How could you be a good accountant?

Accountant - the path to the profession and its duties

Accountant duties

A big advantage of the job right from the start: accountants are needed in almost every medium-sized or large company. For you, of course, this means that there are various job opportunities. Incidentally, depending on the size of the company, different departments are responsible for accounting:

Financial accounting
Financial accounting is part of accounting. You take care of the receipt of incoming payments and expenses. The dunning system is also usually attached to this department.

Payroll accounting
In payroll accounting, paying out and correctly calculating wages is one of your tasks.

Asset accounting
If you work in asset accounting, you will manage the machines or real estate in your company.

As you can see, an accountant can certainly specialize in individual areas. Basically, however, your job is to process the numbers and prepare reports so that they can be presented to management. Of course, this means that the following work must be included:

supporting documents
You have to sort receipts according to cost types and cost centers and then post them according to the rules of accounting. You can also mark paid invoices with a stamp. There is a large selection of stamps on the Internet.

If the accounts relevant for the booking have already been noted (pre-assigned) on the invoice, you as the accountant must check the accuracy of the information.

In consultation with the management, you as an accountant change the cost areas in the event of changes or savings potential.

In summary, as an accountant, you are responsible for the smooth running of the bookkeeping.

The way to the accountant

So how do you become an accountant? The profession does not have its own training. However, if you want to become an IHK-certified accountant, you have to meet the following requirements for the exam:

Either you have a completed one commercial education in front. As a tax clerk, you have the best prospects for further training. If you have already worked in an accounting for at least five years, you can use your experience also take the exam. Unless you have a Business Administration Studies this is a third option to take the exam.

It is advisable to take advantage of further training and take an exam at the IHK. This is the only way for you as an accountant to have real proof of your skills and better cards when applying for a corresponding position.

If you are interested in learning this profession abroad, there is the possibility - in contrast to Germany - to do a dual training. In Italy, for example, it is training as an accountant and in Austria as a finance and accounting assistant.

Conclusion - interesting with good prospects

If you are interested in working in accounting, it is worthwhile to take further training as an accountant after completing your commercial training. The job prospects are good, and individual specializations are possible, which can be linked to your own interests. Even if the job of accountant has always been perceived as a bit out of dust, this is hardly the case nowadays. The tasks are diverse and the career opportunities are likely to be very good in the future.