Is the coast guard dangerous

Coast guard

A coast guard control boat shoots across the Baltic Sea and approaches a larger yacht. Two alleged officers climb aboard where a bodyguard comes towards them. The men ask about the banker's son Lukas Dietzmer. They have information according to which a kidnapping of Dietzmer is planned. The bodyguard shows the two men the way to Dietzmer's cabin when suddenly one of the officers draws his gun and shoots the surprised man in cold blood.

Seriously injured, the bodyguard can alert the coast guard. When she arrives at the scene, the two men have fled. They have Lukas Dietzmer under their control. Captain Ehlers immediately starts a manhunt. A short time later, Albert Dietzmer receives a ransom demand for one million euros. The authoritarian banker is ready to pay the money to free his son unscathed from the violence of the kidnappers. At the same time, the coast guards observe that Dietzmer obviously does not have a particularly warm relationship with his son.

In order not to endanger Lukas Dietzmer's life, Ehlers initially wants to strictly follow the kidnappers' instructions. IT expert Asmus hides a tracking device with an integrated microphone in the ransom. The handover is proceeding according to plan. The kidnappers put the money in their hiding place. Via the bug, Ehlers and the crew can follow the euphoria among the gangsters. But a third man can be seen among the voices. The investigators are surprised to see that the two kidnappers have another partner at their side: Lukas Dietzmer. The whole kidnapping was therefore faked. The delicate case requires a lot of tact and the full attention of the crew. In this difficult situation, Captain Ehlers met an interesting and attractive woman, Henrike Matani, by chance. As always, the captain has little time for private matters. Then the case escalates dramatically. The gangsters want even more money, which they only get if Dietzmer pays for his son again. Luke becomes a victim of his own intrigue.

He is brutally beaten - the fictitious kidnapping has become a real one, which is now a matter of life and death. (Text: ZDF)