imagine that much. Until I realized that my mother was no longer able to cope with the domestic environment. Although she received medical treatment, she still lived alone. She lived 15 kilometers away from us. In addition to my job, I drove to her almost every day. At some point the health insurance company gave me a hint about a care classification. The doctor who examined my mother then gave me even more information so that I almost knew what to expect. But what was actually in store for us was much worse. I had thought that my mother would definitely still be in good hands in assisted living. But the doctor pulled my tooth and said that my mother hadn't been a case for assisted living for a long time. Then the decision was made to bring mother to us. In her own apartment, but here in the house. We then discussed that with my mother. We did not notice that my mother could no longer understand this at this point. When the move took place, my mother was very beside herself because she did not understand it. She literally attacked me.