What does CPL Affiliate Marketing mean

What is CPL? Cost per lead billing model in online marketing

CPL means "cost per lead", in English "costs per request". Cost per lead is a billing model in the field of online marketing. Here, too, affiliates receive remuneration if they forward a request to the operator or buyer.

When a user fills out a form and thus makes a request, this data is forwarded to the partner. The affiliate receives remuneration for this. PPL (Pay per Lead) is another word for it. Learn affiliate marketing now *


How does CPL work?

How CPL works can be explained as follows. If an insurance company would like to offer its products on the Internet and would like to use the online marketing channel (especially affiliate marketing), it usually provides forms and advertising material.

The partner program can run the company itself or register in an affiliate network. The affiliate can apply there and after activation he can offer and market the provider's products on his website.

If the affiliate integrates the insurance form and a user fills out and submits the form, the affiliate receives a corresponding remuneration. However, the data will be checked. If the data is "fake", the payment will be canceled and the data set declared invalid.

The affiliate acts here as a kind of intermediary, whose remuneration is also based on a commission. Each form contains an ID of the affiliate and / or the name of your domain so that the commission can be assigned on the basis of this.

This form of billing is often used in the service sector or in areas where a request can be accepted.


Calculation of the CPL

The calculation of the cost per leads (CPLs) is relatively easy to calculate:

CPL = total costs of the marketing campaign / number of leads

If you take the total cost of the marketing campaign and divide it by the number of leads received, you get the value of what a lead, i.e. an inquiry, cost you. This is often an important factor. Because knowing the value per request is often very important.

Also, the question is what do you define as a lead. A registration for the webinar can also be a lead or a registration for the newsletter, etc.

For this reason, it is important to define beforehand what a lead is for you and what it can ultimately cost. This is the only way you can make a statement at the end of whether the advertising campaign has paid off and, if so, how well.


Importance for online marketing

The cost per lead metric provides information about what you B. paid per request. This metric is also very often used in affiliate marketing. Because there is often paid per lead. The areas and industries can be completely different.

The advantage of paying the affiliates per lead is that you have no costs beforehand, so that payment is only made in the event of success (lead). Affiliates who bring a lot of leads also receive a little more commission or even a higher level where the remuneration per lead is higher.

For companies that place a paid advertisement and then z. B. selling on the phone or sending offers, this is also interesting. Because, they know what they pay per request and can ultimately calculate the value and profitability per sale if they have a completion rate of z. B. have 60%.


Alternatives to CPL

Of course there are other billing models in the online marketing area. The most common models are listed below, which, however, cannot be regarded as conclusive:

More detailed information is available by following the relevant link. Learn affiliate marketing now *


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